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Vice City is asking me for more video memory! but, I have 128MB! I'm running Windows Vista SP1 Beta. 512 RAM, 1.3 TRB Hard Drive


Nvidia GEForce4 MX4000

"GTA:Vice City requires more video memory."

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Hell I can get the same error message on a Radeon X1950PRO 256MB!


Assuming you have updated your drivers and delete [.set] file. Go to:


1. Start

2. Run

3. Dxdiag.exe

4. Display tab

5. Make sure DirectDraw/Direct3D is turned on.


1. Right-click desktop

2. Properties

3. Settings

4. Advanced

5. Troubleshoot

6. Set Hardware Acceleration to FULL


Note: If anybody wants to get the same error message, set your D3D settings to Disable, and the Hardware Acceleration to None! lol.gif



your VC needs more memory

I ran it on Xpress 200 128MB before.

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I am running dual displays, will that affect?

No. But try plugging out the secondary and leave only the primary. For better results, uninstall the secondary driver in Device Manager for the GeForce 4 MX4000



Everything met your requirements.

It didn't met MY requirements. You didn't even do what I said in MY previous post! Please confirm as this is what all thread starters do.

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