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LCS Chain Story


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They shoot at the helicopter, only finding out that it is bullet-proof. "There's only one thing to do," says Toni. He stops the car and gets out. "Wait!" Yells a Leone. "Wha-what are you doing? You're f*cking cra--" and Toni shuts the door on his face. Then, Toni gets out a rocket launcher. What happens next?


1. Toni blows up the helicopter and Franco dies.

2. A LCPD chopper appears and shoots Toni until he dies. When he respawns, he finds out that his men were killed and Franco got away!

3. Toni fires, but Franco's chopper moves out of the way, just in time.

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Gee, I wonder if just u and me still like to post in this topic, Namex.


Anyway, Toni shoots at the helicopter but it dodges all the rockets. Franco is trying to get away from Toni. Toni gets in the car and follows him.


1: The helicopter lowers a magnet, picking up the car Toni is in and brings it to a tall skyscraper.

2: Just like #1 but there brought to a Forelli hideout.

3: Toni shoots at the helicopter, hitting one of the rotor blades.

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The helicopter lowers a magnet and picks up Toni's car. He brings it to a Forelli hideout. When he lowers it, he speaks on the microphone, "Kill these motherless dogs!" All the Forellis target the car. "Alright, Cipriani," says a Forelli. "This is it. Stop being a pussy and face us like a man!" Then, what happens?


1. The Forellis wait a long time. Then, they go near the car and the car blows up, killing everybody near it.

2. Toni escapes, with the Leones guarding him.

3. Toni goes on a mad rampage and drives over all of the Forellis.

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There car blows up, but Toni didnt die becasue he was able to sneak away.


1: Toni goes to Sal and they go to kill Franco.

2: Toni goes on a mindless rampage with a Minigun

3: Toni searches for the helicopter.

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Toni goes on a mindless rampage with a mini-gun. He goes to the one near the Staunton Island hospital. "Time to teach these f*ckers some manners," says Toni. Then, multiple Forellis are standing around Aspatria. Toni gets to work. He massacres a lot of Forellis. Then, what happens?


1. Toni beats the rampage and returns to Portland. He's happy with the money he got.

2. Toni loses the rampage and decides to try another one, elsewhere, in Liberty City.

3. Toni gets killed by the Forellis and guess where he respawns? Staunton Island hospital!

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Toni beats the rampage and goes back to Portland. With the money he got he buys weapons for the Leones.


1: They all go and attack Franco.

2: They do more rampages.

3: Sal is kidnapped.

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Toni goes to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club. He finds Maria on the floor, crying. "What's the matter?" Asks Toni. "Those damn Sindaccos!" Said Maria. "They kidnapped Sal." This infuriated Toni. What does he do?


1. He rounds up a few Leones and tries to find Sal.

2. He gets ambushed as he walks outside.

3. Toni has too much stress on him, so he commits suicide. But, he just respawns at the hospital.

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Toni gets outside,gathers a few Leones and goes to search Sal.Then suddenly Toni,s phone rings.The calller was.....


1.Sal,who tells Toni to not trust Sindaccos,cos they might give false infromation,and then he hears Sal get punched.


2.A Sindacco goon who says that if he wants Sal alive,then he has to come unarmed to the Dam with 10000$(but Toni still takes a Brass Knukcels,Colt Pyton,and a Katana)


3.His mother,but Toni hangs up,and contiunues to search Sal

Edited by Karl11
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It was a Sindacco goon calling to say if Toni wants Sal, come to the Cochrane Dam in Shoreside Val, unarmed and with $10,000. But, Toni still brings brass knuckles, a Colt Python and a Katana. He drives there alone. He meets the Sindacco goon and hands over a suitcase. "Hah!" Laughs the Sindacco. "You must never trust a Sindacco!" Then, the Sindacco leaves on a helicopter with Sal in it. "Kill the bastard!" Yells the Sindacco to another one. Now, Toni must face off with this guy. So, what happens?


1. Toni takes out his Katana and murders the Sindacco. Then, he takes his Micro SMG and follows the helicopter.

2. The Sindacco kills Toni with his Micro SMG. Toni respawns at the hospital, but Sal is dead!

3. Toni attempts to run away from the Sindacco, but the Sindacco catches up with him, murdering him.

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Toni takes his Katana,and cuts Sindaccos head off.Then he takes his Micro SMG,and follows the helicopter.Just when he has the helicoper on sight


1.Sal jumps out from the helicopter,crushing Toni wow.gif


2.Toni shots the helicopter down,but lucky,Sal survies.


