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GTA:SA Asset Missions Guide


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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Asset Missions Guide


In GTA San Andreas, there are ten money-making assets that can generate money over the course of the game. They are spread out in different cities and make different amounts of money. But of course, you must complete a mission or two to acquire the asset. Out of the ten, three assets are acquired upon completion of a Courier mission. Another three assets are obtained by completing a strand of storyline missions. The remaining four assets are acquired by doing Gang Wars, Trucking, Quarry, and Valet missions respectively. You need to complete all Asset Missions to achieve 100%.


In Los Santos, you will find two assets: Johnson House (for doing Gang Wars) and Roboi’s Food Mart (for doing the Los Santos Courier). In San Fierro and the countryside, you will find five assets: RS Haul (for doing Trucking), Zero RC (for completing the Zero Strand* of story missions), Wang Cars (for completing the Steal Cars Strand), Vank Hoof Hotel (for doing Valet), and the Hippy Shopper Store (for completing San Fierro Courier).

In Las Venturas and the desert, you will find another three assets: Hunter Quarry (for doing Quarry missions), VMA Abandoned Airstrip (for completing the Airstrip Strand), and Burger Shot (for the Las Venturas Courier mission). This guide will take you through all of the assets and the missions you will need to do to get them.


1. Johnson House


How to acquire: Pass mission “Doberman” and not “Green Sabre” OR Pass mission “Home Coming”.

Maximum money: Depends on Gang Wars status.

Location: In Grove Street, Los Santos

Icon: Save File


You get this asset immediately after completing the “Doberman” mission. It will disappear after “Green Sabre”, then reappear after “Home Coming”. You will notice that during these time periods (between “Doberman” and “Green Sabre” and after “Home Coming”), gang wars are active. In fact, this asset is based on exactly that: gang wars. Basically, the more territories that the Grove Street Families own, the more money will be here and the faster it will build up.


The idea of gang wars is simple. Find a non-GSF territory, kill three rival gang members to start a war. Then, defend yourself by killing all the enemies that come at you. If you manage to live and kill’em all, you’ve won the territory. For more info on gang wars, check out the excellent guides at GameFAQS.com


2. Roboi’s Food Mart


How to acquire: Finish all four runs of the Los Santos Courier mission.

Maximum money: $2000

Location: In Idlewood, Los Santos.

Icon: None


You will need to complete the LS Courier mission to get this asset. To start up the mission, get on the BMX bike in front of the store. There are four runs to pass, and once you pass all four, you’ve passed the mission and acquired the asset. To deliver a package, do it drive-by style by holding <Look Left> or <Look Right> and pressing <Fire>.


Level 1 - Coronas: 3, Packages; 6, Time: 03:00. This is the easiest of all the runs. There are only three coronas and they are all very close-by. Just cross the road and deliver, deliver, deliver. Watch out about getting wanted levels.


Level 2 - Coronas: 4, Packages: 6, Time: 05:00. There's one more corona now, but they're all farther out. Get the westernmost one first, then make your way northeast. Then get the one in Idlewood and finally the one under the freeway. You should have no trouble returning back to Roboi's within the time limit.


Level 3 - Coronas: 5, Packages: 7, Time: 05:00. Now there are five coronas, but three of them are in the locations of the coronas in Level 1. The other two are in Idlewood and under the freeway, like the last two coronas in Level 2. There fore, it's all fairly close, and pretty easy.


Level 4 - Coronas: 6, Packages: 8, Time: 10:00. By far the hardest level. All of the coronas are very spread out. There are two coronas at the far western side of Los Santos. Get them first. Then get the two northern ones, and then make your way to the ones near East Beach. Then get the one in Playa Del Seville, and return to the Roboi’s mart.


Once you’ve passed all four levels, you will get a message saying that you obtained the asset. The money will slowly increase and max out at $2000.


3. RS Haul


How to acquire: Pass mission “Tanker Commander”, then finish all 8 levels of Trucking.

Max money: $2000

Location: In Flint County

Icon: Truck


To get RS Haul as an asset, first you will need to do the mission “Tanker Commander” in the Catalina strand. After that, you will unlock the trucking missions. There are 8 missions in total, and are divided into three categories: Timed, Fragile, and Wanted-Level. For Timed missions, you have to drive the tanker to the destination before a set time. In Fragile missions, you have to deliver the tanker with minimal damage. In Wanted-Level, you drive the tanker to a destination with police on your tail. The 7th trucking mission is special, in that it is both Timed and Fragile.


