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LCS Chain Story


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Before I start this I would like to thank Benjimino234 for letting me take over this sweet topic. Also Id like to thank SOYDOG2

Please note........ This topic was origionally started in the san andreas forum. Thats where the rules are copied from.


Here Are the rules for this topic:



Someone will write part of a story. Toni then stole a car and travled to...

Then the writer must add two options for the next writer. EG-....The Docks or Unity Station

Any person can take over from that point


----You are not allowed to kill off main characters Toni, Donald Love, Maria etc.

-----No cheats. EG-Then Toni got infinite health and ammo

----Who ever posts first between 2 more people the first story will continue as normal, the 2nd or 3rd story replying to a same story part must edit there post and must say 'nevermind this' to not cause confusion

---Please do not edit your story if it IS used already by another writer

--You can say Claude finds weapons but only in correct and real spawn points in the game

----The same writer can NOT reply to their own story



I will start us off.



Toni Cipriani wakes up in his awsome house in shoreside vale. He changes into his Goodfella outfit and goes outside. He picks up a bat, shotgun, and SMG (he has all 100 packages) Then he heads out. He heads to the staunton island docks to go ride in a boat. He is about to go down the stairs, until he sees some sindacos with large crates. That means one thing, weapons and explosives!


1: Shoot them all out with your SMG

2: Go to the ally next to the ammu-nation to get grenades and then throw them in attempt to detonate the possible threat of explosives and hope you dont die!

3: Yell, "hey Asshead!"




Vice city stories game

GTA VCS game, hosted by Benjimino234



Vice city game

GTA:VC CHAIN STORY Hosted by Benjimino234



Gta 3 game

Gta 3 game- hosted by me!


SA game

San Andreas game hosted by Benjimino234

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Toni crouches down behind a wall and gets ready to shoot. He aims and fires. He hits one of the crates, which explodes. Half of the Sindaccos are dead and half aren't. They start shooting everywhere. You get up to run away but you......


1. Get shot in the head and die.

2. Go back to the docks and start killing the Sindaccos.

3. Get shot in the back and you fall on the ground. Then Sindaccos come to investigate, they find you and take you prisoner.

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Toni hides behind a car for cover. He hesitates for a minute. Then, using the car as cover, he starts shooting at the Sindaccos. He kills them all, but then he gets shot in the left shoulder, doing so. "Ow!" Yells Toni. "f*ck!" He loses a lot of blood. He gets to Newport, where there's a lot of people, but then he passes out. Then...


1. He wakes up in the hospital.

2. He wakes up tied up and gagged. He's in a car with Sindaccos.

3. He wakes up and finds passengers crowded on the street, around him.

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Toni wakes up in a car gagged and tied up. A Sindacco gang member is sitting next to him with a gun. The gun is on Toni's head. The Sindacco tells Toni "If you try to escape you're 'gonna be pretty familiar with what your brain looks like." Toni stares at the guy for a long time. Toni.........


1. Tries to get the guys attention so he could tell him to get the gag out of his mouth.

2. Tries to punch the guy, but notices hes tied up.

3. Tries to open the car door and gets his brains blown out.

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Toni tries to punch the Sindacco, but he finds out he's all tied up. After a while, they get to Red Light District. They tie him to a chair and take him up to the rubbles of the Doll House. They take off his gag, and start talking. "Who the f*ck did this," asked the Sindacco. "Tell me, was it you?" Toni refuses to answer and says, "f*ck you! I ain't saying sh*t!" The Sindacco pulls out a gun and smacks Toni. "Fine," he replies. "Then, you'll have to die!" All of a sudden...


1. 2 Leone Sentinels pull up outside.

2. Toni tells him who burnt the Doll House.

3. Toni gets his brains blown out!

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Two Leone Sentinels pull up. Some Leone gangsters get out of the Sentinels with M4's. They untie you. You thank them. They bring you......


1. To Salvatore's Mansion.

2. To your safe house.

3. To Paulie Sindacco's home to tie him up and put a gag in his mouth.

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To Salvatore's mansion, when you go inside you see that Salvatore is lying dead on the ground, you think it's the sindaccos so you


1. Get all the Leone's and fight the Sindaccos

2. Steal a tank and blow them to hell

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Sorry, but you can't kill off any main characters. So, I'll just go for you.


