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LCS Chain Story


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Toni wakes up, with all his Leone buddies around him. "He's okay, now," says one. "You can leave. Thanks." He was talking to a medic. The paramedic gets up and leaves in his ambulance, crushing people in his way. "What the f*ck!" Yelled Toni. "What happened? What happened to that Triad?" One Leone gunman answers, "It was horrible, Toni. All our men died. Mr. Wong got away!" Toni swore under his breath. "Now, there's a gang war going on between the Triads and the Leone Family. What do we do?" Toni tells them...


1. To go spy on Mr. Wong. Then, report back to him, immediately.

2. To blow up the dry cleaners in Chinatown.

3. To go to the Triad Fish Factory and kill all the Triads there.

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Mr. Wong? Lol, ok.


You decide to go to the fish factory. You drive by to plan your attack, there is a help wanted sign. Toni gets an Idea. He goes to his portland appartment and changes into the hockey mask suit (ikd what its called) You drive to the fish factory. You get out of your car and walk to the gate. Two triads come and open the gate. The check you for weapons. Good thing you didnt bring any.


"What do you want?" They ask.


"I'm here for a job," Toni says trying not to sound so italian.


You follow the triads and they hand you a knife. They point to some fish in barrels. One triead takes a knife and a fish and shows you how to get started. Then they leave. The factory is crawling with triads. You go to the bathroom. In the bathroom there is a triad washing his hands. His gun is sitting on the sink edge. You take your knife and hold him in the interigation postition. He feels the cold balde on his neck.


"Wheres Mr. Wong!" You ask.


"He is coming to the factory in one minute," he struggles to say.


You press the knife harder and he bleeds. He is now dead. You grab the gun from the sink. You hear triads outside trying to locate you, they are getting near.


1: Take the dead triads blood and rub some on you, pretend your dead too.

2: Take the 9mm handgun and blast their asses when they come in.

3: Ah, I lived a good life.

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You hide in a cubicle and get ready your 9mm. You stand on the toilet seat, so that the Triads won't see your feet. 5 Triads burst into the washroom. Using the door as cover, you shoot all the Triads. You take another 9mm so that you can use dual weapons. You get out of the washroom and...


1. You get shot at, by a Triad holding a shotgun.

2. Mr. Wong is standing out there, with 2 other Triads, guns at the ready.

3. You check to see if anybody's there. Then, you go outside to look for Wong.

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Toni spots Mr. Wong. His bodyguards are killed by two Leones. Wong cant see anything.

1. You kidnap Wong and take him to your hideout in Staunton.

2. You kidnap Wong, kill him in the car and dump the car in the river in SSV.

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You kidnap Mr. Wong, but he struggles to be let free. You pistol whip him and he goes unconcious. The 2 Leones pull up in a Sentinel and Toni gets in. 2 Triad Fish Vans are on their tail. But, when the Leones go past the Portland - Staunton Island bridge, one Triad Fish Van swerves and falls into the water. There's still one on their tail, so Toni gets into action. When they reach the Staunton Island - Shoreside Vale bridge, Wong wakes up, only to be shot by the Triads in the van. He dies, and Toni jumps out of the Sentinel, causing the Leones to fall into the water (With Wong in the car, with them). Then...


1. The Triad Fish Van also falls into the water.

2. The Triads get out and engage in a gun battle with Toni.

3. Toni falls into the water, and the Van smashed on top of him, drowning him.

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The other Triad van falls into the water. Mr. Wong and his bodyguards are dead. The war with Triads is over. Suddenly ...


1. Cops, who are still chasing Toni and Sal show up.

2. Another Triad van falls into the water.

3. Colombians face Toni in the street.

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The cops are still after Toni and Sal. They steal a car, and head to the Pay 'N Spray in Shoreside Vale. They respray their car, and the cops are no threat to them anymore. Their on their way to Staunton Island, and when they reach Francis International Airport, a barrage of bulletfire hits their car. Then...


1. The car loses control and they head straight toward the river.

2. 2 Cartel Cruisers chase them down.

3. Toni gets out and engages in a gun battle with the Cartel.

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2 Cartel Cruisers are after Toni and Sal. Unfortunately, Sal is in the wheel, but he does everything he can to stay on the road. Sal tries to go towards the Elevator Bridge, but the car loses control and heads towards the tunnel beneath it. 1 of the Cartel Cruisers loses Sal and Toni, but one is still after them. Sal loses control and the Pony (yes, they're driving a minivan) crashes. Sal and Toni get out, but the Cartel is waiting for them. A Colombian gets his gun ready to shoot down Sal, but he doesn't spot Toni, ...


