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GTA Liberty City Stories : Chain Story


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i will start the LCS chan story since the audition topic got locked it did say 1st come 1st served




An interactive online GTA related game!





Someone will write part of a story. EG-Toni then stole a car and travled to...

Then the writer must add two options for the next writer. EG-....Belleville Park or Cedar Grove

Any person can take over from that point


You are not allowed to kill off main characters EG-Toni,Salvatore,Maria etc.

No cheats. EG-Then Toni got Infinte health and armour

Who ever posts first between 2 more people the first story will continue as normal, the 2nd or 3rd story replying to a same story part must edit there post and must say 'nevermind this' to not cause confusion

Please do not edit your story if it IS used already by another writer

You can say Toni finds weapons but only in correct and real spawn points in the game

The same writer can NOT reply to their own story

I will go 1st



Toni awoke to a sindacco leone war outside his portland safehouse which he then


1. rolled over to sleep again

2. joined the fight

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Toni gets up puts on his Leone suit and picks up his weapons.

He walks outside and hides behind a Mafia Sentinal. The car is

burning so it will explode. Toni gets up and sprints over to the Leones.

He takes out a Tech-9 and starts shooting all of the Sindacco Mafia

members. Toni finishes off the Sindacco Mafia when all of the sudden

his phone rings. He picks it up and says "Hello?" He heres the voice of

his mother. "Hi Toni, I want you to come pay me a visit! I want you to

meet a good friend of mine."

"Who is it Ma?" Toni says. He notices his mother has hung up the phone.

Toni goes to his garage and takes out his car. He drives to Cipriani Restaurant.

When he enters the restaurant Ma's good friend is.......


1. Salvatore's uncle.

2. Tommy Vercetti's mother.

3. A pizza restaurant owner.

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salvatore's uncle freddy leone. Ma invited the whole leone family over because freddy just got Made.all the leones came when suddenly


1. the triads showed up

2. the sindaccos showed up

3. it started to rain

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The Sindaccos break in with pistols and starts shooting everyone, then they run out. A couple of the Leone members are dead (NO MAIN CHARACTERS WERE KILLED.) Ma Cipriani, Salvatore's Uncle, and Salvatore are injured. " MA!!! ARE YOU OK?!" Toni asks. Ma Cipriani replies "Toni I think i'm 'gonna die." Toni then replies " Not today Ma!" Toni....


1. Loads Ma Cipriani into his car and drives her to the hospital in Portland View.

2. Loads everyone into his car and drives them to the hospital in Portland View

3. Loads Ma Cipriani, Salvatore's Uncle, and Salvatore into his car and drives them to the hospital in Portland View.

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Toni, with the help of 2 Leones load Ma Cipriani, Salvatore and Freddy into a van. "You drive," Toni tells one of his men. They get on the road, and when they pass Marco's Bistro, 2 Sindacco Argentos start following them. "Sir, don't look now, but there's some Sindaccos following us," the driver tells Toni. "f*ck!" Yells Toni. "I got it covered." He pulls out his uzi and starts shooting one of the Argentos. It gets sidetracked and slams into a building and blows up. Then, the second Argento...


1. Performs a drive-by and kills Toni.

2. Slams into the van, causing it to go off track.

3. Performs a drive-by and kills Sal's uncle, Freddy.

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If you would have watched I made the chain story before you, Benjimino234 (the creator of the chain story asked me to do it in a pm, since the auditions got locked) If you had been watching I made mine before you. So I kindly ask you to somehow get your post locked. Our timezones may be different, but when I made mine, yours wasnt there.


Ps - I mean this kindly. I dont want to make an enemy

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That is true and since the auditions were locked you could of PM me but you didn't. I don't want to discourage you but I did PM Grimroxter to do it

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Toni Antonio Cipriani

One of the Sindacco Argento swerves in front of the Leone-owned Pony van and shortly pulled a drive-by, which killed Salvatore's Uncle, Freddy. A second blast cracked the Pony's windshield and injured the driver. Toni immediatly took over the wheel and rammed and blasted the Argento so hard it was on fire. He swerved the Pony, who had two of its tires already popped, into Sweeny Genral Hospital. After which,...


1. More Sindaccos showed up and blew up the Pony

2. The Traids showed up and killed Toni Cipriani

3. Ma Cipriani and Salvatore Leone were saved.

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Ma Cipriani and Salvatore were saved. Then, Toni got out of the hospital, leaving them to recover. He finds a Sentinel and steals it. He heads back to his safehouse. He rests for the night, but when he gets back up, he goes outside. He finds the 7 police cars parked, with the SWAT backing them up. "sh*t," muttered Toni, under his breath. "This is the police!" Yelled a police captain. "Put your hands behind your back!" Toni tried to make a move, but...


1. He gets shot at, and ends up in the hospital.

2. He goes to jail for life.

3. He goes to court, but his trial is dismissed.

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