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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mmorpg Server


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Roleplaying on GTA? You've got to be kidding me. Why would I want to roleplay?


1) There are jobs.

2) You have to think of good excuses to kill people. For example: A friend of mine that I play with are Arms Dealers, so we kill any independent Arms Dealers we run across. We also kill anyone that smarts off to us, or anyone that has a car we really want. Basically if you can justify whatever kind of character you're playing doing it, then you can do it. This isn't hard since most people are thug gangstahs . If you just run around and DeathMatch people, you will get killed a lot, lose your money, lose your guns, and probably get arrested and have to spend time sitting in jail. Also, no one will sell you guns when they realize you're deathmatching.

3) CO-OPERATE WITH THE COPS. If one is trying to pull you over, do exactly what you'd do in real life. Pull-over, kiss the cops butt, and 9/10 times he'll let you go on your way. Unlike in real life though, he'll let you go with your AK-47 and bag of meth. If you don't do what he wants, he's going to arrest you or kill you. The cops have stronger cars, easier access to guns, and body armor. They can take down about 3 players without too much of a problem.

4) You retain your money, guns and armour when you log off, and the accumulation of cash is the primary goal of the server.

5) No gun spawns or free guns. You have to buy guns from Arms Dealers, so this keeps some of the DeathMatching in check.



Why should I play here?


* Greatly improved cops from the basic Godfather script, including a /tazer timer to prevent /tazer spam.

* Gang implementations (read: clans) with your own headquarters, vehicle spawns, and things of that assortment.

* Public gangs (/join aztecas or /join ballas) to make it easy to get into the game and start doing fun stuff, as well as to let you meet new people so you can join up and make other gangs.

* Purchasable houses.

* Businesses.

* RP Factors such as levels and cash.

* Controllable materials points so that gangs have something to fight over. This is what you all wanted, so enjoy it.

* Advanced cheat detection for the most stable SA:MP economy around.

* A bleeding feature. SA:MP doesn't give you control of weapon damages, and this was the most effective way to make getting shot more dangerous.

* DAILY updates from multiple coders. (Gilok is a God among coders)

* A lot of problems with default Godfather SA:MP have been fixed, such as Running Man and various bugs that allowed overloading of health/armor.

* Arms-Dealers have access to more guns than in default Godfather, and are levelled so they make better weapons the higher their skill level.

* Admins that keep their noses out of the game. If you see an admin doing things in game other than admining let us know and they'll be fired SO FAST.

* Six DISTINCT and USEFUL jobs. Pilot, armsdealer, drugsdealer, wheelman, mercenary, and lawyer. Check our our wiki (linked below) to see what each class offers.

* A features list that grows daily!




How do I get on this?


1. Install the Full Version of GTA SA on your hard drive. (If you're afraid that you've lost the key to your game, don't worry you won't need it.)

2. Download the multiplayer modification from http://www.sa-mp.com Go to the downloads section and download the Client. Once it has finished downloading run the install program and follow the instructions. Keep that website handy as they have continuously releaesed updated server and client versions.

3. If you bought your disc after the hot coffee ordeal, your version of the game (2.0) is unmoddable. You will need to downgrade your client. If you haven't downgraded your client from 2.0 to 1.01 do it now. Remember you need to do this or the game won't run properly.

4. After the install, there should be a sa-mp executable. Run that. You will be presented with window. Click the Add Server button. Copy and paste this into the field: The SZR:GTA RP server should appear on your server list.

5. You will see a field that says Name: This is going to be your in-game name. We recommend that you use a <firstname>_<last name> format. This is a roleplaying server.

6. Once you've got your name in, make sure the server is selected and Connect to the server. Once everything is loaded you are probably staring at a selection screen. We're going to ignore that for now. You will need to press `, T, or F6 to bring up the chatbox in the game.


At this point sit back and read what the tutorial has to say. It will give some good pointers about the server and messageboards to read up on the going ons of this server. In case you missed it in the tutorial, you will want to visit http://www.secretzombieroom.com from there you can go visit the forums for all the recent updates and changes, or you can go visit the wikipedia for a lot of useful information about the game mechanics. After the tutorial is over you will be placed in the game.



Important Links


Short Newbie Tutorial Video:


Wiki: http://secretzombieroom.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

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