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well i got a dell xps m1210 and bought gta sa yesterday, note: i am computer illiterate, so i installed it and ran like a charm, so i decided to DL GGMM, which caused a big mess untill i got it right, and i got some car mods and im ready to go, when i open the game this happens,

Start Game>new game> then while its loading it stops halfway and closes, and a box pops up saying gta.exe is not working or something like that

any help would be much appreciated



i am running on windows vista home premium

processor intel® core2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83GHz 1.83GHz

Memory(RAM) 1022MB

system type 32-bit Operating system

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Then un-install,

delete C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games /GTA San Andreas folder

and then re-install.

And delete the gta_sa.set file in My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files

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It's simple, really. You have the Second Edition (commonly referred to as V2) of GTASA, which is unmoddable, unless downgraded to V1. GTAF doesn't encourage linking to the downgrader, so please Google for it, and once you have it installed, only then install the car modifications and what-not.


In future, if you have modding-related questions, please post them here. This is also pointed out in the forum header and a pinned topic.


You'll Never Walk Alone

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