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GTA: San andreas Half-life 2


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Hello! I am new to this whole make your own mod or creating characters, vehicles, and stuff. but i wanted to know Is there like a step by step Easy way to customize Pedestrians and Vehicles. What i am going to do is Add the Two combine groups. Civil Protection and Elite. and Change the GTA SA train into the razor train in HL2. And i also want to add in a strider and etc... But i want to know how can i do this? i think i have the models in the Half-life 2 directory. can someone tell me what Programs should i download so i can accomplish this? i want to keep all the default pedestrians and vehicles. i just want to add in the Combine soldiers, the strider and the Razor train. < i would like to add the audio files for these things as well.


thanx for your help biggrin.gif




< Sorry if this post is in the wrong place i did not know where to post this sad.gif>

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i don't think that even possible .

you need to be a real serius moder to a thing like that

and any way why do you want to do such a thing?

sound crazy to me ....


hope i helped you rampage_ani.gif

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