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Obtain awards


Recommended Posts

Yes, it's kind of crap that you lost your star, but as mentioned there are people who had four stars which were all given for much effort/work/contribution on their part, who also lost stars. It does kind of suck, but I assume the thinking was that if everyone with a star had it carried over to the new system it would make the new system as meaningless as the old.


That's exactly right.


The staff basically felt that the karma system was vague, meaningless, and even childish.


The new system is very clear about why someone received the award(s) and holds more prestige in the sense that an award is permanent.


5 star members received an award becasue we felt that reaching 5-star status proved to be a worthy accomplishment in most cases.


4 star members shouldn't feel too ripped off becasue if they continue to contribute as before, they'll most likely end up with an award.


1, 2 and 3 star members will just have to work harder if something like an award means that much to them. Truth be told though, people should be working hard for the sake of a better community, and not for the sake of status, and that's exactly what this new system aims to encourage. Karma whoring is a thing of the past.


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If you suck dick well enough, you could qualify for early promotion. Word to the wise: practice on your siblings. They're the most likely to tell you if you're bad at it.


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  • 1 year later...

I see there's completely no transparency in this system and it can be efficiently abused (which it is). There's not even a formal topic that would clearly state the rules for getting awards here. There are many people who deserve an award but don't get it. On the other hand, there's a bunch of people who don't but still have plenty of them. There are some hidden commendations that are not available to the public and that way people get promoted. So for example, if I want to file a formal complaint, it will be completely ignored. The reason is that Moderators and Admins give commendations to themselves, shamelessly hidden from public display and promote whoever they want. And just to avoid Waddy's spam... no, I don't need your awards. I'm only sad that others don't get them.


You're all friends and family here! wink.gif

Edited by OutOfTimer
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Just f*cking wow.


Oh, my e-penis isn't big enough. I better give myself another medal.


Actually, I feel the need to elaborate here. These forums are 8 years old. You've been here a couple of months? How do you know what users of this forum have and haven't done over the years? I'll take my own medal log as an example. I've been commended a total of 6 times in 7 years. The majority of those commendations are over 2 years old, back when I wasn't a moderator. I've written numerous tutorials on modding and helped many users on a one to one basis for years. Years later I was made "Modding Staff" where I spent the next year looking after the modding areas of the forums on a daily basis, moving topics, arranging modding directories, policing mod theft etc. Soon after then I was put forward to a moderation position, a position I've kept for 2 years thus far. I've put countless hours into moderating these boards, sadly of which very few are in the modding area any longer. I just don't have the time.


Do I expect anything in return? Of course not. Why would I? Keeping these forums in a decent state is just reason enough. I've been here for nearly 7 years. I wouldn't want to see this place fall apart. I spend more time on here moderating than I do browsing and posting at the moment. As a matter of fact I find very little time every day to come on here, but I try to get on here whenever I have a free minute.


Then again, I do nowhere near as much as some people on this forum, members, staff, or otherwise. A lot of work goes on on these boards. We all owe a lot to a lot of people around here. I for one am very grateful to have this place and it wouldn't be here without the members.


Oh...and commendations linked to promotions? Would that explain why adamcs, an admin, has no awards...yet there are members with silver and gold medals? Medals, as far as I'm concerned, count for very little around here. Same goes for join date and post count. There are a fair number of newer, lesser known members that have my utmost respect a lot more than a few "veteran" members.


Re-opened for discussion.

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Mainland Marauder

I hereby commend your huge e-penis, Mark.

"You tell me exactly what you want, and I'll explain to you very carefully why it cannot be."

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I hereby commend your huge e-penis, Mark.

Can I get an award for being black?



Anyway, on the topic of awards. I feel like awards are appropriately given out. I have only seen them given to people through helpful topics, or being an all around good member. Only other time awards are given are through the yearly award ceremony, and those are voted on by the community so they can be a bit bias towards members who are more popular. In essence, if you feel someone doesn't deserve an award, the community is usually to blame, not the mods/admins, and the community is pretty smart..so don't blame them either.

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Man, some people sure do get uppity about some pngs I made a few years ago.


