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Unreal engine 3 and my pentium 4 system


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I've been having a strange problem games running unreal engine 3 lately on my Pentium 4 system.


Some time ago, I installed RS:vegas, and it worked perfect, however, now a black screen appears, then after some time the monitor goes in standby mode, and no matter what I do, it won't power up again.


with bioshock, it's the same thing, only here I manage to get to the menu, and the first loading screen, then the music comes up, screen goes to black and then goes in standby mode too.


With the Unreal tournament 3 demo, It's the same thing, as soon as the splash screen appears, black screen then stand-by, no music or anything. However with this game, it's either that or the system just restarts.


all of the above make me have to reset my PC. When windows loads up,, I get windows has encountered a serious error screen.


I have updated drivers and everything, DXdiag is fine as well. the strange thing is that only games with unreal engine 3 do this, as all the other games such as oblivion, call of duty 2/4 demo GTR2 heck, even World in conflict runs , although at 13 FPS.

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PSU dying.

I had the same thing happen with graphic intensive games. Actually for me, as strange as it sounds, I first noticed it when I was using an image browser program to look at a group of images, when the image is bigger than the screen I can use the arrow keys to scroll around and when I did it all went black just like you described.

I RMA'ed the video card and got the same result.


Replaced the PSU and it was all good again

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would that PSU do the trick?


I'm not keen on buying an expensive PSU, as I need to pay for the other PC I'm building, and dont have much $$ to spare.


I have a 6800XT which requires a minimum of 500W

Pentium4 3.0 HT

1gig DDR

2 hard disks

2 IDE drives.


Right now, I'm running on an EXS titan 550W which has been running on for the past 3 years, right until a couple of months ago.


keep in mind, that this pc is 24/7 on and when I'm not using it ( usually for word processing/excel/email) I'm downloading loads of stuff and running Folding@home, however, although I have a better pc, I still use this for the occastional LAN game.

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