They head over to Salvatore's mansion. Toni explains what happened to Sal, and he is furious! He wants Paulie Sindacco dead. So, Toni, along with the 2 Leone Sentinels head over to Ammu-Nation to get loaded. Toni grabs an AK-47, and they head over to Paulie Sindacco's house in Red Light District. But, he really lives in an apartment. They surround the building, so he can't get out and...


1. A Sindacco goon with a rocket launcher appears behind them, and blows up the Sentinels.

2. Paulie Sindacco escapes from the back of his buidling, and Toni fails the mission.

3. Paulie Sindacco and 5 other Sindacco goons come out of the building, with uzis in their hands.

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A Sindacco goon pops up out of no where and blows up the Sentinels. Toni is far enough away so he turns around and blows the guy's head off. Meanwhile..............


1. Paulie Sindacco opens up his window and snipes the Leone's and Toni.

2. Paulie Sindacco escapes, but Toni stops him and kills him.

3. A bunch of cops come and arrest the Leones. Toni kills the cops.

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Suddenly, cops come out of nowhere and arrest the Leones. Toni takes cover and kills kills some of them, thinking "That was a mistake, now they know I'm here" and heading inside the house. The cops are gone, but Toni ...



1. Faces Paulie Sindacco in the stairway.

2. Faces Paulie Sindacco in the roof.

3. Falls down the stairs and blacks out.

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Toni stops Paulie Sindacco on the roof. Paulie has nowhere to go, and nobody to protect him. They run to each other and start fighting. Toni throws Paulie on the ground, and starts kicking him. "You want more, asshat!" Yells Toni. Then, Paulie takes out a knife and stabs him 3 times in the stomache. Toni groans and falls down on his knees. A helicopter comes near, and Paulie jumps in. "Where to, mac?" Asks the pilot. "Las Venturas," replies Paulie. "And step on it!" The fly away. Then, JD finds Toni unconcious on the roof of the building. He...


1. Takes him to the hospital, straight away.

2. Takes him to Paulie's Revue to keep him safe, for a while.

3. A bomb goes off in the building and starts a fire to it.

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Why do you always lead the story to San Andreas? But, it makes the story pretty cool.

But anyway...............


A bomb goes off in the basement and the building sets fire. JD is confused and doesn't know what to do, so he calls Salvatore Leone. Sal tells him to calm down and that he's sending men to him right now. The men arrive at the house and they tell JD to...........


1. Jump off of the roof and land on the ground.

2. Stay on the roof a Leone Maverick is coming.

3. Throw Toni off of the roof carefully, and then you jump off.

( The house's roof isn't so high so it's safe to jump.)

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Well, I don't always link these stories to SA. In the VC chain story, somebody else did. I just helped them build the story lol. Also, after Paulie Sindacco dies, you can see, on his grave that it says "Viva Las Venturas Baby!"


The Leone men tell JD to stay on the roof. A Leone Maverick is approaching. It gets there, and they throw a ladder down. "Climb up!" Yells a Leone. JD brings the wounded Toni with him. "Say," says JD. "Since when do the Leones have a chopper?" The Leone says, "Just shut up and sit down!" He listens. Then...


1. They drop off JD at Paulie's Revue.

2. They go to the hospital, and save Toni.

3. They go to St. Mark's to see Salvatore.

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Oh sorry I thought you linked the Vice City chain story because you came up with some pretty good ideas.


The Leones bring Toni to the hospital in Portland View. The Nurse tells JD and the Leones that Toni is going to be alright. "He was stabbed in the stomach, but thankfully the knife missed his organs. One week later, Salvatore comes to see Toni and bring him home. As they are driving to Toni apartment some Sindacco goons stop the limo Sal and Toni are in. They knock out Toni and take Sal hostage. They take him to...................


1. Las Venturas to see Paulie Sindacco.

2. The Doll House.

3. A secret Sindacco Hideout.

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Thanks, man.


The Sindaccos take Salvatore to a secret Sindacco hideout. The hideout is the lighthouse island near Sal's own house! But, nobody knew that. They torture Sal. Toni wakes up and goes to his safehouse in St. Mark's. He sits on his bed, upset. He thinks Sal is dead. But, then he gets a call on his cell phone. He picks it up and...


