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I'm a bit concerned about this import / export issue. I looked at the import / export bug Lenzar mentioned, and the marker to export the Freeway just doesn't appear at all, so I'm worried it might impede our progress. Anyone know what's going on with that?


I'm worried this might be a major issue, although this could also be a well-known thing that I'm just misunderstanding. Either way, help with this would be appreciated.

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Mission: Customs Fast Track

Called by: Lenzar

Link: http://gtasnp.com/zGk9se

Status: Completed

Completion %: 63.64%

Notes: Import/Export done


This is the save where the export mission was completed. The Freeway still spawns on the ship deck but the red marker isn't present and it can't be exported. The help thread is still suggesting that the Freeway can be exported and the Freeway is not crossed off the wanted list. All very odd but I'm not finding anything else wrong with the save.


Stats show 30 of 30 vehicles exported.


The All Vehicles Exported flag is set, and it looks like Lenzar received the expected progress for the story mission plus 3 levels of export. This is a very odd glitch but at this point I expect that the round can finish at 100% without modification or reversion. I'd support a decision to revert and try again without the glitch but I'm not convinced it's necessary. Should we take the chance or not?


When I disabled the all cars collected flag and warped to the export ship the freeway was immediately exported and cash was earned for the vehicle only. No additional progress was earned.


I went looking for evidence of cheating by Lenzar or someone before but found perfectly normal data where clues would exist. It looks like the export mission was completed using the auto-export feature.


I'm at a lost to explain the glitch. Lenzar, did anything odd happen during the export process?

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All I was doing was driving back and forth to trigger the automatic exports.


I got the message that I'd done all 30, and immediately saved and uploaded after that.

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"Driving back and forth." So always in a vehicle and there was no chance of a phone call sneaking in. Probably not an Om0 glitch then.


Mission: Test Drive
Called by: 123robot
Link: http://gtasnp.com/PXaees
Status: Completed
Completion %: 61.5%
Notes: Mission Passed! $5,000 earned. Respect gained.
Saved at the Doherty Garage.


This is the turn just before the export mission was completed. Normally I prefer to run my own tests but for some reason SA's frame rate has dropped below playable. All I can do is warp around and maybe look at something or run a cleo test. It'd take hours to complete a mission. So please, sometime before the next round starts, complete the mission again and see if you get similar results. Also, please make a couple of incremental saves. One after the mission, another a couple of vehicles short of complete, and anything else you think might be helpful.

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The following 2 posts will be used as links in the (current/future0 GTASA chain game(s).

Edited by JAJ
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Release Description

Introduction- Map- General Features- Detailed Features


Welcome to the GTASA Chain Game. As (almost) always, it is a modified save with many interesting changes/additions. We hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed creating it.


This round has basically the same specials as the last round. Restart Traps (to make sure the game cannot be saved after getting wasted or busted) are continued plus a few bug fixes. Due to popular demand, the Auto-Exports (originally intended as a one-time-only feature) will be back; since there is no need to stash exports in garages, players are encouraged to use the resulting garage space to collect the odd special/proofed mission vehicle (several Towtrucks and Tractors have been strategically placed to help with this).


Also new to this round are tweaked cameras for all save garages that didn't have them before. The camera angles have also been tweaked for the Juniper PnS, Dillimore PnS and the added LV Disco PnS; the camera now follows the player which will make landing aircraft on the roof much easier. No problems were reported for the Juniper PnS last round, but please keep an eye open for any oddities at these three Sprayshops.


Here's a list of some of the changes for Round 100 and beyond:

Willowfield redirected to Bighouse Armory (locked)

Easter Eggs Video Highscores updated (players that used to have plates)


Duality (black) QUARTET and HARRIEM

Duality (white) AFINN and HMVARTAK


Let's Get Ready to Bumble CRAZYANURG and SAMUTZ

Changes to 2nd custom mission:

Pickups: Armory: nudged Katana, Knife, Chainsaw, Teargas, Satchels, Sniper to remove conflicts with armorobj.ipl

Nitro removed from Mulholland FBI Truck

Nitro removed from Doherty Super Cabbie

Cheetah at SF Armory

No plates for Queens Flash

New color for Angel Pine Super GT

aFinn's colors are back on the Creek Comet

Firetruck colors swapped and fixed

Updated map

RC Cam added at Queens Armory (new, always available)

Boats are back at Fisher's Lagoon, Flint Water, and Drydock

Andromada added at the airstrip - always available

Royal Casino Parking Garage Random is now a Hotring A

Moved the Sandking at LS 24-7 Armory so the FBI Rancher can always spawn

Moved the LS 24-7 Maverick so the Sparrow can always spawn

Moved Verona Beach NRG so BF-400 can always spawn

Moved Verdant Bluffs Slamvan so Tow Truck can always spawn

Moved Sweet's Sparrow so it can always spawn

Moved Queens Flash a little

Moved LS and LV Jetpacks back to their pre-37 locations

The script version and the behaviour of the barriers for this round can be found at the top of this posting.


