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LCS Chain Story


Recommended Posts

Toni punches one in the face and shoots the others with his handgun. All the others get injured and they go to the hospital. "I need backup." He hires Claude Speed. Donald calls Toni saying to come over. Donald says to Toni and Claude that Forelli killed his brother and wants revenge. They all know they need one more person, a good shooter. They decide to hire Phil Cassiady. Donald drives them to Toni's house.


1. The four attack the Forelli Brothers at Franicis International as Franco tries to escape

2. The pissed of Yardies attack

3. All of them decide to go to Carcer City

Toni meets Claude 3 years later in GTA III.

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Toni shoots a cartel just making it smoke when it rams them to the side. They spin out of control and everyone gets out. The Cartels get out and surround them Toni, Claude, Sal are about to hold their hands up when Donald grabs a rocket launcher written "Badass" on it and blows the damn Cartels up.


1. They save one Cartel Cruiser and hop into getting away (cops on their tail).


2. Cops come and they have a gunfight.


3. Leones in a hunter come and save Sal and Donald dropping supplies to Toni and Claude as they run for cover and fight the cops.

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Leones arrive in a Hunter. Sal and Donald get in, while dropping supplies to Toni and Claude, down below. They are fighting the cops. Eventually, Toni's wanted level reaches a height of 3 stars! So, a police chopper arrives and attempts to blow the the Leone's Hunter. Then...


1. Sal and Donald jump out, leaving the Leone goons for dead.

2. Donald drops down his rocket launcher and Toni picks it up. He fires at the police chopper while Claude covers him.

3. A SWAT van runs over Claude, giving him amnesia and leaving Toni to fight the cops.

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Donald drops Toni his rocket launcher and Toni blows down the police copter as soon as forellis show up in a car with an M60. Claude yells "sh*t" but then the helicopter falls on the forellis killing them. Sal, Donald, Toni, and Claude hop grab the only helicopter crash survivor the M60, lol, excuse me, andthey steal a police enforcer and they race down to the Pay n' Spray and lose the cops. They get out when some diablos come. Sal and Toni kill them easily because they only had axes and bats. Then leones drive by and pickup Sal and Donald, which leaves Toni and Claude. They steal a kuruma and go down to Marcos bistro to get a bite to eat................Toni orders a croissant and Claude orders a mocha. Suddenly some triads come by (they haven't spotted Claude or Toni) and they talk about Sal and what they are going to do to him if they catch him.


1. Toni and Claude kill the triads and earn back their stars (their heat hasn't calmed down yet just enough to be able to eat at the place).


2.They sneak out unseen and quietly through the back door.

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They sneak out the back door and jack a car to go tell Sal what happened. They reach Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club and go inside. They are welcomed and they immediately get down to business. Sal tells them...


1. To just forget about it. They're full of crap!

2. To investigate and find out what the Triads exactly have in mind.

3. That they are stupid for not doing anything and pulls out a gun on Claude.

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Sal tells them they should forget about it, but Toni and Claude aren't so sure so they decide to sneak over to the Triad Fish Factory and see whats going on. They jack a kuruma and drive over to the fish factory and sneak in through a hole in the wall. They see some boxes and take cover, they peer through to find some triads. Claude and Toni know it would be bad to kill them but they have to. So Toni finds in one box a silenced 9mm and shoots the triads secretly. Toni and Claude head to the bosses door and find out that the triads hired Mr. Wong's son Kamikazee. They sneak back out to tell Sal but when they get to the gentleman's club everything is gone. They think Sal was taken when they hear a voice........it was Sal, he was hiding in a cupboard under the sink in the bathroom. Sal tells what happened and that they were right about the triads. So Toni and Claude.......


1. head to Sal's house to see if everything is ok (Sal's house was burned down).


