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"Money Truck Mission" - robbery business

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Have to stop money truck before it reaches its destination, tried everything, please help!!!!!

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The Night Fox



Which mission are you talking about?

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As soon as the mission begins, check the map and find the red blip indicating the money truck. Also locate its destination by finding the yellow blip. The money truck doesn’t always take the same route to this destination, so its difficult to set up an ambush location between points. This depends on the area of town. There may be only one road to get to the destination, and you can set up and ambush. A good ambush involves a rocket launcher, not to destroy the money truck but to take out its entourage. Don’t be surprised if the vehicles running the blockade aren’t destroyed by one or even a few rocket blasts. These vehicles have varying amounts of armour.


On the first level, you can shoot the armoured truck with a clip of AK-47 rounds as it approaches you, and the driver will bail out. The money truck is protected by only one enemy gang car. Just ignore it and lay into the money truck. The moment one of your bullets hits the money truck, you receive a two-star wanted level.


When the driver bails, jump into the money truck and take it back to base. If the money truck is destroyed, you fail the mission. Because the condition of the vehicle is important and you have a wanted level, its recommended to make good use of the nearest Pay 'n' Spray.

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The first thing I do is find out where the money truck is going. Once I have that established, I drive a really fast car to one of the only big roads the truck must pass through, BUT I use an alternate route, so the truck wont see me speeding behind him etc. Then when I find a nice stretch of long road waiting for the truck to pass through; I pull out my sniper rifle, zoom all the way infront of it and shoot out the driver's head off at a distance colgate.gif

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Have you taken over all of the empire buildings? Your empire cars are bulletproof if you have taken over all of them. Much easier to ambush the truck

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No mate, just one more to buy..............will do that tonight.....THANKS!!!!!!!

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