All Chain Game officers are equipped with a Chain Game Checker. This checks the save file for the number of cheats used, times wasted, times busted and some other things.



Our general feature Map now contains everything.



General Description of Added Features

This section describes the changes from the unmodified game. If you are new to the Chain Game and enjoy exploring, you may want to read this section but skip the following one where the already known extras (basically the found stuff from previous saves) will be described in detail.



Exports and most mission-unlocked vehicles are available at the start of the game; export spawns will no longer disappear once the car is exported.

You might find a green-colored vehicle in your garage; such vehicles are specially designed to help with certain tasks.

A number of vehicles have been nudged to avoid spawning conflicts.

Some original vehicles have been tweaked to spawn a little more reliably such as the Maverick on the LS Skyscraper or parked cars near safe houses. Caution: Some vehicles may spawn suddenly; it is not a good idea stand in the exact location of a missing vehicle.

In order to improve stability, some of the less useful original vehicles have been removed. These include some of the Karts as well as some vehicles which have another of the same type very close by. For example, rather than having two Dodos right next to each other, you may only see one of them now.



Three adrenaline pills have been added in Los Santos.

Jetpacks are available in each of the three major cities but might require some work to get to. Especially so since two of them are hidden at new locations now.

The Bribe behind the SF Firehouse (in previous rounds) has been moved to what was probably the originally intended location.

Some additional pickups have been added in some other places. A few additions have been made to these.

To allow for new pickups, some of the standard pickups have been trimmed (mainly canes and cameras).



The bridge barriers and some objects will only appear for some players. The details for this round can be found at the top of this posting.


CJ starts with previously unused clothing; R* Hoody, X-ray glasses and leaf bandana.

All clothing (including the specials) is available at the start. Note that this causes SAMA to wrongly mark the Heist Missions as completed.


Missions and Interiors

The Bike School & Boat School are available at the start; the Driving School icon is visible but it will not unlock until after "Wear Flowers in Your Hair".

All Race Tournaments are available at the start. Note that "SF to LV" is not completable until the barrier comes down (unless you have the version that doesn't show the barriers, see top of posting); "Military Service" is more difficult because of the barrier, but can be completed. Also, please do not complete "Lowrider Race", "Badlands A", or "Badlands B" until their associated missions have been passed.

All Vehicle Mod Shops are open at the start and are marked on the radar.

All Gyms are open at the start. They are marked on the radar from the start, but the SF & LV markers will briefly disappear between the missions "Ryder" and "Drive-Thru".

Food, Clothing, Barber, Tattoo and Ammunation shops are not altered and follow normal storyline unlocking.

Some mission-related interiors are open from the start. Most of them will close once their related mission is attempted.

Finally, a few markers may not lead where you expect them to...


Safehouses and Garages

Willowfield save house is now an Armory.

The Johnson House is open before Big Smoke.

The Redsands West property no longer has a usable garage; instead, there is a new "Dock Garage" at Toreno's Ranch which can store boats, amphibious air vehicles, and even small land vehicles. It is usable from the start and marked on radar as a "Boat Yard"; there are also some special objects at each corner of the garage marking its size.

The car garage and the hangarat the airstrip are usable from the start; this is similar to how the Doherty garage is usable in the standard game.

Some save garages have increased in size to hold a wider selection of vehicles.

Some Pay'n'Sprays have increased in size and can support a greater variety of vehicles.

A few more garages and spray shops have been tweaked for round 37.

There is a new Pay'n'Spray enabled behind the LV Dance Club; it is marked on the radar and is very large, so a wide variety of things could be sprayed there...

Several garages previously used only in missions have been reassigned to more useful tasks at the start of the game. Most of them are marked on the radar.

The three Police Impounds are marked on the radar.

The save disk inside Madd Dogg's Mansion has been moved to a new location in the first room on the left; saving there should now avoid the basketball glitch.


Unique Stunt Jumps

One new unique jump has been added to make a total of 20 new unique jumps, replacing 20 removed original ones. Some of the new jumps are fairly easy and some are extra-challenging.

Note that 2 of rubregg's "backbreaker" jumps in Foster Valley have been replaced a while ago but are still on the map as jumps 13 & 14. There's 5 unique jumps not yet featured on the map.

Note that SAMA should show all the jumps and record their status properly.



Some zones have been adjusted so gang wars can be triggered in SF and in LV.

Several of the zones have added features and added pedestrians. A few more of these in Round 37.

Other features

Twentysix current and former Chain Game contributors have been honored in this round.

Boats are back at Fisher's Lagoon, Flint Water, and Drydock, the Dam Boat Jump and the Amphibious Assault jump pair (which keeps its bribe) remain.

There are still a couple of new ways to make money (or even lose some) if you look around.

The underwater glitch has been integrated as a feature. Note that CJ swims faster with the Frame Limiter On.

There still are some new ways to travel quickly between cities.

The 'Pier 69 Lift' teleports cars and bikes.

Some things can be destroyed sooner rather than later.

