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I wasn't sure where to put this but I thought I might share my own game idea. It's called Cop. Here it is;


November 12, 2004 and on board the S.S. Abigail, PC Dan Kilroy is checking the passengers after a series of attacks on other cruises (which we don't see). When he falls asleep, a terrorist bomber plants a bomb on the boat. It explodes killing 50 people. Kilroy lives with minor injuries. But however, it's his job to try and find him. So he does. But when he flies off to England, he becomes worried.


After a series of missions (which mainly involve driving and/or shooting) in Detroit, Michigan (where the protagonist and antagonist live) the player is taken to Brighton, England (much like in DRIV3R when Tanner boards the plane from Miami to Nice) and continues to track down the villain there. Halfway through the Brighton level, Kilroy is shot and is temporarily replaced by his sister Lisa. The story then goes to Sydney, Australia and concludes there. During this level, Lisa is killed in a shootout just at the time Dan has recovered. I won't give anything after that but here are the characters


PC Dan Kilroy- The main character. He's overweight and has hardly any hair left. He has been working on the Detroit Police Force for 34 years and has not yet received an offer for promotion. He has a wife and two kids, aged 25 and 28, none of which are mentioned in the game. He obviously has a sister, Lisa, who takes the stage during the Brighton level and dies in the Sydney level. He's a hard worker and always keen to get all villains behind bars. But he doesn't always succeed.


Garry Goodson- Your partner throughout the whole game who we meet in the first mission. Much like Tobias Jones in the aforementioned DRIV3R, he is always seen in cut scenes and is with Dan or Lisa on most missions. During the Brighton level, you play as Goodson when someone steals his car and he tries to retrieve it. He does have a girlfriend in the Detroit level, but they break up when she finds out he's been cheating. He also has a crush on Lisa when he meets her and even asks her to go out with him but gets rejected. But in the Sydney level, she realises what good can be in him and decides to say yes. At the end of the next mission, his heart is broken when she dies. After that, we don't really hear much of him until the end.


Yvonne Wilkinson- Your lady for information. She tells you what you have to do, and always provides you with new weapons and cars. You meet her at the beginning of the second mission. She likes to keep her private life private. She has a husband and a 6-year old kid who are never seen. She goes with the guys when they go to England and then Sydney so she's there for the whole duration of the game but halfway through the Sydney level, she finds out that her son is ill and rushes back to Lansing where she is from. Apart from her introduction, she is not seen in the game. Instead she just provides a voice over throughout the game. She has a surprise for the guys at the end. But I won't tell.


Lisa Kilroy- Dan's sister. As mentioned earlier, she replaces Dan halfway through the Brighton level. She had a break up with her parents at Christmas in 1998 and hasn't heard from them since. She dies 1 day before her 32nd birthday. She has a cat named Bubbles who is seen at her funeral when she is flown in with her friend Susan. In a special montage of clips at the end, her tombstone is in the last clip.


And there are several baddies during the game which change every 6-or-so missions. And they are;


Harry Kilmarnock- The terrorist bomber at the beginning who plants the bomb on the boat. He has bombed 2 boats and tried to bomb Blatchington Mill School in Hove during the Brighton level. He hires many men to help him bomb various locations in various locations in the world. He is involved in the big shootout at the end.


Doug Ferguson- A 52-year-old ex con who is hired by Harry to assassinate Dan in the Brighton level and succeeds. He follows Lisa and Garry to Sydney and is also involved with her death. He is also involved in the shootout at the end.


Jason Redmond- Professional hit man. He is hired by Harry in the Sydney level to take out Dan's sister and he does. He attempts to frame Doug who supplied him with the gun but ends up in prison himself. In the montage at the end, he is seen in his prison cell about to split his wrists. It is unknown at the moment if he lives or dies so watch this space.


Paula Knapp- One of the female villains of the game. She has a grudge against Yvonne because Yvonne got into the Police Academy but she didn't and has been trying to get revenge. She has a three year-old boy who is never seen. She is introduced and exits in the Brighton level. She dies when Dan accidentally runs her over in his car when driving to a siege. She is also seen in the montage on the life support machine.


Tracey Horton- The other female villain. She is only seen in the Detroit level and is the second villain that Dan faces. Her goal is to be the richest woman in the world by robbing a series of banks. During one of her bank robberies, Dan arrests her and she is sent to prison in the last mission of the Detroit level. She is the only character who isn't seen in the montage.


And finally James Davis- The worst and first villain in the game. In 2000, he was sent to prison for life for murder. His appeal was successful and is shown being released from court in the third mission cut scene. His crimes aren't very creative or imaginative. In the fifth mission of the Detroit level (his last) he drives his car into the canal after kidnapping the Superintendent of the Police Force. His plunge is seen in the montage see note above on Tracey.


So that's characters sorted. There are several mini-games which the player can do if they don't want to do the story. They are;


Quick Chase (Chase a villain in the time limit)

Gun Practice (Like the Phil's Shooting Range in GTA:VCS)

Under Arrest (Try to arrest as many people as possible and within reason in the time limit)

Crime Foil (Try to prevent as many crimes as possible in the time limit)

Race (Obvious one. Race other main characters in three different locations in all three cities)

Getaway (You play as any baddie you choose and you have to escape the cops)

Airport Trouble (Try to resolve a situation going on at any of the airports in the time limit)

You're the boss (You create a character and you're then given a situation to deal with)

Garry's Goods (Try to deliver all of Garry's goods to all the right people in the time limit)

Lisa's Lunch (Try to give Lisa a lunch she'll eat in the time limit)

Badge It (Create your own Police Badge and it appears on your car in Cruise mode)

Escape! (Try to escape a burning building within the time limit. Dan calls Fire Brigade if completed successfully. If failed, he will die)


As just mentioned there is a Cruise mode which lets you drive round any city and do whatever you please. But there are some things you have to be careful of;


Rex Troopers- There are 10 Rex's throughout each city. Kill them all to receive a car. Rex Troopers are little green men who wear big red shirts and white shoes.

Mars Cars- There are 5 of these cars around the city. Go near one and risk getting killed.

Tuk Tuks- There are 5 of these in Brighton. They will try to destroy your car if you get near one.

Buildings you can't get out of- This is not a glitch, I repeat, this is NOT a glitch! There are some buildings which may like to give you treats like a health boost or extra ammo. But there are some buildings which do give you that stuff, but lock you in if you're in there too long.

Citizens with guns- There may be a few people on the streets wielding a gun for safety or they're just criminals. If they shoot at you then they are obviously criminals.


Controls I'm not sure of yet. If this game were to be released then it would probably go to Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and PC. I would probably have Rockstar Games to make it if they wanted to. Maybe one day, maybe one day someone might and I mean might take a look at my game idea and might like to get it done. But this is just a fantasy it'll never happen.


One more thing, I apologise if this game copies GTA in any way, shape or form.

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