3.The helicopter flys away,leaving Sal,s fate unkown.

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Toni shoots the helicopter down, but lucky him because Sal survives. Then, they jack a ride and head back to Portland. But, there's Sindaccos on their tail. Toni makes a shortcut and goes to the Callahan Bridge. He jumps over it and just barely makes it. What happens to the Sindaccos?


1. The Sindaccos make it and start drive-bying Toni's car.

2. The Sindaccos fall in the water and Toni and Sal are saved.

3. Only one Sindacco Argento makes it and he falls ontop of Toni's car, setting flames to it.

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The Sindaccos fall into the water, and Toni and Sal are saved. They decide to drive back to the mansion in Portland Beach, but they find that the place has been trashed. Whilst looking inside, Toni reads a note from:


• Paulie Sindacco

• Franco Forelli

• Massimo Torini

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A note from Franco Forelli, reading: "We have your lovely Maria. Come to Fort Staunton, if you want her back." So, Toni tells Sal to stay behind. He makes a few Leones guard him. Then, he takes a few Leones himself and heads over to Fort Staunton. On the way, he gets a phonecall. "Cipriani, if you want your girl back, then bring $10,000," it was Franco. "sh*t," replies Toni. "I don't have that kinda money!" Franco answers, "Well, tough luck." And hangs up. Then, what happens?


1. Toni decides to carry on without the money. But, he ends up getting himself killed.

2. Toni decides to "borrow" some money from his friend, 8-Ball. So, he goes over to his shop near Toni's safehouse.

3. Toni asks Sal for the money, but Sal says f*ck you. Then, Toni must work to get the money.

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Toni then decides to "borrow"money from 8-Ball.He drives to his shop,without any threat.When he trys ask money,8.Ball tells him,that he does not give the money,before he does the following job....


1.To blow up Cartel Mansion.


2.To kill some reporter,who has some infromation,about 8-Ball being Love,s friend.


3.8-Ball just gives the money.

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8-Ball tells Toni to blow up the Cartel mansion/villa, or else he will not pay. So, Toni goes to Shoreside Vale and jacks a Cartel Cruiser from Francis International Airport. Then, he goes to 8-Ball's bomb shop in SSV. 8-Ball rigs a bomb in the truck and Toni goes on his way. What's his next plan of action?


1. Toni is going to pretend to be a Cartel member and secretly rig the Cartel mansion with the rigged car.

2. Toni's going to smash through the gates and hopefully hit the Cartel mansion, even though the Cartel are shooting at him.

3. Toni's going to go on a nearby mansion and sniper all the Cartel members guarding the mansion. Then, he'll drive in with no problem!

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Toni goes to a nearest mansion,and snipes down all Cartel members,then he goes into the Cartel mansion,plants the bomb and gets the hell out of there.A huge explotion happens,and the Cartel masion and everthing near it blow up.Toni then runs to his safehouse.He takes a nap and in the next day,he goes to 8-Balls shop and gets the money.He....


1.calls Franco to tell him he has the money,and allso asks where do they meet


2.Goes to meet Sal to give him about 10 or 9 Leones,and same as 1.


3.takes a day or two off

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Toni calls Franco to tell him he has the money, and also where do they meet. Franco tells Toni to meet him in Fort Staunton. So, Toni goes over there with the cash. He hands Franco the cash and he gives Maria in return. "Just remember that I'll still be enemies with you, tomorrow," says Franco. "I'm still your enemy tonight," answers Toni. Then, what happens?


1. Toni and Maria leave and head back to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club.

2. As Toni and Maria cross the Callahan Bridge, they find a Forelli roadblock. It was a trap!

3. Franco punches Toni and leaves. Toni tries to go after him, but Maria says to forget it. Then, they head back to Portland.

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They meet a Forelli roadblock.


1) Toni leaves Maria and escapes

2) Maria offers Toni as an exchange for her freedom.

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Maria offers Toni as an exchange for her freedom. One Forelli held up his gun to Toni's face. "Shut up, bitch!" He yells. The other Forelli says, "Wait! She's offering us Cipriani. That's what we want." The other Forelli puts down his gun and responds with, "alright." Then, he pistol whips Toni on the head. "Get out of here, before I change my mind," says the Forelli with the gun. Then, what happens?


1. Maria flees like a coward, leaving Toni to be taken by the Forellis.

2. Maria kicks the Forelli in the head with the gun, but gets herself taken to the Forelli hideout, as well.

3. Leone back-up arrives, and they save Toni and Maria.

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Maria escapes. Forellis are just about to leave...