Be sure to look around and check out some of the new additions before doing everything the same old way; you might find something that'll help you do, for example, early vigilante without the Hunter or HPV.

Some added features are intended to expand on what can be accomplished with 4 wanted stars. For example, a new jump might show you how to enter restricted territory and a special vehicle may help you survive while you're there.

Some added features are intended to give an introduction to the Chain Game Rallies; that discussion inspired these modifications and will hopefully lead to future fun stuff.


Design Notes

We have tried to manage the balancing act of adding fun new features while making minimal changes to items from the original game. We have also worked hard to ensure that all changes function under the original game scripts without requiring any modification from the players. Hopefully you will agree that our choices were sound ones.

Your input is encouraged; please give us your comments regarding this round's features.

For those who are curious, a variety of tools were used in the creation and testing of this. Up to round 36, pieces of this were made via a custom Darkpacted mission script made with SannyBuilder, modified IPL files and the GTASA Control Center. It was then unified together by hex-editing parts of a couple of different saves together; hex-editing was also used in a couple of cases to overcome limitations of the tools and finish off the features. Saving in the Jefferson Alley was accomplished with CLEO. And, as always, Samutz' GTASnP uploader was invaluable in helping with the design and testing.

From round 37 on we have substantially changed the creation process of the saves. The original scripts and IPLs are now left completely unchanged and we are integrating all our features with SannyBuilder and a custom CLEO mission. Thanks to OrionSR and Seemann we can now do lots of things with direct memory writes which enables us to get away without hex-editing or custom IPLs.




Edited by JAJ
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Detailed List of Added Features

This section contains detailed information about the added special features.

Armory Hideouts

Some safehouses and some other interiors are linked to a special "armory" (using the LS Big House interior). This armory contains high-ammo pickups for the most used weapons in the game as well as a health pickup and it also has a wardrobe so you can still change your clothes (or get armor) there. You can also save your game, the original Queens save disk has been moved into the armory.


Small 24-7 in West Mulholland, LS

Willowfield save house is now an Armory.

Whetstone Farm Safehouse (can be used at the start but must still be purchased to reach 100% completion)

Vank Hoff Hotel Safehouse in Queens, SF must be purchased to be used.

Big Pointy Building in Downtown SF (take the marker back down after going to the top).

Sherman Dam (between entrance marker on top of the dam and the Generator Room interior).

Caligula's Roof (North marker; South one still goes to the Roof).

Bayside House (the house farthest west and south in Bayside; this is unrestricted territory).



Teleport Markers

Some markers which used to link to shops still allow quick warping between far-off areas of the map. All portals which lead towards LS and Red County allow bikes and all portals which lead towards other areas allow both bikes and cars. However, most of these markers are quite close to the buildings they used to allow entry to and it may be difficult or even impossible to get a car to go through. Bikes should work for all although you may have to nearly drive up the wall to get it to register.


The 69-Cent Store near Unity Station, LS connects with the unmarked Barber Shop in El Quebrados

The 24-7 at the truckstop in Whetstone (near Angel Pine) connects with the unmarked Montgomery Pizza Stack.

The Binco in Juniper Hill, SF connects with the Binco at the North end of the Strip in LV

The Victim in Rodeo, LS connects with the Victim in Downtown SF.

The SubUrban in Jefferson, LS connects with the SubUrban in Creek, LV

Enlarged Garages

Many safehouse garages have been expanded in (virtual) size so that vehicles can fit on the roof as well as inside. This allows you to save small air vehicles as well as cars. Note that you can only see vehicles on the roof if the door is open. The capacity of the garages cannot been changed and is still limited to 4 total vehicles each.


El Corona Safehouse Garage enlarged

Mulholland Safehouse Garage enlarged

Palomino Creek Safehouse Garage enlarged

Dillimore Safehouse Garage enlarged

Doherty Garage enlarged

Whitewood Estates Safehouse Garage enlarged

Rockshore West Safehouse Garage enlarged


New/Altered Garages

One safehouse garage has been moved to a new location as a special "Dock" garage which can save boats as well as land/air vehicles. Some previously mission-only garages have been assigned new subversive duties. Note that both bomb shops now have a red in-game sphere. They are not marked on the radar though, for lack of a suitable icon. The three Police Impounds have been tweaked for better usability and are now marked on the radar.


Dock Garage

The Redsands Safehouse garage has been disabled and replaced with a Dock Garage at Toreno's Ranch. This dock is marked on the map with an anchor icon and special objects have been placed at the corners of the garage to mark its boundaries. The Dock Garage is usable from the start of the game, even before Toreno's place gets a save icon.


Los Desperados Bomb Shop

The garage in the alley in El Corona used during the mission "Los Desperados" has been internally renamed and turned into a bomb shop (remote detonation bombs). It will remain operational even after the mission is passed.


Cesar's Bomb Shop

The garage behind Cesar's house in El Corona has been turned into a bomb shop (ignition trigger bombs); it will also be operational for the entire game.