2. They head to the hideout in the lighthouse to plan the attack.


3. They get away to SSV and head to Toni's house.

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Toni, Sal and Claude head to Shoreside Vale. When they get to Toni's safehouse, they get in quickly, so they won't be seen by the Cartel. They make a plan to steal a dodo and kill some Triads. Since Claude is the only one who can fly a Dodo, he goes to steal on at Francis International Airport. Toni drives them and Sal's in the back seat. When they get there...


1. Columbians start shooting at their car and Toni fires back.

2. Claude goes to steal a Dodo, when he finds the Columbian Cartel waiting for him!

3. There's no more Dodos and when they go inside a hangar, they get surrounded by Cartel.

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They go to get a dodd and get surrounded by Cartels, they are armed with M4's and they fire quickly. Toni and Claude (Sal satyed behind until the way clear) were literally dodging bullets until the cartels were reloading, then Claude pulled out a SPAS 12 shotgun and killed all of the Cartels. They hopped in a dod an flew over chinatown. Claude gave the signal and they all made their way out with parachutes and MP5's in case it was instant fire on the ground. They landed and Triads surrounded them. they all ran for cover when a Triad with a rocket launcher comes out and fires rockets at them. Toni and Claude get hit unconcious while Leones come in a hunter and bring Sal to safety.


1. Toni and Claude wake up in the Triad Fish Factory.


2. Toni and Claude wake up surrounded by leones.


3. Diablos find them and throw them up onto the top of the constrution building near their turf and Toni and Claude are bound together with ropes and stripped of weapons.

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Diablos found Toni and Claude and put them on the top of the construction site in Hepburn Heights. Toni and Claude are bound together by ropes. Toni was first to wake up. He hears a loud noise and there's a lot of wind. Then, a helicopter full of Leones arrive and one jumps off to rescue Toni and Claude. Then...


1. A Sindacco takes out a rocket launcher from down below and fires at the helicopter.

2. Toni and Claude are safely transported to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club.

3. The helicopter runs out of gas and is forced to land in Hepburn Heights.

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The Sindaccos are quite far away from their hideout... ha.

On to the story....


The helicopter safely transports Toni and Claude to the gentlemans club. They see that it's already being rebuilt. So as expected the helicopter lands Toni and Claude on the ground. they head to the entrance to see Sal smoking an illegal cuban cigar. Toni asks "where'd you get that?". Sal anwsered "a cuban dude came around selling them without the cops knowing, he kinda looked like a colombian but than he wouldn't give them to us. Claude told everything about what had happened. Sal kept shaking his head when suddenly his eyes bulged out and he fell on the floor. Toni freaked and Claude checked his heart rate it was really really low. They had to get him to the hospital. The sentinels wouldn't be any help because Sal would die before they reached the hospital. Fortunately, the Leones in the helicopter noticed and speedily put Sal's dying body in the helicopter the took off and flew away. The whole time Claude and Toni were nervous, they decided to go to.....

1. The Hospital.

2. Back to Toni's house to plan a way to attack the Cartel.

3. Kill some Cartels for revenge.

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Toni and Claude go to Toni's house to plan an attack on the Cartel. They plan to infiltrate the Cartel Mansion/Villa in Cedar Grove. They round up 6 more Leones so that 2 Leone Sentinels could be filled up. Then, they go to Shoreside Vale. Toni tells them that they are going to...


1. Rob the Cartel Mansion and then set fire to it.

2. Bomb the Cartel Mansion.

3. Go in with M4s and kill every Cartel in there. Then, write graffiti all over the walls reading DON'T f*ck WITH THE LEONE FAMILY!

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Toni and Claude go to Toni's house to plan an attack on the Cartel. They plan to infiltrate the Cartel Mansion/Villa in Cedar Grove. They round up 6 more Leones so that 2 Leone Sentinels could be filled up. Then, they go to Shoreside Vale. Toni tells them that they are going to...


1. Rob the Cartel Mansion and then set fire to it.

2. Bomb the Cartel Mansion.

3. Go in with M4s and kill every Cartel in there. Then, write graffiti all over the walls reading DON'T f*ck WITH THE LEONE FAMILY!

