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Lounge for The Chain Game: San Andreas

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I have a question about this stunt jump in Calton Heights:




It's confusing where the landing point is, as it appears it isn't anywhere on the road. Maybe on the apartment roof? But it's too far from the ramp.

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, SorveteQuente said:

I have a question about this stunt jump in Calton Heights:




It's confusing where the landing point is, as it appears it isn't anywhere on the road. Maybe on the apartment roof? But it's too far from the ramp.


Is this the jump you are asking about?



Or maybe one of these?



Edited by JAJ

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9 minutes ago, JAJ said:


Is this the jump you are asking about?



Or maybe this one?

Hm, it's none. It appears to be a modified jump.

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Posted (edited)

It could be the CG jump between two building tops. I don't remember if I cut this one or not (I'm not a fan of jumps the can get CJ killed too easily or have an elaborate setup), but... Parachute from the pointy building to the building to the north with antenna on top, iirc. A Mt Bike should spawn on the roof that can be used to bunny hop across to a rooftop Nevada spawn and score the stunt jump. IIRC, Zoom made videos of the CG stunt jumps, and rubregg made a CG Birthday video that include the new USJs.


Oh, I think there's a northbound jump off a trapezoid ramp heading north. You need to split the gap between the buildings, clear the raised driveway, and land cleanly down below. This one is tricky but shouldn't be too tough on a fast bike.


Added: Yeah, it looks like both of the SF rooftop jumps were removed from the current starter save, so it must be the trapezoid ramp. It takes a while to learn the correct angle to miss the buildings on either side. I can't remember if leaning into the ramp or pulling back a bit is better for this jump. Leaning in tends to add height, and pulling back a little can help with distance. Usually on a long ramp like this I have better luck pulling back, but you've got to clear the raised driveway to score the jump.


Edited by OrionSR

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Posted (edited)

I've been taking a look at this Chain Game you've got going on here for awhile now, and it's a cool enough idea: Players taking it in turns to complete the game to 100% with a modified save file, however, it seems far too overly complicated for me to ever give this a try.


Not sure if I should post here about this, but I would like to give a suggestion, not for the current Chain Game, but for a new type of Chain Game, because I do love this concept you have going on here.


Could someone make a new Chain Game system where instead of all the complicated stuff and all the many modifications, it will be the entire normal game, only instead it has certain handicaps?

Here me out, and when I say handicaps, I don't mean things like negative money or uber NPCs. I mean things like this:


  • 5000 M4 bullets only aka Limited ammo - No other weapon can be obtained, ammo cannot be gained. You just have 5000 M4 bullets from the get-go, and that's all you'll have throughout the game. Once you're out of ammo, you're out. Of course you can experiment with the ammo amount to find out what is the most challenging, while keeping it possible, because there are parts in the game where shooting is mandatory.
  • 50% (Or lower) health -  Throughout the entire playthrough, your health maximum does not increase, and the max is only 50% of the starting health you get. If you really want to be hardcore with health, you could do the same as the above handicap; You start with the highest possible health, but there is absolutely no way of restoring health in the game, not even by saving the game. That would be in my opinion the most challenging thing that could be done. I wouldn't even know if that's possible to do, so that would be something that would need testing first.
  • Constant wanted level - Another challenge would be having a fixed wanted level throughout the game, such as 2 wanted stars at all times. It would just be a constant 2 star minimum, and you can never have below that wanted level, but at the same time, you can get above 2 stars. If that makes sense.
  • Constant ped riot - This one would prove very challenging. Having pedestrians constantly in riot mode. Not sure how some missions like Taxi mission would be handled with this, but I'd crash test it to make sure. Excluding the use of RPG's, though, because that would be overkill.


This is something I would like to see, and as it would just be the normal game just with these handicaps, I'd definitly give it a try. My favorite would have to be the Limited ammo thing, and that could be done randomly for each and every session. It could be a 5000 M4 shots for one playthrough session, the next it could be 400 Sniper shots with 3200 Pistol shots. You can mix and match with this one, and as always, you'll never be able to gain new weapons nor refill ammo. It's whatever you have from the get-go throughout.


If you consider this, I ask to keep it simple, because as I've said, the current Chain Game in my opinion is somewhat complicated.


Also, I'm not saying to replace the current Chain Game. Just have this handicap one as an extra for players that are more suited towards challenge-based games, and I bet it would attract new players. I myself would definitly try it. Just make sure to keep it as simple as can be.


I'd be willing to put in the time to test out if any of the above is possible. If not, it would have been worth checking out. I'm not very good in coding, though, so someone else would have to do that, but I'd definitly test it.


Edit: Nearly forgot. Some things may have to have exceptions. Such as with a constant ped riot, in missions like Madd Dog, it would have to be disabled for the obvious reason.

Edited by Recommended

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Posted (edited)

Don't worry too much about the complexity of the current save. Most of the confusing parts about the rules apply to normal saves as well. For the most part, if you play the custom save like you would a normal save then everything should work out as expected.