LSPD Impound

The western boundary has been moved inward to exclude a random car spawn. Bug fix for round 78: The floor has been raised so the Rustler will spawn properly.


SFPD Impound

Ceiling and floor have been tweaked so impounded motorcycles or bicycles should be visible in the impound zone (instead of the ceiling). The impound zone has been rotated so impounded vehicles will face forward, and moved slightly to the north to exclude random car spawns. A Tow truck has been placed which roughly marks the north-eastern corner of the moved impound zone.


LVPD Impound

The impound zone has been rotated so impounded vehicles will face forward.


Enlarged Pay'n'Sprays

Some Pay'n'Sprays now have a larger size so that air vehicles can be sprayed by landing on the roof.

Dillimore PnS enlarged.

Juniper Hollow PnS enlarged some more so a Hydra can be resprayed.

New/Altered Pay'n'Sprays

A Pay'n'Spray that is normally locked and unused has been relocated and enlarged; this is a normal PnS. Also, several previously mission-only garages have been assigned spray duties for some of the time; these function the same as Michelle's PnS - they are free and display the "girlfriend has fixed your vehicle" message. Note that free Pay'n'Sprays still require that you have at least $100 in your pocket even though they do not charge you. All Pay'n'Sprays are now marked on the radar. Pay'n'Sprays that will close as the game progresses should have their markers disappear shortly before the PnS closes (as described below). The others have permanent markers.


Disco PnS

A previously unused PnS has been moved to East LV behind the Dance Club. It is marked on the radar with the standard spray icon and functions normally. However, it has no visible door so at ground level it is accessible from 3 directions and the changed camera angle can be a little tricky to deal with. Also, it is large enough that air (or other) vehicles which land on the roof will be sprayed as well.


Life's a Beach PnS

The garage in Commerce, LS used in the mission "Life's a Beach" functions as a free PnS during the early part of the game. Once that mission is passed, the garage closes. The radar marker for this PnS should disappear after the mission "OG Loc", shortly before the garage closes.


Puncture Wounds PnS

The garage next to the Angel Pine Ammu-Nation used in the mission "Puncture Wounds" (if you let it get that far) functions as a free PnS for part of the game. Once that mission is passed, the garage closes. The radar marker for this PnS should disappear when Wang Cars is purchased, shortly before the garage closes.


T-Bone's PnS

The garage in Ocean Flats, SF (a block South of Wheel Arch Angels) used in the mission "T-Bone Mendez" (if you let it get that far) functions as a free PnS for part of the game. Once that mission is passed, the garage closes. The radar marker for this PnS should disappear during the mission "Jizzy", shortly before the garage closes.


Woozie's PnS

The garage next to Woozie's shop in Chinatown, SF intended for the mission "Ran Fa Li" but never actually used in the standard game functions as a free PnS; this garage has been internally renamed and remains open for the entire game.

Interdiction PnS

The garage in El Castillo del Diablo, Bone County used in the mission "Interdiction" functions as a free PnS. When you pass the mission the garage door comes down, but the door is unsolid. Thus you can walk through it back into the garage and get in the vehicle you just left, or drive something else through the door later to get the door to stay open. So this PnS is accessible the entire game.

Michelle's PnS is open and free from the start of the game.

New Objects and Interiors

Some extra stuff added to the map.

SFPD Interior

The Dillimore Police Station now links to the previously-unused SFPD Interior. Note that the displayed name will still say "LSPD Headquarters" when you enter it, but it functions normally. As with other police interiors, there are several pickups inside and if you pull out a gun, they'll hit you with a 2-star wanted level.

Sunken Pirate Ship

In the murky waters below the Dock Garage at Toreno's Ranch (see above) you'll find a sunken wreck. It's best to explore using the Underwater Glitch though since diving pretty much requires max lung capacity and health to survive.

Sunken Submarine

The Pirate Ship has company; find a sunken submarine near the undrowning glitch zone at Hankypanky Point.

Dock Garage Boundaries

Some flaming skulls and some light posts mark the corners of the Dock Garage; they look especially cool at night.

Truth's Crops are there at the start of the game; you can burn them down if you wish (just for fun) and they should reappear if you restart SA and load a Chain Game 36 save again. If playing the forum saves with the version 2 exe, the crops will be permanently destroyed following the mission "Are You Going to San Fierro?" but players using the version 1 exe should still see them until "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" is passed. If playing the Independent Play saves, the crops should not exist after "Are You Going to San Fierro?" regardless of exe version.

The floor of the ground level of Big Smoke's Crack Palace is solid at the start of the game.

The Area 69 Access Vent has been moved out of the way. It will be put back in place after "The Black Project" though.

Various Ramps have been added to the map:

A ramp between Montgomery and Hampton Barns for the reworked Early LV Access jump (see below).

2 ramps at the northern end of Foster Mall, one inside and one on the roof; loosely connected to the Foster Mall jump (see below).

A water ramp at the Sherman Dam for a spectacular boat stunt.

2 water ramps for jumping boats over the Amphibious Assault ship, grabbing the bribe that has been placed there.