They have a Cartel mansion? Was it the one that you saved Donald from?



They run in with M4's and by the time that happens half of Toni's squad is dead, but Toni and Claude and the rest fought on. They killed all of the Cartels eventually and painted "don't f*ck with the leones" on the walls. Then some Cartels rolled in and killed all of the leones in a driveby guarding outside. Claude said "damn, we're cornered". Because that was in side the Cartels hadn't realised Toni and Claude we're there and that they were inside the mansion. Toni peeked out of the window, the Cartels didn't know about them. Toni shoved an M60 out the window and surprise attacked the Cartels. Now that all of them were dead they made their escape making sure not to get caught by the Cartels. Also luckily they had no heat on them so the cops weren't after them. So.......


1. Toni and Claude went to the hospital in Portland.

2. They stole a police maverick and flew back to the Gentlemans Club.


By the way if you haven't checked I am probably the only 11 year old on the forums wink.gif

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Remember, Claude is a mute.


Toni and Claude steal a police Maverick and make their way back to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club. They got one Wanted Level star, but it went down, after a while. They landed and found Sal and some other Leones sitting down, drinking and being served by Maria. "Toni!" Yelled Sal. "Did you do the job on the Columbians?" Toni replies, "Oh, the Cartel? They won't be bothering us no more." Then...


1. Claude leaves to find Catalina, while Toni starts partying with Sal and the boys.

2. Sal tells Toni that he's not satisfied with the results of the Triad gang war. So, Toni has to plan on attacking them again.

3. Sal tells Toni to rig a car with a bomb at 8-Ball's Bomb Shop and kill a politician working for the Forelli Family.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sal wants the triads finished so he decides to send Toni to pick up some weapons while Sal gets 3 Mavericks ready to take down the fish factory. Toni comes back with Rocket launchers, AKs and Smoke Bombs. 13 Leones (4 for each helicopter = 12 + 1 shooter on the ski of a helicopter = 13 Leones. Claude is flying the same Heli Toni is shooting off of). Toni and the Leone shooters throw there Smoke bombs and cloak the building in smoke then shoot there rocket launchers at the building. A triad spots Tonis heli and shoots a rocket at it. Toni...


1: Shoots a rocket at the triads rocket making it explode.

2: (and Claude) bail out of the heli and kill the triads on foot

3: Claude dodges the rocket and lands the heli after the triads are killed. But Mr. Wong isnt there, though his son is.

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Claude dodges the rocket and lands the helicopter once all the Triads are dead. A Leone runs up to Toni with news. "Sir, Mr. Wong has escaped! But, his son is here." Toni replies, "Bring him to me." The Leone runs off and brings Kamikaze. They both hold up a gun to each other. Then, Kamikaze says, "Put your gun down. Fight me like a man!" What does Toni do?


1. Agrees and they battle it out, jujitsu style!

2. Toni says f*ck it and shoots Kamikaze dead!

3. Claude intervenes and gets shot himself.

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Toni agrees and they battle it out, jujitsu style.Just then two Forelli exsesses arrive armed with M4's and a rocket launcher,then one of the Forellis launched the rocket launcher and destroyed the maverick toni and claude was riding and the Forellis started shooting and Toni,Claude and the rest of the Leones were badly injured and Kamikaze got hit too.What will Toni and Claude do?




1. Yell "We surrender".


2. Use the AK-47 Toni was using at the helicopter.


3. Take cover at the ruins of the Fish Factory.

Edited by Toni2389
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CJ uses the AK-47 he was using in the helicopter. He kills every Forelli. Then, a Leone gets up and says, "Wow, Toni! You're a one man army!" Then, Toni points the gun at Kamikaze. "Any last words?" What happens next?