1. Toni snaps his neck.

2. The gun jams.

3. The other Colombian accidentally shoots his partner.

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Click!............Click!...........The columbians gun jammed. Sal isnt affraid any more. He wlked closer the columbian. He reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out a nickel plated hand gun. BANG! The columbian grabs his bleeding heart. He is dead. 5 more cartel engines are heard from the beginning of the bridge.


1: Steal a cartel cruiser and run for it.

2: Look! The Mafia came! They are in boats under the bridge. Jump off and go into the boat.

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Leones arrive in 2 boats. Toni and Sal jump in with them. They start driving, but 5 boats full of Cartel are on their tail. They have AK-47s. The boat at the rear, with Leones tries to destroy them, but the boat explodes in a ball of flame! It's up to Toni, now. Toni gets out an M4 that was on the boat and starts firing at the enemy. He blows up 2 boats, but the other 3 are still after them. One crashes on a boat, and the Cartel drown in the water. Then...


1. The other 2 smash into each other.

2. Toni blows up the other 2.

3. A helicopter full of Cartel approaches.

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A heli full of cartel come. They Shoot the your driver and injure Sal. The helis is flying really low. Sal hands you a remote grenade, with some tape. You grab onto the Ski like thingy's on the bottom of the heli and pull your self up. You take a grenade and tape it to the bottom. You get ready to jump to the boat, but the heli soars up high into the air. There is no way to make it to the boat now. You open the helis back door. You hop in grab a parachute and get out. You are hanging onto the heli.


1: Jump, land in some guys boat, jack it, and aid the wounded sal.(detonate in mid-air)

2: Jump and land on a roof. Jump again hoping you dont die.(detonate in mid-air)

3: Jump, your chute gets caught in the heli's propeler. You cut yourself free and fall to your death, but detonate the bomb in mid- air

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Toni jumps and detonates the grenade! BOOM! There's a huge explosion in the sky. You open your parachute and land in a guy's boat, who is fishing. "Hey!" Yells the fisherman. "Do you know who I am?" Toni punches him unconcious and throws him overboard, who drowns. You speed toward Staunton Island Docks in Newport. You see 2 Leones tending to Sal's wounds. Then...


1. Toni takes him to the hospital.

2. There's a Yardie sniper up, overhead, who shoots the 2 Leones dead.

3. Sal dies and respawns in the hospital in Aspatria.

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Leones arrive in 2 boats...

There is no way you can get into the boat if you're inside the tunnel and your way out has been blocked.


Anyways, moving on -


Toni is taking Sal to the hospital, when suddenly Toni loses control and the car goes upside down. Leones, Toni and Sal get out, but unfortunately Sal dies from the explosion. Toni and Leones are sad, but then, the body disappears. They look to each other, but someone snipes the two Leones down, leaving Toni alive. Toni is there, Sal's body has disappeared and the two Leones down, he just runs for his life, seeing there is nothing to do. He jacks a car, but gets shot in the shoulder. He manages to go to the hospital in Aspatria.


Toni gets out and meets Sal in front of the hospital (Sal spawned at the Hospital after he died). They rejoin and jack a Yardie Lobo.


1. They head to Newport to kill the sniper, who killed two Leones.

2. They take it to the junkyard and then head to Marco's Bistro (to meet the Leone family).

3. They take it to the junkyard and return home.

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Toni and Sal take the Yardie Lobo to the junkyard. There, they pour kerosene all over it. Toni lights a match and throws it on the car, which bursts in a ball of flames! They watch it burn. "Burn, motherf*cker, burn," mutters Toni, under his breath. After the flames die out, Sal takes out his cell phone and phones a Leone. "Hey, Mickey?" He says. "Yeah, come pick us up. We're at the junkyard. Just then, a Leone Sentinel comes to pick them up. As they leave, a firetruck reaches the junkyard, since it is close by. They go to Marco's Bistro in St. Mark's. There, there's a Leone Family reunion/meeting going on. They plan to...