A ramp at the early breakable Sprunk Sign in Jefferson, for the new unique jump.






Bug Fixes

Saving at Madd Dogg's Mansion

The save disk in Madd Dogg's Mansion has been moved from the location near the back door to the first room on the left ("the library"). While still near the door, this location is far enough away from the interior basketball court that it should prevent the Basketball Glitch; thus saving at Madd Dogg's place is no longer discouraged in the Chain Game.

The armor pickup in the dark room opposite the recording studio in Madd Dogg's mansion will now respawn if picked up; in the orginal game once you grabbed it, it was gone.

The bribe at the SF Firehouse Alley has been reinserted .[/color]

A number of vehicles have been nudged to avoid spawning conflicts (some of the export vehicles, school rewards, airstrip vehicles, SF Firetrucks, and a few others). In all but one case the new location is quite close to the original one; the one exception is the export Sanchez which now spawns at Catalina's Fern Ridge hideout.


Early Access

Missions, locations, and other things made available earlier to expand what can be done at the start of the game.

Basketballs spawn on all the courts at the start of the game so you can play the basketball minigames earlier.

All Race Tournaments (i.e. Street Races and LV Air Races) are available at the start of the game; barriers between islands may render some of them difficult or even impossible. Note that you will not receive the phonecall from Jethro about the race tournaments.


Bike School and Boat School are open at the start of the game. Driving School is marked on the radar but cannot be attempted until the mission "Wear Flowers in Your Hair" is passed; note that you will not receive the phone call from Jethro about the Driving School following the "Deconstruction" mission.

All Vehicle Mod Shops are open at the start of the game and are marked on the radar.

All Gyms are open at the start of the game. They are marked on the radar, but the SF & LV markers will briefly disappear between the missions "Ryder" and "Drive-Thru".

Several safehouses are open earlier than normal.


The Johnson House is open at the start of the game; thus you can save there prior to completing the mission "Big Smoke".

The Whetstone Farm Safehouse is open from the start of the game even though it can't yet be purchased; you will still have to buy it later to reach 100% completion.

Also, most of the Armory Hideouts (see above) are open from the start.

Several safehouse garages are open earlier than normal. Much like the Doherty garage, they give you a place to stash a car for 4-star fun.

The garage at the Verdant Meadows Airstrip is open from the start of the game.

The hangar at the Verdant Meadows Airstrip is open from the start of the game.

Several (mostly mission-related) Interiors are accessible at the start of the game but may close later.

Zero's RC Shop is open from the start and probably won't close.

Crack Den is open from the start but will close once "Cleaning the Hood" is attempted.

Madd Dogg's Crib is open from the start but will close once "Madd Dogg's Rhymes" is attempted and will remain closed until "A Home in the Hills" is passed.

Vagos Gang House is open from the start but will close once "Burning Desire" is attempted.

The Pleasure Domes club is open from the start of the game but will close once "Ice Cold Killa" is attempted.

Sindacco Abattoir is open from the start but will close once "The Meat Business" is attempted.

Planning Department is open from the start but will close once "Architectural Espionage" is attempted.

Big Smoke's Crack Palace is open from the start of the game and should never close.


New Unique Stunt Jumps

Use SAMA to find the New and all of the Unique Stunt Jumps.

Also, the new <MAP> has all the USJ's and new stuff on it.


Here's a description of a couple of the new USJ's to hopefully peak your curiosity:

1) Redsands Roof (jump 6): from ramp in the apartments parking lot onto the roof of the house just north of the Redsand hideout.


2) Runway 69 (jump 22): from the higher ramp at the south end of the LV runway, over the containers or an equivalent distance onto the rooftops to the west or east.



We have added a few new pickups to spice up the game; most are located in the Armory Hideout, but there is some interesting stuff outside too. Note that pickups marked 'fast respawn' will generally regenerate in less than a minute although you do have to leave the immediate area and come back to grab them again; weapons which have shared ammo with others in their class cannot be marked 'fast respawn' however because of the possibility of nullifying their ammo count. Note also that due to the restricted size of the pickup pool a few of the original pickups have been cut to make room for our additions.


Armory Hideout

9mm Pistol; 500 ammo (fast respawn)

Silenced Pistol; 500 ammo (fast respawn)

Desert Eagle; 500 ammo (fast respawn)

Tec-9; 500 ammo

Micro SMG (uzi); 500 ammo

SMG (MP5); 1000 ammo

Chrome Shotgun; 500 ammo

Sawn-off Shotgun; 500 ammo

Combat Shotgun; 500 ammo

AK-47; 1000 ammo

M-4; 1000 ammo

Sniper Rifle; 250 ammo (fast respawn)

Molotovs; 100 ammo (fast respawn)

Teargas; 100 ammo (fast respawn)

RPG; 250 ammo (fast respawn)

Heat-Seeker; 250 ammo (fast respawn)

FlameThrower; 2000 ammo (fast respawn)

Minigun; 1500 ammo (fast respawn)

Health (fast respawn)

Knife (fast respawn)

Parachute (fast respawn)

IR Goggles (fast respawn)



LS Jetpack; back to their pre-37 location

SF Jetpack; Chinatown rooftop (requires some clever climbing)

LV Jetpack; back to their pre-37 location



Adrenaline Pills

Working similar to pills in previous games; time slows for CJ for a brief time and he's a little more powerful.

