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exe. hack


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Hi, I was wondering were in the world can I find the exe. hack for VC. I have googled, asked, and youtubed, and cant find anything. So if I can get a link, it would be most appreciated! biggrin.gif

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I'm sure he's looking for an old exe (like the one that came

with Long Night or something similar).


As stated above, there is no legitimate reason to distribute the exe

alone and not part of an exclusive package, so the best we can do

for you here m8 is to point you to the VC Limit Adjuster.


If you are looking for no-cd patches or anything along those lines,

you're on your own, sorry, because it is against GTAF policy and is

considered a warez product across any venue. Happy Modding, I

hope the limit adjuster suits your needs.



LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


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bai. -jllr

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Yah, that's ok, you see I remember people saying you could add more cars and planes, but I guess I dont really need it anyway. Besides I hear it can crash the game fast if you dont do it exactly right.

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