1. It's Maria telling Toni that she could help.

2. It's JD warning him to watch out: Sindaccos are on their way with explosives.

3. It's Mickey and he's telling Toni that he f*cked up. He better save Sal or he's going to be whacked.

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Toni picks up his phone and it's JD telling him there are some Sindaccos coming with explosives. "Toni, there's some Sindaccos coming to you with explosives and they're-"

Toni says to himself out loud "Now you?! Now those Sindaccos took JD too?!"

Toni calls some of the Leone men and to meet him at his apartment with the Maverick.

Toni and the Leones fly the Lighthouse and raid the place. But, he Leones are killed. Toni is now taken hostage.

Toni remembers he has a knife with him. He takes it out of his pocket and cuts the ropes around him and Sal.

Toni takes out his Pistol and Sal and Toni escape to.................


1. Sal's Mansion.

2. Toni's Apartment.

3. Paulie's Revenue to see if JD is being held hostage there by the Sindaccos.

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Toni and Sal steal a Sentinel (Not a Leone Sentinel; that'd be too obvious). The go to Red Light District and break in the back door of Paulie's Revue. Sal runs in, but Toni hears something on the roof. He takes out his Colt Python and goes up. Meanwhile, Sal uses stealth to break in Paulie's Revue. He overhears some Sindacco goons saying, "Haha! Soon, that bastard Cipriani will be here. He'll fall for the trap, and we'll blast 'em." Sal hides with his heart in his mouth. He's too scared to go tell Toni the news. Back on the roof, Toni finds 2 Sindaccos guarding the tied up JD. "Stay back, motherf*cker," says one. "Or we'll throw your fat friend to his death!" Toni...


1. Shoots them both quickly with his pistol.

2. Puts down his weapon and gives in.

3. Takes a step closer, and JD pummels to his death.

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Toni takes his .357 and brutally kills all the Sindaccos. He takes JD and goes behind the door of the room where Sal is. But then, Toni's phone rings.

He quickly answers the phone: "What the f*ck? I'll call you back in a minute!" he yells. "Oh, there you go! You still show absolutely no respect to me," his mother speaks. "Ma?" Toni is surprised. "I'll call you right back," Toni says and puts the phone away.

Toni opens the door and he finds Sal's dead body. He kills all the Sindaccos and calls 911. Soon the ambulance is here and Sal is rescued. The ambulance is just leaving when suddenly ...


1. The medics pull out a gun and knock JD down yelling "Put your hands to your head, Leones!"


2. Sal pulls out a gun, knocks JD down yelling "Put your hands to your head, medics!"


3. JD pulls out a gun, knocks Toni unconscious yelling "Sal, you're coming with me." and saying: "Boys, go get the car ready," to the medics.

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Sal pulls out a gun and knocks down JD "Medics, put you hands in the air." One of the medics doesn't listen so Sal shoots him. Next the cops arrive and Sal.................


1. Gives himself in.

2. Kills the cops and has Toni drive him to his mansion.

3. Kills the cop and stays at Paulie's Revue.

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Sal orders Toni to take him to his place. Toni does it, but the cops have set them up. Swat team is in Sal's yard and cops have blocked the way out. Toni ...


1. Surrenders

2. Drives of the cliff into the beach.

3. Drives down the hill into the junkyard.



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Toni drives down to the beach, down the cliff. Sal yells: "Ohhhh, shiiiiit!" They crash land, and their car is smoking. But, it's not damaged. Several police cars jump off after them, but they land in the water and drown. "If we can make it to the docks, then we'll be alright," explains Toni. Too late! Their car smashes into a rock and they jump out. Then...


1. They steal the BF Injection there, and hit the road.

2. They run to the docks and hide.

3. The cop cars run over Sal and Toni.

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Toni spots a BF Injection. "Quickly, get in!" and they get in it. Toni hits the petal to the metal and soon they find themselves in Vinnie's place. "Look! Vinnie ain't home. Let's hide here!" yells Sal. Sal runs into the house, while Toni dumps the car into the ocean. Toni heads inside ...


