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i need a tool that can take screen shots of san andreas (yes i know about the camera, but you can't take pics of yourself with a camera and having a gang member take it is hard when you are not in a gang area)

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Hi, there is a tool called "Fast Stone Screen Capture". It is very useful to capture all the window that are used or only a part. You can download it here (direct link). Bye.

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all progs are ok but this is the best one. its made by a gamer for games but can be used for everything else.

its called Clip2pic. you only need to unzip it, run it, select the destinations for the pics and click on start

no installiation needed.

you can find it here:

ST - Clip2pic


original description:


Clip2Pic small utility I made some time ago that I use to take ingame pictures, because most of the time the camera in SC4 does not work 

and more than usefull it will create jpg instead of png


You just have to run the program, fill the required fields, hit the start button, then whenever you will hit the printscreen key or alt-printscreen, the image will be copied from the clipboard and saved. This can also be usefull for anything else than SC4.

The tool will check if an image is present in the clipboard every second, the rest of the time, the program do not use CPU if not in foreground. so it won't hurt SC4 performance

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