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Here`s a question for you all!

How can I convert the .DFF files of buildings, trees, and other stuff from San Andreas so I can use them in Vice City.

Wich program is used to do this?

I`m working on mod for Vice City, and I would need some stuff from San Andreas.

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This can be done in three ways.


1. Get your self Gmax (it's free), and the latest kams scripts, But beware this can't convert Alpha mapped objects.


2. Using Zmod2, Simply import and export the SA dff as a VC dff, then import the SA dff again to export a zds file, This allows you to create the Col file, Import the zds into Zmod1, then export again as 3ds.


The original SA cols will not longer work, be very buggy in game if you use Zmod2, whoever If you use Gmax, you can convert the SA collisions to VC using CEII.


You can export 3ds into Steve's CEII, with Zmod1 only, doing this with Zmod2 is for vehicles only.


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