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Total Blackout.. possible?


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I would like to know if it would be possible to modify some config files to make certain parts of a city become in a blackout, no traffic lights working (traffic does just like when you destroy them), no street lights, no lights on buildings (at night of course) , etc.


And if possible without having to modify all the objects.

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The scope of this project would be quite large and doing it may be a

waste of time by the end. That is, if you'd like it to be something that

happens and then is fixed and happens again etc. You'll need to do DFF

work and your SCM would most likely end up heavy and use a lot

of your available scripting space. Nevertheless, good luck, and happy modding.



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I thing in MEd if you push the button "properties" somewhere sais "Time on-off" Try it from there!!!

(Not sure too)

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why dont you destroy SA's power generators!!! LOL Just a joke


As derty said its a very large project

for lights you will need to delete those models or edit (in 3ds max or in rw analyzer) one by one, i think it will take around 1 week if you work continiously

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Loading the whole lot in max with map-IO and f*cking with the NVC prelighting should help a fair bit for getting the atmosphere. Just don't be too OTT or you really won't see anything!


You'd also need to edit the cols to make sure any dynamic sh*t (people, cars etc) on them ain't lit.

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