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problem with player running and walls....


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the problem is this: if a player to reach a point hits a wall, he will run until he reaches that point...

the problem is that while he is trying to reach that point, i cannot stop it.....i tryed with clear_actor_tasks and with goto (with x y z that is the pos of the actor) but the actor still tryes to go throu the wall and i cannot stop him.....how can i solve this???

is there a way to stop him???? cryani.gif (maybe disabling IA)

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Surely, clear_actor_task should stop him? If it appears not to, perhaps your code keeps telling the actor to run again in a loop, so what's happens after the actor's task is cleared the the loop runs again and the task is re-set, so it's as if clear_actor_task had no effect. You should post your code so we can see if that's the case or perhaps spot a different problem.

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