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Giving into the GIF avatars

Vic Campo

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Vic Campo is looking for a new avatar


Name: No thanks it's too small for a name to be added


Size: Avatar size so what is it? 100x100?


Theme: I'm looking for a cool car one or one that is funny


Resources: I'm not sure yet what I would like specifically


Colors: Anything


Additional info: As I said before I'm not sure what I want specifically so just whatever you guys want to make me


Thanks a heap guys

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just tried to make it match your sig



user posted image






and a little darker


user posted image







user posted image







EDIT: wow.gif i just noticed you wanted a Gif avatar..oh well ill just leavethese up if you wanna use one

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Well Seeing as I made that just for you, no. Anything specific you want?

Nah not really just anything I spoze


Maybe a cartoony kind of one too

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