Adrenaline Pill (fast respawn) in Jefferson; by train tracks across from church

Adrenaline Pill (fast respawn) in Glen Park; alleyway North of park

Adrenaline Pill (fast respawn) in Ganton; along Grove St under overpass



Asset Pickups

Just like the assets in the original game, money only increases when you are nearby.

Pirate Booty (on deck of sunken ship): 65k per day max; 250k overall max

Four Dragons (interior): 25k per day max; 25k overall max


"Ufo Curse"

A money pickup with negative cash value has been added to the game. It will subtract $5 million and can only be picked up once, after that it's gone.

It is hidden somewhere in the woods, near a big rotating Ufo.

If CJ goes to LV while in more debt than he could borrow from the casinos (gambling skill), he'll get attacked by Mafia hit squads. If you kill them, make sure to pick up their money - they are loaded.

When in debt, CJ can't buy anything including food. The only way not to lose fat (and eventually muscle) is to take girlfriends out on food dates, these meals are for free.

There's another one-time-only money pickup which revokes the Ufo Curse. It's rather well hidden though & moved from the known location to a new one.



Miscellaneous Additions

Armor (fast respawn) in every wardrobe

Parachute (fast respawn) on Caligula's Roof (South side)

Health in SFPD Interior

One bribe has been added to spice up the Amphibious Assault boat jumps (see 'New Objects & Interiors' above). It is set to fast respawn.



Tweaked Original Pickups

One originally inaccessible bribe has been moved to a new location (see 'Bug Fixes' above).

All parachutes are set to fast respawn.



Removed Original Pickups

The 3 help text pickups for getting busted and wasted have been removed (outside LSPD and LS hospitals).

The inaccessible fire extinguisher at the LS Donut Shop has been removed.

8 canes from the original game have been removed to make room for our additions; there are still at least 2 cane pickups in each of the major cities.

10 cameras from the original game have been removed to make more room for additions; there are still 9 cameras left around SF, plus the one in the Johnson House.



Player Attributes

Stats, skills and other things related to the player himself.

All the buyable clothing and all specials are available in your wardrobe at the start of the game.

Armor has been increased by 100; this means that an armor pickup prior to the vigilante mission will give you 200 armor and one after completing vigilante will give you 250 armor.

CJ starts with 16% Driving Skill (8-Track requires 20%)

CJ starts with 16% Flying Skill (the airport gates require 18%)



Added Vehicle Spawns

Most of the added vehicle spawns are marked on. Note that some of them are not enabled at the start but will appear gradually as the game progresses. Be sure to check out the new colors for some of the new licensed cars.



Garaged Special Vehicles

Several safehouse garages have been seeded with unique vehicles to serve particular purposes such as 4-star fun or the Chain Game Rallies; many have custom wheels and extra NOS and those with green colorings usually have some sort of proofing as well.


Santa Maria: Explosion & Fire-proof engineless green NRG; intended for Katie Jumps Rally

Mulholland: Bullet- & Fire-proof FBI Truck with 127x NOS; intended for early Vigilante

Palomino Creek: Bullet-proof black Bullet with 127x NOS; intended for Badlands Endurance Rally

Palomino Creek: engineless red NRG; intended for Skipping Palomino Rally

Doherty: Bullet & Fire-proof green Cabbie with 127x NOS; intended for 4-star Taxi Driver

Paradiso: engineless yellow NRG; intended for general stunting

Dock: Everything-proof Squalo; intended for boat stunts although it still takes damage from collisions

Fort Carson: Everything-proof green Sandking with 127x NOS; just because we love Sandkings

Verdant Meadows Garage: Bullet & Fire-proof green painted Broadway with 127x NOS; intended for 4-star Pimping

Verdant Meadows Garage: Bullet & Fire-proof SWAT Van; intended for Vigilante Challenge

Verdant Meadows Hangar: Everything-proof green Rustler; intended for air stunts

Verdant Meadows Hangar: Everything-proof green Stunt plane; intended for air stunts

Prickle Pine: engineless blue NRG; intended for general stunting

Prickle Pine: Bullet- & Crash-proof green Tractor; intended for "Misappropriation" Buffalo collection

Whitewood: Everything-proof green FBI Rancher with 127x NOS; intended for Vigilante fun

Rockshore: Everything-proof green painted Sultan with 127x NOS; intended for Homie-assisted gang wars






Custom License Plates

All of the custom license plates for non-mission vehicles have been altered to reflect the Chain Game and to honor past and present contributors. Note: This list has been updated and now includes the latest changes.


MAGNETO Hot Knife located at Santa Maria.