1. Toni ends Kamikaze's misery.

2. Kamikaze pulls out a detonator.

3. Toni tells his men to take Kamikaze to the hospital to patch him up.

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Toni ends Kamikaze's misery and shot him.Then Toni,Claude and the other leones went back to the Gentlemen's Club,they were planning on how to find Mr. Wong, a leone said that he saw Mr.Wong in a Triad fish van with other Triads and followed him to where he was going, the Triad fish van stopped in a secret triad hideout under the Callahan Bridge he heard that they were planning a trap for the leones by capturing Salvatore Leone.Salvatore was surprised that he said "Toni I want you to take me to your safehouse for Awhile until you kill Mr. Wong".Toni........




1. Went to the secret hideout of the triads and ambushed them.

2.Waited until the Triads come to the gentlemen's club by hiding around the Club.

3.Sent a leone and see what they plan next.

Edited by Toni2389
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Toni sends a Leone to see what they're planning on next. After a while, Toni gets a call from him. "Sir, they're coming to Sal's right now!" Said the Leone. Toni swears under his breathe. "Oh, wait," says the Leone. "sh*t, they found out about -- " BANG BANG! Then, the phoneline gets cut. What happens next?


1. Toni must protect the Gentlemen's Club at all costs!

2. Toni tries to take out the Triads on their way here.

3. Toni plans on firing missiles at all the Triad Fish Vans that approach.

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Toni must protect the Gentlemen's Club at all costs!Then many Triad Fish vans arrive then Toni,Claude and the other Leones were armed in M4's and rocket launchers they fired there Rocket launchers first then the Triads attacked on foot but the Triads were no match so the Triads sent a Triad Fish Van bomb truck and Toni realized that they used up all there Rockets and ammo then Toni saw a Leone Maverick with a bomb inside and a rocket Launcher with only one rocket in it.What happened next?




1.Toni used the rocket launcher and rode the Maverick with Claude to destroy the bomb truck.

2.Toni rode the Maverick and sent it flying down to the bomb truck when Toni hurriedly bailed out of the maverick and destroyed the bomb truck.

3.Toni used the Rocket Launcher and waited for the Bomb truck in the Club and he missed and the bomb truck destroyed the Gentlemen's Club



NOTE:remember there is a bomb inside the Maverick.

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Toni flew the Maverick towards the Triad Fish Van. Then, he bailed out just in time. And KA-BOOM! There was a huge explosion in front of Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club. It killed a lot of pedestrians, too. Then, Toni goes back in to check if Sal is okay. What happens next?


1. Sal tells Toni to retaliate and kill Mr. Wong!

2. Toni finds Sal who has a knife to his throat by Mr. Wong.

3. Sal is dead because there was a rat in the Leone Family.

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Sal then tells Toni to kill Mr. Wong. So Toni takes Claude and 5 Leones in Sals bullet-proof limo. Its holding 8 people inside (5 Leones, Sal, Toni and Claude) each person holds an M4. Sal gets a call from Mr. Wong telling him to get Toni to meet him at the unfinished Callahan Bridge for a 1-on-1 showdown. Claude drives the limo to the bridge and hides it behind construction materials. A Maverick drops off Mr. Wong at the bridge. Mr. Wong holds a Combat Shotgun while Toni has an M4 and smoke bombs. Mr. Wong shoots his shotgun.


1: Toni dodges all the bullets and drops a smoke bomb and then the Leones Claude and Sal surround Mr. Wong.

2: Toni get hit by a bullet an lays dead. When Mr. Wong gets close to him Toni kicks his gun out of his hand and points his M4 at him.

3: Mr. Wong escapes in a fish van and Toni and the Leones follow him in Sals limo and driveby it.

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Mr. Wong escapes in a Triad Fish Van. Toni and his posse get into Sal's limo and go after him. They try to destroy it by performing drive-bys. But, Mr. Wong gets too far ahead. Then, Mr. Wong's van crashes into a building and flips over, causing it to set on fire. Mr. Wong crawls out and when he gets out...