Funny part is, I got a medal for designing the medals that people who won medals were awarded.


And yeah, I commend myself pretty much every day. Sometimes twice a day if my e-wang can take it.

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A question: how do you obtain an award and how to be a well known member

You conform to the social viewpoints of the mods. Otherwise there's no chance in hell that you're winning thing.

Oh, and you ever ask for an award. It's like asking to be a mod, if you do that you know it'll never happen.

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You conform to the social viewpoints of the mods. Otherwise there's no chance in hell that you're winning thing.

This is wrong to the point of being hilarious.


I don't know every staff member, but I know quite a few of them just well enough to know that most of them disagree with each other on most "social viewpoints." I'm 100% certain that nobody ever got an award just for agreeing. I've gotten a few awards/commendations/karma stars (from the previous system) even though I've openly disagreed with some staff members on many occasions over the years, and not always as tactfully as I probably should have.


As retarded as the view of the poster before Mark is, I'll bet even the staff would agree that there are probably a few members out there that might deserve to be commended who haven't been. They don't magically know the contents of every post in every topic on the forum. It's the same as with posts that break the rules, if you don't make them aware of it, they might never know.


Just because you think some post is worth punishment or reward doesn't mean they'll agree, but there's not much chance of anything happening if you don't even try to make them aware of it. Report posts. Over the years I've only reported like four or five posts because I saw something positive, as compared to literally thousands of reports for negative activity. I'm positive that in four instances where I reported because the poster did something awesome, the poster was later rewarded/commended/given karma. Maybe they got recognition because I brought it to staff's attention, maybe staff were eventually going to see it anyway, I don't know. What I am positive of though, is that if staff don't see the thing you or I might feel is deserving of recognition, they obviously can't decide for themselves if it's worthy of said recognition.


So yeah, if you think someone has done something that makes them particularly deserving of recognition, reporting it to staff might be a better option than bumping a two year old topic to whine about a paranoid fantasy.


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Only other time awards are given are through the yearly award ceremony, and those are voted on by the community so they can be a bit bias towards members who are more popular.


I always look forward to those yearly awards. It can be a lot of fun. And it is a good way to see what is happening in forums that i dont visit too much (eg. Modding forums).

However, the only bad thing that comes with these awards that they are voted upon by the members. And, most of the time, people will vote only for members who they have heard of before, even if they dont really know what they have done to deserve the medal.

Fu*k, this is hard to explain.

Um, for example, lets take someone who hangs around the SA forum a lot, and barely goes anywhere else. When it comes time for awards, they go in to vote on awards for the modding forum and see a name that they seem to recognise so they vote for that member, even if that member isn't the most deserving.


So, i guess what i am trying to say is that members do vote for nominees who are the most popular.


Also, (i dont want to sound like a whiny bitch, i know i've only been here for a small fraction of the time that this forum has had awards), but from what i've seen, it is generally the same people getting nominated, and awarded each year.

Now, dont get me wrong, they most likely deserve to be there but they are only there because of nominations put forward by other members.

Then, people see that most other people are nominating a single person for an award so they act like sheep and follow suite. The mods/admins see that a member has been nominated quite a few times so they put them into contention to win that award.

The people who nominated the member will obviously also vote for them so then you get that one member getting all of these votes and eventually winning the medal because members just happen to know them around the forum and aren't actually voting on what they have done.

This then causes the smaller, lesser known members who have done heaps around the forum, but quietly, to get lost to the crowd and not get recognised for the things they have done.


Ok, i'll end my rant there.

Sorry, if you cant understand it, its a bit hard to put into words what im trying to say.

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You conform to the social viewpoints of the mods. Otherwise there's no chance in hell that you're winning thing.

This is wrong to the point of being hilarious.


I don't know every staff member, but I know quite a few of them just well enough to know that most of them disagree with each other on most "social viewpoints."

Actually, I'm probably less likely to give awards to people I know, for fear of people citing favouritism as a reason. Whilst it shouldn't even come into the equation, it would be what people think. I guess that's a flaw of mine to consider that train of thought.



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