Dr_EVIL Banshee Located at Madd Dod's Crib.

090909 Phoenix Located at the Old Strip LV.

CCPD Super GT Located at Angel Pine safe house.

GIRISH Blue Jester Located in Paradiso.

CH33TA Honors !!GameCH33TA!! Elegy Located near the Calton Hts save house.

MIROMIRO Remington Located near the Willow Field save house.

J A J Black & White Phoenix in Doherty honors JAJ who has been running the Chain Game for 100 plus rounds now & going strong.

LAEZY Infernus Located at the Camel's toe.

WEASEL Location Lil Weasel's, SA forum leader and our long time player's, car is supposed to resemble chase vehicle of OJ Simpson in police chase in 1994. It's located in Blueberry. This vehicle was originally supposed to be used in Lure mission, but Rockstar decided to use normal Rancher instead.

SHOUMIC Cheetah Located at the downtown SF armory.

RADIOMAN Silver Turismo in Prickle Pine.

MRMATECZKO Sultan Located near the Hashbury save house honors MRMATECZKO.

JAJS BRO Camouflage Sandking at Mulholland Armory honors jaj's brother.

ThaBoY ThaBoY, great player who is managed the Gloop map in chain game 100, has his car located in Dilimore. His car has a front license plate, which is kinda rare among these cars.


No Plates for (but cars still spawn):

Disco PnS Sandking

Mulholland Safehouse Sabre

Panopticon Infernus (underwater)

Creek Comet

Whitewood Hotknife

Rockshore Cheetah

Driving School Super GT

Sweets Greenwood

Queens Flash


Arcade Game Easter Eggs

The four Arcade Games have special messages embedded in the initial high score list.


"They Came From Uranus" honors Plaka from GTAForums.

"Duality" honors HerrieM on the white side and quartet1977 on the black side, both from GTAForums.

"Go Go Space Monkey" honors Morgoth22 from the GameFAQs forums and the SA PC Record Book.

"Lets Get Ready to Bumble" has rubregg's reply to the special get-well-message from previous rounds.


The starting save loads in the Jefferson Alley at 6:30. The blinking radar & message to head towards Grove Street are both intact, as is the Grove Street arrival audio. Also, the in-game map "graying" is intact.

The Homeless Peds scripts are not enabled.

NPC Group members are accepted at Gyms, Warps, Dillimore PD, and Smoke's Palace.

*asim* for taking over the chain game stats & checklist maintenance from girishb.

DREVIL919 for taking over the chain game checklist maintenance.

rubregg for the new front page layout.

Edited by JAJ
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@DREVIL919, please look at your PM's :)


I replied to your last PM.

Edited by JAJ
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  • 3 weeks later...

In last turn, when I tried to post the forum crashed. Returned with a page I had looked at weeks ago on GTA SNP. The mission help page. Finally got it to reset to correct page on mission help - the current chain game round. If anyone wants to nullify this turn speak up and i'll delete it.

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Feeling a bit bad about what happened with my and JAJ's turn. But I hope everything is okay

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I'm the one that's sorry, I should have seen the call you made.

You did a great turn, great progress & I'm glad you got it in under the 3 hour limit! Thanks!

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I'm the one that's sorry, I should have seen the call you made.

You did a great turn, great progress & I'm glad you got it in under the 3 hour limit! Thanks!

No problem. Sucks a bit that VOD is a bit screwed with copyright. For archival purposes of course.

Edited by DomoTheRussian
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Recommended San Andreas Preferences for GTASnP:


The IPL version was converted early in this round. Somehow the v2 barriers went unnoticed through the Badlands strand. Someone please convert the IPL version to whatever is appropriate for you in order to remove the v2 barriers between LS and SF. We can worry about the LV barriers after YKBB.


The Chain Game's IPL settings are appropriate for both versions. There is no reason to ever convert the IPL version.


I prefer to disable all automatic modifications in SnP, but this may not be appropriate for v2.


Auto Download Slot: Disabled, but it won't affect others if you prefer a dedicated slot.

Binary/EXE Version: Automatic if you have v2, otherwise it doesn't matter.

Script/SCM Version: Set to match your script version.

IPL Flags Version: Don't mess with these unless the barriers are in your way (or I recommend it). Leave a note in the lounge for me.


I recommend disabling all glitch fixes during Chain Game play. It's much more difficult for me to detect issues if SnP brushes over the blemishes before anyone can see them.


Zone Glitches (flying off the map): These can also be benifitial.

Erratic Traffic (too much time): The rounds always finish long before too much time becomes a serious issue, and the repair is a major process.

Move Madd Dogg's Disk: The CG is where the new location started, so it's already moved. Also, I think I have a better solution that I might try sometime.

Basketball Court Glitch: The moved disk should prevent this. A glitch is a clue to a save anywhere exploit.

Pool Player Glitch: Should never happen on PC without a save anywhere mod or modified datafiles.

Gym Workout Glitch: The rounds always finish long before 12 in-game months so this is never an issue.