1. The door is locked

2. Sal is missing

3. Toni blacks out

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Toni goes into Vinnie's place, and Sal is missing. "sh*t," mutters Toni, under his breath. "Mr. Leone!?!" All of a sudden, Toni hears a farting noise. "Ah, for f*ck's sake, Toni," yells Sal. "Can't somebody get any privacy, around here?" Toni looks embaressed. "Oh, sorry!" Then...


1. Toni gets a call from Vincenzo, and he sounds troubled.

2. Vincenzo returns and he's startled to see Toni there.

3. Somebody empties a whole AK-47 magazine into Vinnie's house and Toni ducks for cover.

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Toni hears someone driving home. Toni warns Sal and takes cover. Vinnie steps in heading for the toilet. Toni stops him. "Jeez, Toni, can I get no privacy around here?" yells Vinnie.


1. Sal hits Vinnie unconscious with the toilet door.


2. Vinnie goes to toilet.


3. Toni leaves

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"Sorry, Vinnie," says Toni. "We were just looking for somewhere safe to be. I'll just go now." Vinnie says, "Sure, Toni. I'll drop off Mr. Leone myself, later on. Don't worry about it." Toni leaves and steals Vincenzo's black Kuruma, since it spawns all the time. Toni has to go through Chinatown to get back to his house. He has to go to the dry cleaners, anyway. He gets there, stops the car, and...


1. A Triad Fish Van slams into Toni's car, and sends it spinning away.

2. A set of Triads come running after Toni with melee weapons.

3. Toni meets his mother inside the dry cleaners.

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Out of the blue, a Triad fish van hits the Kuruma, sending it all the way to Portland View. Toni gets out of the car. The Triads have dissappeared.


1. Toni gets shot at and spawns at hospital.


2. A cop is offering Toni some help.


3. Vinnies car gets slammed the same way.


4. Toni hallucinates.


5. Toni runs for life.


6. Toni searches for the Triad van.

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Wow! From the dry cleaners in Chinatown to Portland View!?! What, does the car fly lol? Anyway, try to keep the options to a bare minimum of 3 choices. Read the rules and regulations. Moving along...


Toni runs around Chinatown, trying to find the Triad Fish Van which smashed into Toni's car. "They all look the f*cking same," mutters Toni, under his breath. All of a sudden, 4 Triad Fish Vans surround Toni. A Triad who has sunglasses on steps out. "Mr. Cipriani," he says. "Welcome back." He takes off his sunglasses to reveal a scar on his eye. Suddenly, Toni has a terrible flashback of...


1. Toni sticks a knife in the Triad's eye.

2. Toni and the Triad working together at Flashback FM and get in a fight.

3. The Triad beating up his moms and Toni runs to the rescue.

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Toni has a flashback of himself stabbing the Triad in the eye.


"I can read on your face that you can remember me," the Triad says.

- "f*ck you! I thought we settled that last time!" yells Toni.

- "Oh no, my friend, tonight is that day it will be settled," says the Chinese man.

Toni looks around himself. "What if I happen to get away?" asks Toni.

- "There is no such option, you fool!" the Triad yells.


Suddenly, Leone cars from all over the place ram the Triad fish vans, but no good, the vans are too heavy for that.

"Ha ha ha, Mr. Cipriani, now you see, there is no such option, there is no such option!" Then, one of the Triad vans drives away, with a Leone in wheel. The Triad is surprised, now that Leones are right in front of his eyes.


1. Toni gets the chance to stab Mr. Wong's other eye out.


2. A big fight goes on between the two families, and Toni is injured badly.

3. Cops, who are still chasing Toni and Sal, show up.

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Toni gets a chance at stabbing Mr. Wong's other eye out. He makes a go for it, and Wong turns around to see the knife speeding toward his eye. All of a sudden, a Triad shoots the knife out of Toni's hand - but doesn't shoot Toni. Then, Toni watches as the Triad gets taken down by 2 Leones. Then, a major gang war starts. Toni and Wong start fighting Ju Jitsu-style, while The Leones and Triads are firing at each other. Then...


1. The Leones are losing badly, so Toni tells them to retreat.

2. Mr. Wong gets into a Triad Fish Van and charges at Toni.

3. Toni gets shot and blacks out.

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Toni gets shot and blacks out.

1. Toni wakes up at the airport, with a few Triads and a crooked cop next to him.

2. Toni wakes up at his house in SSV, with a few Leones and a medic next to him.

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