Note that the 7th and 8th Trucking missions will not be available until after completing the story mission “Yay Ka Boom Boom”. Therefore, there are two ideal orders to do the Trucking missions: either do six missions, play the storyline and complete Yay Ka Boom Boom, then do the other two, or just play the storyline to Yay Ka Boom Boom and do all eight missions in one go.


Mission 1 – Timed

Reward: $1000

Tips: This is pretty easy, because the destination is usually somewhere close in Red County.


Mission 2 – Fragile

Reward: $1500

Tips: Again, the destination is close by, but be careful and don’t damage your trailer too much.


Mission 3 – Wanted-Level

Reward: $2000

Tips: You have a three-star wanted level. The police cars are pretty tenacious and will try to unhitch your trailer or shove you off course. Try to fool them into hitting obstacles or shove them off cliffs, but be careful not to offset your own course when doing this.


Mission 4 – Timed

Reward: $3000

Tips: The destination is further than the one in Mission 1, but the time limit is still pretty generous.


Mission 5 – Fragile

Reward: $4000

Tips: The destination is even further than the one in Mission 2, so avoid crashing into things that will damage your tanker.


Mission 6 – Wanted-Level

Reward: $5000

Tips: Your destination is one of Whetstone, Angel Pine, or somewhere in San Fierro. I find Whetstone and Angel Pine the easiest, as it’s mostly a cruise on the freeway to get there, and police don’t get in the way. If you get a destination in San Fierro, it is harder because police vehicles are more aggressive in the city.


Mission 7 – Timed and Fragile

Reward: $7000

Tips: Your destination is in the Las Venturas / desert area. You will need to drive carefully and quickly, as not only do you have a time limit, you also can’t damage your truck too much, or you lose cash. The best way into the desert is to go north from Flint County into Red County, then take the Martin Bridge into Bone County.


Mission 8 – Wanted-Level

Reward: $10000

Tips: This is by far the hardest of the lot. You have a four-star wanted level, so there will be Rangers, Squad Cars, Enforcers, and a helicopter on your tail. Plus, your destination is somewhere in Las Venturas. Again, use the same method to enter Bone County as in Mission 7, and then make your way to Las Venturas. Alternatively, you can follow the train tracks into Las Venturas, although there is always the risk of being hit by a train.


After completing all 8 levels, you get the asset money counter at RS Haul which maxes out at $2000. You can still do trucking missions, and their distance, difficulty, and reward will be randomly decided.


4. Zero RC


How to acquire: Pass mission “New Model Army”

Max money: $5000

Location: In Garcia, San Fierro

Icon: Z


This asset requires you to complete a strand of story missions. These missions are centered around the character Zero and his arch-nemesis Berkley, who is his main competitor in radio-controlled toys in San Fierro. Zero and Berkley are always trying to score points over each other.


First, make sure you have passed the mission “Wear Flowers in Your Hairs”. Then, you will receive a phone call from Zero, telling you to buy his shop. Go over to it and buy it for $30000. Soon after, you will receive another phone call. This activates a red marker, which leads to the mission “Air Raid”.


In “Air Raid”, you have to shoot down some RC planes to protect Zero’s transmitters. After “Air Raid” comes “Supply Lines”, where you fly a RC plane around town and kill Berkley’s couriers. The last mission is “New Model Army”, where the final showdown between Zero and Berkley takes place on a mini battlefield. Zero has to drive his RC car into Berkley’s base, and you give help with a RC helicopter. For more strategies on these three missions, look in a walkthrough or specific guides for these missions.


After completing these three missions, a money generator appears in front of Zero RC, maxing out at $5000. In addition, you get $15000 for the completion of the missions themselves. Plus, the Beefy Baron mini game is unlocked.


5. Vank Hoff Hotel


How to acquire: Pass mission “555 we Tip” and do the Valet Parking challenge

Max money: $2000

Location: In Financial, San Fierro

Icon: None


Valet Parking is a challenge with five levels. In the first level, you must park 3 cars in 2 minutes. In the second level, you must park 4 cars, and so on, until the fifth level, where you must park 7 cars. You get bonus time for parking cars with minimal damage, and parking cars perfectly in line with the designated parking spots.


When the first car comes in and the driver gets out, get into the car. The entrance to the parking garage is in front of you, so drive into the parking garage (making sure not to damage the car), find the red marker, and park you car there. The most bonus time you can get is 1 minute (45 seconds for damage, 15 seconds for position).