1. He sees a gun in his face. Then, Toni pulls the trigger.

2. He makes a run for it. But, a Coach smashes into him, and he dies.

3. He tries to run away, but Toni and his pals drive-by until he dies.

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A Coach rumbles down the street, Mr. Wong gets hit and is squished against the wall. After bringing back Sals limo to his mansion, Toni gets a call from Franco Forelli. Toni finds out that the Triads have been allies with the Forellis so now the Forellis are after them. Toni tells Sal this but they are ambushed by the Forellis. They get hit by the cars and black out.


1: Toni wakes up in a Forelli hideout in Fort Staunton.

2: Toni has his weapons taken from him and finds himself on the top of a high building.

3: Toni wakes up in a trunk in a Forelli car (forget the name of it) he finds a bat nearby.

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Toni wakes up in a Forelli hideout in Fort Staunton. The Forellis ask Toni a lot of question on Sal and all of the Leones. Toni doesn't give the info and gets hit in the face. The Forellis took him to the jail, where he was locked up, but he finds out that the guard is sleeping and the jail is open. Also there is a window near the guard.


1-Toni escapes by the window and sees he's near the Dam.

2-Toni grabs the guard's pistol and take the guard as human shield.

3-Toni grabs the guard's pistol and escapes by the window, noticing that he's near the Dam.

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Toni takes the guard's pistol and climbs out the window. He goes back to Portland and get 3 Leones to help him attack the Forellis hideout. They steal a Patriot. Toni gets his AK and sits in the back seat. The other Leones hold Micro-SMGs (Uzis) and they begin to search around in Fort Staunton. They find an old warehouse with Forelli Exesses parked outside. Toni and the Leones storm in, swiftly killing all the Forellis. They find Sal and the other Leones and decide to leave. They take the Exesses outside and leave. Along the way they are follow by Forellis and are being shot at. The Leones shoot back.


1: Toni (sitting on edge of the window) falls out of the Patriot.

2: They go off-road in SSV.

3: They blow up all the Exesses but then they are headed for a Forelli roadblock!


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They blow up all the Forelli Excesses, but now, there's a Forelli roadblock! Toni quickly launches rockets at them and blows them all to smithereens. Then, they're free to go onto the Shoreside Vale lift-bridge. After a long while, they make it back to Saint Mark's. What do they do, next?


1. Toni and Sal plan the next step to retaliate against the Forelli Family.

2. They all open up bottles of wine and PARTAYY!!

3. Toni and a group of Leones go around Portland, making sure the Forellis have no more influence in this part of town.

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They decide to get some Leones and patrol the Forelli territory in the Sentinels. While killing some Forellis, Franco Forelli appears in a helicopter.


1: Toni shoots down the helicopter.

2: Toni shoots Franco in the helicopter, causing it to crash.

3: They drive into an underground parking lot to stay away from the helicopter.

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Toni and the Leones drive in an underground parking to get away from the helicopter. While on their way, the helicopter shoots at them, causing their car to smoke. They wait a while, and the sound of choppers move along. Suddenly...


1. 2 Forelli Excesses enter the underground car park, trying to smash up Toni's car.

2. There's a huge explosion outside, because the chopper crashed. Then, there's a chain reaction of explosions.

3. 50 Forellis come running toward Toni's car with MAC-10s.

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There is a huge explosion outside, because the heilcopter crashed. Franco bailed out before it blew up. There is many explosions outside. Toni drives the Leones around all the vehicles and explosions going off and safely. Another helicopter being flown by Franco gains on them.


1: They shoot at the helicopter, also killing Franco while he still in the chopper making it crash.

2: They go to the airport. Toni gets some distance from the helicopter and turns around. Then he speeds up and jumps off a little ramp, hitting the helicopter in midair. The helicopter crashes and Franco dies.

3: They shoot at the helicopter, only to find that its bullet-proof.

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