1) Toni disappears & spawns at the Rockford Hospital.

2) Forellis are chatting, while Maria comes with Columbians, who whack the Forellis and take Toni and Maria as a gift (Maria didn't know that the Columbians hate Leones)

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sanandreas luva101

Forellis are chatting, while Maria comes with Columbians, who whack the Forellis and take Toni and Maria as a gift (Maria didn't know that the Columbians hate Leones).The columbians put Toni in the trunk of a car and tie up maria and put her in the back and drive off leaving the forellis at the bridge.Toni is banging on the trunk but the columbians didnt care they wont let him out when ....


1.Leones pull up in front and behind them and theres a columbian/leone war

2.the columbians arrive at there hideout

3.Toni manages to open the trunk

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Leones pull up in front and behind them and there's a Columbian/Leone war. Cartel members start dropping like flies, and they're running out of ideas. So, 2 guys hold Toni and Maria hostage. "One move, and they're dead!" Yells one guy. Just then, Toni elbows the guy in the face and steals his gun. Then, he shoots him. But, Maria still is held hostage. Toni has such a good shot that he shoots past Maria and hits the Cartel member in the face, and he drops to the floor. Then, what happens?


1. All the Leones escape and head back to Saint Mark's.

2. The Columbians aren't willing to give up. So, they continue firing at the Leones, but eventually lose.

3. The LCPD arrive and arrest every gangster present.

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The LCPD arrives. "Don't move or you will all be shot!" yells a voice on a speaker. Tony quietly moves over to a Leone Sentinel and pulls out an M4 without being noticed. Tony shoots randomly at the police and Cartel. Since Tony can't kill them all, some Leones back him up until..............


1. More Cartel come.

2. There are dead police and Cartel all over the street.

3. The LCPD comes and shoots tear gas at everyone. Leones are killed, Tony and Maria are arrested.

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Toni's wanted level increases and more cops show up. They spread tear gas. Toni & Maria are busted.


1) Toni and Maria head back to Portland


2) Toni can't find Maria, because she left. Toni has no money for the ferry and is forced to stay at Staunton

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They go back to Portland,where Sal greets them and are partying.Next day Toni gets a phone call from Donald,who orders Toni to wipe out all the Colubian Cartels by....


1.Destroying the shipment in Portland Docks that arrives tomorrow at 3.00


2.killing the rest of the Cartels in SSV


3.waiting another phone call from Leon.

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By destroying the shipment in Portland Docks that arrives tomorrow at 3.00. Toni gets an idea and heads over to 8-Ball's bomb shop in Harwood. "Look, man," Toni says. "I need another favour." Toni explains what must be done. 8-Ball says he needs to give him $10,000. When Toni accepts, they take some bombs to the Docks. The ship is already there! What happens next?


1. Toni goes on a roof and snipers everybody on the ship, while 8-Ball plants a bomb on the ship.

2. Toni and 8-Ball go on the ship, guns blaring.

3. Toni calls for Leone back-up and plans to raid the ship.

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These options are really ...

I mean, what is the point of sniping everyone on the f*cking ship if its going to blow up anyways?



Toni snipes everyone on the ship while 8ball plants the bomb. They get clear and the ship explodes.


1. Toni is bored and goes home

2. 8-Ball is bored and goes home

3. They both are bored and go home


Brilliant choices.

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Wow. Those topics are really boring. Mine were way better. You could of thought of something way better.


8-Ball is bored and goes home. As soon as he drives off, the whole LCPD arrive at the docks. The helicopter yells, "Put your hands above your head!" Toni drops his gun and does what he's told. BUSTED! Toni is put behind bars for several murders. What happens next?


1. Salvatore and other Leones save enough money to bail him out. Then, Toni continues his Mafia life.

2. Toni does his time and is released. On the way out, there's a Sindacco Argento that crosses by and performs a drive-by.

3. The Columbian Cartel raid the LCPD HQ and take Toni hostage. They're planning on torturing him to death!

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I made these stupid options on purpose.



Columbians pay a visit to LCPD. They take Toni w/ them. They have scary torturing devices.Columbians' wanted level is *** - and a heli shows up: "This is the LCPD! Give yourself up!" Columbians disobey. "You know I can't stand heights, Jimmy, can't you keep this copter steady?" Columbians can't take that crap anymore and take the heli down. Wanted level increases to ****


1) a SWAT van hits the car. Columbians = unconcious.

2) Spikes at 12 o'clock!

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