Most of your ideas have to do with custom saves. If your custom save was compatible with the limitations of the Chain Game then maybe it could be used. The (historic) expectation for a CG save is that it is playable without mods. Unfortunately, many of your ideas can't be implemented simply by modifying the save. Also, once a save is in play it's not supposed to be externally modified; many changes that could be done will quickly be undone a few mission later.


Since the forum upgrade the GTAModding wiki's have been offline, so I can't point you to reference on what is actually in the save. When I was first learning to modifiy saves I had to abandon a lot of my ideas as we learn what's saved or not. If you'd like to continue this discussion we should take it to the modding forums though. We can report on progress and look for testers here but the details are inappropriate in this topic. And if you want to do it, you'll need to learn to code, or recruit someone who can (code or learn). I'm not actively modifying saves right now, but I might enjoy helping someone else learn the trade. Might, as in someone else does most the work - I'm not getting sucked into coding it for you.


Added: If you want a hard challenge, try the 4-star gang wars. These totally kicked my ass when I started; still kick my ass when I return after a long break. The 4-star gang wars were the primary motivation for increasing CJ's armor. I still rely on it to survive, but at one point I felt I might be able to do without.



Edited by OrionSR

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It's cool I understand. A little confusing on the details, though, as you said most of my ideas have to do with custom saves, but then you go on to say many of my ideas can't be done via a modified save? I'm kind of confused there, either contridiction or I'm not reading right?


Either way, I may consider something like that in the future.

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Yeah, well. I guess I changed what I was going to say because I didn't want to get into the details too much - sorry if things ended up out of context.


Your suggestions don't apply to things that would clarify and simplify the rules to improve game play during rounds; it's all about doing something a little differently - modifications. It's always been assumed that the only way to get enough players to participate in the Chain Game is to restrict mods to only what is necessary to make the game work and gain compatibility between players and versions. This basically limits any type of modification to save editing - a starter save that works from start to finish without further modification. With that in mind, specific comments on your suggestions.


Limited ammo and weapons: I don't think we can restrict assess to the ammu-nation shop keeper without also restricting access to the shooting range challenge required for 100% completion. The shop keeper is controlled by scripts... maybe we can simply end the ammu-nation thread and not the challenge. I don't think the thread gets relaunched so, maybe. We'd have to gut the map of pickups. Gang weapon can be changed for random gangsters. Peds sometimes get weapons of all sorts. Vigilante can be used to farm ammo. 4 star cops are a ready source of ammo and armor. Many missions force specific weapons on the player. Many pickups are added after the first mission, Helena, Toreno and collectible rewards come to mind.  Most of these can't be adjusted by editing the starter save, but if you did what you could it might have the desired effect of limiting ammo.


Reduced Max Health: I think you could start with lower health but I don't think we can stop it from increasing as CJ exercises and completes Paramedic. It would be much easier to reduce max armor. Normal 100/150 after vigilante. CG save has 200/250 (255 max possible). Maybe go with only 25/75. Note: CJ has 176 max heath when maxed out by paramedic on everything (?) except mobile, which has 220. That might provide a wedge for manipulating max health.


Constant Wanted Level: I'm not sure, but I don't think the minimum wanted level is saved. Phone calls can't come in with a wanted level, so the mission flow would probably break at Cesar or Tenpenny late in the first LS strand. There's actually quite a few missions that won't work correctly if the script can't manipulate and detect the expected wanted level. We did the best we could to expand on the 4-star tradition by enabling gang wars in SF and LV and unlocking the schools and races early. The supercab in SF is intended for 4-star Taxi missions. And the Broadway at the airstrip is intended for 4-star Pimping, but I don't think anyone has ever managed to pull it off; might be easier in SF. 


Constant Ped Riot: Yeah, try this. It should be easy enough to enable on a new game using a save editor or simple cleo script. I'm curious to see what problems you might run into and what we can do to progress to 100% with Riots active until the game is practically over. It'd be the same riot mode as the late game mode - the cheat versions of riot can't be saved, and one version will cause the Madd Dogg glitch. Many issues with side missions can be avoided by doing them outside of Los Santos. 


How about - Everyone Hates CJ: Speaking of the Madd Dogg glitch, it's a problem caused by a cheat code the leaves a handful of peds, like Madd Dogg, Catalina, Cesar, girlfriends, drug dealers and vendors of cart stands, hating everybody else. We could try making almost everyone always hate CJ. All the gangs shoot on sight, even the Triads with their AK47s. All cops, hookers, dealers and criminals; they tend to be armed. This too, can be modified easily with the Savegame Editor 3.x.


BTW, when I say you'll need to code, it's not all that difficult, or strictly even necessary for anything other than launching threads like the racing scripts and schools. There's a lot you can do with the formal save editors, and I've got a binary template that can edit anything if you aren't afraid of hexadecimal numbers. However, in the long run, once you know what you want to do, it's a lot easier to apply large scale changes with script codes. Most of the codes for save editing are pretty simple anyway.

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