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LCS Chain Story


Recommended Posts

2) Trying to take over Liberty City and expand GSF influence


During these 5 years Carl, with the help of Woozie, wiped out the Sindaccos from Las Venturas. Now it was time to take on Liberty City. So the G.S.F. came to Liberty to seal their turf. Carl Johnson...


1. Offers and alliance with the Leones

2. Declares a war with the Leones

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1. Offers and alliance with the Leones


TONI: Yeah, sure, if that will help us defeat our enemies.

SAL: Listen, Toni, this nigga robbed my casino some years ago, and now you expect me to ally with him? *attempts to choke CJ*

CJ: You beast! You're still alive. I'll kill you.

TONI: No! Stop it!

SAL: Wait! I have a plan. *points to CJ and the Families* If you want to ally, bring me back $5 million. And you better come back before 6pm, or I wouldn't bother at all. (it was 1pm)

CJ: Where am I gonna get that amount?

SAL: Not my problem.


1) CJ, along with the Families, heads to the bank in Ghost Town to rob the specified amount.

2) CJ returns to Vinewood and kidnaps Madd Dogg for ransom

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CJ, along with the Families, heads to the bank in Ghost Town to rob the specified amount.


They rob the bank and get $ 3.000.000, but it still ain't enogh. So Carl...


1. Decides to burgle Donald Love's mansion

2. Decides to break the bank at Bigshot Casino

3. Decides to ask for more money from Woozie

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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 year later...

I think the Chain Stories of all GTAs are outdated, nobody hardly plays them anymore sad.gif

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  • 7 months later...
The Pizza Delivery Guy

I think it's high time we revive the GTA LCS chain story thread.


In the chain story, any character can die, but return whenever you want them to. Also, please refrain from leaving Liberty City too often.


We'll start fresh since the last post came before I even became a member.


Toni woke up in his Portland home, went to his garage and got his Stinger out.


He drove to Salvatore's mansion, where he found several Sindaccos, and Sal's home on fire.


Toni pulled out a gun and sprayed the Sindaccos, killing everyone of them, except for one, who was barely alive.


Toni grabbed the Sindacco by the shirt and yelled "Who ordered this??"


The Sindacco said that it was...


1. Massimo Torini

2. Paulie Sindacco

3. A new character.

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  • 6 years later...

He says it was Luigi who betrayed his own family. Toni drives to Luigi's club and parks outside. He storms inside and sees Luigi in the back of his club surrounded by several Leone members including Joey.


He points a gun at Luigi and everyone else pulls out their gun and there is a standoff. Toni tells Joey about what happened and how the Sindaccos set his father's house on fire and said Luigi betrayed him. Joey is in disbelief and so are the other members protecting Luigi. Does Toni


1 - Shoot Luigi and run for cover

2 - Attempt to convince other Leones that Luigi betrayed them

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  • 1 year later...

1 - Shoot Luigi and run for cover


(Tony) Crap

He runs off and trips over a blind man

(Blind man) Be careful young man

(Tony) Bite me

He runs off again and hires a taxi, it stops and he gets in

(Niko the Taxi guy) Where to man


Where does Tony go???

1) Home

2) Los Santos 

3) Ma's restaurant

4) The Statue of Happiness 


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