1. Take 5 Leone Sentinels to Newport, to face off with the Yardies.

2. Eat! But, then 2 Forelli Excesses pull up, outside.

3. Get some flamethrowers from the local Ammu-Nation and burn the Triads who are battling it out with the Leones.

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The Leones are having a wonderful night. It's peace all over Portland and they are celebrating it well with beer and a lot of fine food. Suddenly, a car breaks through the Bistro door and Leones are surprised - it's the Forellis! Leones grab their guns out and get shot by the Forellis. 3 more Leones, including Toni and Sal are alive. They put their hands up, when suddenly someone hits a Forelli with a bar stool. Toni and Mickey get their guns ready and kill a total of 6 Forellis, but 2 are still alive.


Cops arrive.


1. Mickey blows the policemen heads off.

2. Toni and Mickey take off their Leone coat quickly and throw their guns to the bartender, like he would have shot the 4 Forellis down for defence.

3. Forellis kill the cops, then the Forellis die and a gang war rises.

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The Forellis use the door for cover, and start shooting at the cops. Toni and the other Leones use this oppurtinity to reload. They get down and insert a new clip in their guns. The Forellis kill all the cops. One Forelli yells, "Happy, you Leone f*cks! We saved your asses from the cops!" Toni gestures to the other Leones to get ready. "But, who's going to save your asses?" Then, he gets up, with the other Leones and start shooting the Forellis. They are all dead. Then...


1. Franco Forelli phones Toni saying that he started a gang war!

2. More cops arrive, as Toni's wanted level increases.

3. Sal yells at Toni, saying he made a big mistake!

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Toni, Sal and Mickey see their car is finished, so they get into a Forelli Excess. They head to the Ferry Port. In the way, Toni's cellphone rings. "Mr. Cipriani? Go tell Sal that he's f*cked up, twice as much as you, he ain't gonna win this war!" Franco Forelli yells.


1. Leones spot a Forelli roadblock in the Ferry Port. (Remember, they're driving an Excess so Forellis won't be chasing them before the Leones race away)

2. Forellis come out from everywhere and (just like they'd know Leones are using the Forelli car) they start shooting at them and Mickey loses control and ends up in the junkyard.

3. Mickey heads to the junkyard and Sal shoots Toni from the backseat (Toni is in the passenger seat)


(Remember, Mickey is driving)

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The Leones spot a Forelli roadblock on the way to the Ferry Port. "sh*t!" Yells Mickey. "Now, what do we do?" "Drive!" Sal yells. They break through the roadblock, surprising the Forellis. "What the f*ck!" Yells one. "Nevermind," said another. "Keep your eyes peeled on the road." They make it to the Ferry Port. Then, Mickey says he cannot go any farther. Sal and Toni leave, but they tell the other Leones to take care of Mickey. Then...


1. Toni and Sal leave on a ferry, and hear distant gunshots.

2. A police officer approaches them, asking what's with all the trouble.

3. Toni and Sal miss the ferry, and the Forellis notice what's going on, so they start driving toward them.

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Remember I told you only 3 Leones survived the battle in Marco's? Those were Mickey, Sal and Toni, there were no others.


Anyways -


The Leones get on the ferry. It is starting to leave Portland, when Sal, Mickey and Toni hear shots in distance. Few bullets also hit the ferry boat, but are too inaccurate to hit the Leones.




The Leones get off the ferry boat. Toni and Sal wait in front of the ferry terminal, while Mickey is in the parking lot to get some transportation.


Mickey comes back with a LandStalker and the Leones are off to Staunton Island.


1. They head to Toni's safehouse

2. Forellis have blocked all the streets.

3. Forellis have set the Leones up so they're wanted by the FBI.

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The Leones head over to Toni's safehouse. They all get changed, so that all the blood on their suits are clean. Then, when they go outside, Leon McAffrey is standing there! Toni gets out a 9mm and points it to Leon's head. "What the f*ck do you want?" "Hey, hey!" says Leon. "Take it easy. Remember, I hate the Forellis as much as you do. I will help you!" Toni puts his gun away. Then, Toni turns to Mickey. "I think you should leave," he told him. "But, be careful on the Callahan Bridge." Mickey leaves. Then, Toni, Sal and Leon go in a police car. They go to....


1. The courthouse in Belleville Park.

2. The police station in Torrington.

3. Fort Staunton to perform some drive-bys.

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Leon drives to Rockford "Toni, you gotta' take over from here!". Toni gets behind the wheel and they head to Fort Staunton. Sal and Leon take their guns out and blast the motherf*ckers down. Toni turns the siren on and they go home fast.