Edited by OrionSR
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For @OrionSR. IPL converted to V2, Barriers are not present on 2.00 exe's anymore. In case if something goes wrong, nullify my turn and revert to older save


I'll go


Mission: Back To School/Driving School
Called by: Domo
Link: http://gtasnp.com/K2nkTf
Status: Completed
Completion %: 69.52%

Mission passed, Driving skill+

Took the call from Jethro, CV missions unlocked

Saved back at Torenos Ranch

Edited by DomoTheRussian
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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, I gave it a go and both versions failed to work for me as well. It does appear like it's broken somehow, unfortunately. :(

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i will start the innings


Mission: Big Smoke+Little Loop

Called by: yuvraj6122

Link: http://gtasnp.com/beZxZ9

Status: Completed

Completion %: 1.07%

Notes: Saved at Ganton

Completed the race "Little Loop" in 1:02

Mission Passed,Respect +

Picked armor before save




yuvraj6122. This save is messed up well beyond issues with script compatibility. For anyone that can get the save to load, take a look at the new surfboard leaning against the house next to CJ's garage. This is one of several objects added to the save, but the others appear to be inaccessible.


There is also independent and unmistakable evidence that this save has been deliberately modified. I feel obligated to provide you with an opportunity to explain. Pending a reasonable explanation, please don't take any more turns in the San Andreas Chain Game.

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What's the stance on SilentPatch and WidescreenFix for GTA:SA chain game? GTA3 chain game allows them just fine and I believe that 30FPS in SA would make it much more enjoyable.

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SilentPatch is officially approved. Widescreen Fix is also okay. Is it neccesarry with the SilentPatch already installed?


If a mod is (basically) required just to get the game to work properly then the mod can probably be approved. Please ask.


Although we like to maintain a very strict no-mods policy, there are a handful of modifications that can't really hurt anything. Language mods like Real Names, and text mods like he transfender fix or modified car groups can't really do any damage or provide a competitive advantage. However, most mods of any sort can leave suspicious traces in the save, so if you've got something unusual running please let me know so I won't need to worry about it.

Edited by OrionSR
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SilentPatch is officially approved. Widescreen Fix is also okay. Is it neccesarry with the SilentPatch already installed?


WidescreenFix isn't a necessity but it makes the game more enjoyable, for me at least. SilentPatch doesn't address the FOV issues AFAIK, just re-enables the resolution options which still means that 4:3 still has a better FOV compared to 16:9, which just has the top and bottom cut off to create the pseudo 16:9.

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Shogun Pacino

Also make Open limit adjuster, fastman92 limit adjuster that sometimes can avoid crashing randomly.

Edited by CoolMods
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i forgot to disable cleo in my first turn in cg 120 and cg 121...some objects got added to a save and now i am suffering a ban (temporary or permanent),i dont know

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Using Cleo during CG rounds AND using an editor to modify the save. You're in big trouble mister. But now that I'm convinced that the surfboard mod isn't something sneaky that you created yourself a permanent ban is no longer a threat. Figure on - suspended for the duration of the current round. But I'll discuss things with JAJ to see if we can come up with some sort of forgiveness for a first time offense. It'll be few days, at least. I need a break from checking your saves.


Fair warning to everyone else: Since I'll be checking all of yuvraj's saves for a while it's more likely that I'll stumble across other odd issues. Get your mods and trainers under control. Install a separate copy of SA for the CG if you can't do without - 4 GB is nothin' these days. Trainers and other memory tools can influnce the save when running in the background but not used. Cleo should be disabled completely. Don't forget about data file mods that provide an advantage of some sort - handling.cfg and.. arstats (?) used to be popular and forgetable mods.


The save cannot be edited once in play - except for the required conversion included with SnP. We will provide more specific information on the SnP conversion process.


Limit Adjusters can have a major impact on the save, or not - depending on the settings. So they can't be approved out of hand. At this point I am unsure of the need for approval but the topic can be open to discussion. At the very least I need to consult with fastman about potential issues.


(There's an unofficial CG Armory mod developed by rubregg and myself to supplement the armories with dynamic objects that won't function properly if added as "scm" objects. Gym equipment, video games, vending machines, gambling tables, etc. It was never officially released due to our strict no-mods policy. Some players might still have it, or you might find reference buried deep in this topic. I probably wouldn't notice if it was used.)

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cleo isnt allowed


what are ipl flags

Edited by zoombotrom
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A quick summary so players know when it's okay to accept turns from yuvraj again:


yuvraj will be taking the weekend off. The official suspension is 5 days from when I first stated he couldn't take a turn, but it might be difficult to measure 5 days precisely across all time zones so don't worry if it seems like he might be a few hours early. 5 days accounts for screwing up the save twice with cleo, and editing the save 3 times.

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  • 2 weeks later...


i will go


Mission: 8-Track+Dam And Blast

Called by: ZoomB
Status: Completed
Completion %: 88.24%
Looks like no one is interested in doing taxi missions
This turn seems to be breaking the 4 hour wait rule. (credits to Parik)
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