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SA:MP Error!


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Ive been playing SA:MP for the last year and have never had a problem... untill I got a new computer with Vista.


Ive got a downgraded GTA_SA.exe (EU) and the latest SAMP 2.2R2. I join a server, the game loads up, it connects and Im on the player select screen, I can see the chat, and even people playing online around the spawn point. Which is all fine until I try to spawn, I press shift and the game crashes, with varying messages. Sometimes I get GTA_SA has stopped working, sometime I get a Access Violation and some others. I can not for the life of me figure out what the problem could possibly be, its a fresh SA install, not modded at all and Ive tried reinstalling SA:MP and the Game already.


There are no evil D3D9.dlls, Its definetly 1.0 and I can play the normal game without fault. I am desperate to play SAMP on my new computer.


I have Windows Vista Home Premium and I think that has something to do with it.


Any help would be appreciated, Ive looked through the SAMP forums and tried on IRC (With no replies because they ignore me)



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Thanks Felle, I reinstalled everything, but it has made little/no differance. I think the main problem is with my gta_sa.exe. It seems to be very unstable when playing SA:MP on Vista, using compatibility modes Ive stableised it so it can go on SOME servers for a short period. I can go on Littlewhiteys for about 5 minutes, although it takes a few attempts to select a character, but after a few minutes I get the gta_sa.exe has stopped working.


So I tried a American No CD exe, which as I expected was even more unstable. I dont know what Im going to do, it is totally unique to get to the player select and then only get the error when selecting a player.


Ive tried those common fixes many times before. Looks like Ill just have to install XP or something if I want to play SA:MP sad.gif


PS: You joined on my birthday biggrin.gif




Cursed monocle.gif

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