1. Franco calls Toni

2. Leon calls Franco

3. Franco pays a visit to them (Toni, Leon and Sal).

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They get to Toni's safehouse, and Franco calls Toni. "You bitch! You got away this time. But, when I find you, you're dead!" Franco hangs up. All of a sudden, Toni sees Yardies outside his safehouse. He goes outside and...


1. Punches one of them in the face.

2. Makes an alliance with them, so they can help in the Leone-Forelli War.

3. Toni gets a sniper rifle out, and picks them off.

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Toni punches one in the face and shoots the others with his handgun. All the others get injured and they go to the hospital. "I need backup." He hires Claude Speed. Donald calls Toni saying to come over. Donald says to Toni and Claude that Forelli killed his brother and wants revenge. They all know they need one more person, a good shooter. They decide to hire Phil Cassiady. Donald drives them to Toni's house.


1. The four attack the Forelli Brothers at Franicis International as Franco tries to escape

2. The pissed of Yardies attack

3. All of them decide to go to Carcer City

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A very big group of Yardies show up (about one hundred). The four are doomed.


1. Forellis come so Yardies start attacking them instead.

2. Since the Yardies are the offenders, they're wanted by the army (Tanks appear from the distance and Yardies escape)

3. Toni and his buds fight the Yardies, die, and respawn at the hospital

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It seems that the Forelli Family had the same idea. So, about 100 Forellis show up, and surround the Yardies. They both fight to the death! Most of them have melee weapons, but some have guns. Toni, Claude, Phil and Donald just stand, awestruck. Just then, a helicopter approaches. It's Leon McAffrey! "This is the LCPD!" He yells. But, nobody hears over the roar of the Yardies and Forellis clashing. Leon lands on the roof of Toni's safehouse, and they all get aboard. Then...


1. A Yardie pulls out a rocket launcher and blasts the chopper as it makes it's escape.

2. Toni and his buds escape to the Love Media building.

3. As they escape, Toni fires at the Yardies and Forellis with the mini-gun in the chopper.

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They fly back to Love Media. Now what asks Donald Love? "Well lets stay low" says Toni. Mc Affery becomes a decoy and flies his chopper away. The decoy works. They decide not to piss off other gangs for a while. Then they decide to...


1. Work on Donalds Business

2. Work on legal jobs

3. Decide to blend in. They don Leone suits. Unfortunatly Phil has one arm so he won't blend in. Phil leaves to his business. They plan to do big jobs for the Mafia without relveling thier positions

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The four are working on legal jobs. Except for Claude. He is planning a bank robbery in the future. Toni is working as a car salesman in Portland, but unfortunately Franco is in need of a new car and comes by.


1. Toni escapes with a sports car.

2. Leones are passing by and help Toni.

3. Franco calls a hit on Toni.

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Toni escapes in a sports car. "You won't get away from me that easily!" Yells Franco. 2 Forelli Excesses race after him. Fortunately, Toni's car is faster and he races toward Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club. It looks like the Forellis won't stop there! Toni drives his car off the cliff, and it lands on the beach, below. Then...


1. The Forelli Excesses drown in the water.

2. One Forelli Excess crash lands and blows up, while the other one races after Toni.

3. One Forelli Excess crashes into Toni's sports car.

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The cars drown in the water

Toni realises crime will all ways be there no matter what.

Suddenly Phil Cassiday calls. Toni answers.

"The cartel are attacking me! Help!"

He knows he needs backup again. Claude, Donlald, Toni once again join to save their good friend. Now....


1. They attack the cartel with M4s

2. They pick up Phil and drive away with Toni and Claude blasting away at their cartel prsuiers

3. They let them capture Cassiday then they follow the cartel to a location and they sneak in and extract them.

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Toni drives and he pulls up to Phil, who is surrounded by Cartel. "Get in!" Toni yells. Phil gets in, and they drive away. "Take the wheel, Donald!" Donald takes the wheel, and Toni gets in the back seat, and takes out his uzi, and Claude does the same. "Uh oh!" Yells Donald. "We've got company!" They look behind, and there's 3 Cartel Cruisers speeding towards them. Toni and Claude start firing at them and...


1. One Cartel Cruiser blows up, while the others are still after them.

2. One Cartel Cruiser goes on either side of Toni's car and slams into them, ramming them off the side.

3. One Cartel Cruiser rear-ends the car, and it goes spinning.

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