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I know of a little "Glitch" to get car mods on cars that dont usually allow, Such as the Monster Truck.

I take a Normal Car to transfender, Put wheels and NOS in it, take it to my garage, Use Garage editor, and Switch the Vehicle out with a Monster Truck... to some cool results like this....


user posted image

user posted image


What i want to do is make Transfender allow cars like the Monster Truck to get Custom Wheels and Nos.


And also, is there a way to make it so Every car has access to Every type of Transfender Wheel?


If so, where do i need to look, and what do i need to change?




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You can use the transfender overhaul mod which allows any car or bike to enter transfender, as for the wheels I think you are stuck with either the transfender, waa, or loco wheel sets. But you can change around which set of wheels it uses and change the set of wheels each garage uses.

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Thanks man, i will look into it.


(i will post back here if i have further questions)



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Well, i had SOME luck with the information you provided,


i found this thread for Transfender Overhaul 0.9 http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=202271


Problem is when i click download... ( http://www.gtacentral.com/offroader23/pafi...ction=file&id=1 )

it errors out, as thier server is boned.


Does somone else have it mirrored anywhere? or even could email it to me?


(i checked google, could only find a Downloadable version of 0.5 (which dosent have the ability to change wheels on cars like Monster.)







All good, i found his website and got them from there, Thanks.




Edit Again.....


Well, i installed it, and drove the Monster truck into TransFender...

"You cannot Mod this Vehicle"


Any ideas on what to change to allow it?

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you can indeed use the TF overhaul or mod the carmods.dat file yourself, it's easier.

that garage editor modding thing was discovered ages ago when SA was still on PS2, I'm sorry. but nice find for the people who didn't knew this yet. icon14.gif

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What exactly would i be looking for in the carmods.dat file to add the Monster Truck's in?

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