After parking the car, get out and sprint back to the carport. Providing you have completed the burglary missions and acquired infinite sprint, this is easy as pie. Repeat this process (it’s not rocket science) until you ultimately park 25 cars and pass the challenge. Now, you have another money generator that maxes out at $2000, plus you will have received another $1500 from the challenge itself.


6. Wang Cars


How to acquire: Pass mission “Puncture Wounds”

Max money: $8000

Location: In Downtown, San Fierro

Icon: Cv


This is another storyline asset. There are four missions you need to do to get this asset. First, make sure you have done “Back to School” and “Yay Ka Boom Boom”. If yes, you will receive a call from Jethro about buying the property. Go to Wang Cars (a car showroom) and buy it for $50000.


The Cv icon appears back at the Doherty Garage, and the first mission is “Zeroing In”. In this mission, you chase a street racer through town and steal her car. The next mission is “Test Drive”, where you and Cesar go to another car showroom across town, steal some of their cars, and take a tour through town before returning to your garage. In “Customs Fast Track”, you go to the dockside crane and steal a car out of a crate loaded on a ship. The last mission, “Puncture Wounds”, has you disable the car of a maniacal driver, and steal it. As you can see, this strand is all about stealing cars. Again, if you need help with these missions, consult a walkthrough.


You have another asset now; it maxes out at $8000. This is the second highest paying asset in the game, so get it as soon as possible. Also, imports and exports have been unlocked by doing “Customs Fast Track”.


7. Hippy Shopper


How to acquire: Finish all four runs of the San Fierro Courier

Max money: $2000

Location: In Queens, San Fierro

Icon: None


Just like the Los Santos one, the San Fierro Courier is exactly the same idea. There are still four runs to complete, and packages are still delivered the same way. The number of coronas and packages and the time limit for all of the levels are exactly the same as the Los Santos Courier, except in Level 4, where your time limit is shortened to 7 minutes.


And, as always, passing this mission gives you a money sign which generates money up to $2000. You also probably made some money by doing the challenge itself.


8. VMA Abandoned Airstrip


How to acquire: Pass mission “Green Goo”

Max money: $10000

Location: In Verdant Meadows, Bone County

Icon: Save File / Plane


This is the last of the storyline assets. There are four missions in total for this asset, and this is also the highest-paying asset in the entire game. Also, the acquisition of this asset is needed to further the storyline past a certain point, unlike the other two storyline assets. Before attempting this asset, you will need to complete the "Circle Airstrip" test in Flying School first.


In the first mission, “N.O.E.”, you have to fly to Angel Pine, drop off a package, and fly back. That’s not the challenging bit, the challenging bit is that you have to fly low and close to the ground, or else you’re going to be shot at by a missile-firing jet. In “Stowaway”, you have to charge up the ramp to a taking-off plane, get onto the plane, and blow it up while parachuting to safety. In “Black Project”, you are to infiltrate the Air Force Base in the desert, Area 69, and retrieve a jetpack. Then, in “Green Goo”, you use this jetpack to steal some green substance off of a guarded train. Walkthroughs will help you if you are stuck on these missions.


There will be no more airstrip missions after that, and you will get a money maker that maxes out at $10000. Remember to collect it regularly. Also, you’d have the jetpack spawn outside the AC tower as a result of completing “Green Goo”.


9. Hunter Quarry


How to acquire: Pass mission “Explosive Situation”, then complete all 7 levels of Quarrying

Max money: $2000

Location: Hunter Quarry, Bone County

Icon: Bulldozer


There are seven missions to this asset. Each mission has a time limit, and requires you to do a specific thing with the equipment at the Quarry. For each mission you do, you get reward money. For more info on the missions, read the part below.


Mission 1 – 3:30

Reward: $500

Tips: Piece of cake, just push the rocks over the edge. There is one rock that is really far from the others, so get that one first.

Mission 2 – 1:30

Reward: $1000

Tips: A rival organization has planted bombs in the quarry! Use the Dozer to push each bomb to safety. “Safety” is the area marked by a red marker. There are four bombs, behind the site office, crane, machines, and crushers.


Mission 3 – 8:00

Reward: $2000

Tips: The bombers are escaping in a Dumper. You need to use the provided Dumper to chase them and kill them. The Dumper is surprisingly easy to destroy, so a drive-by or two should do it.


Mission 4 – 4:00

Reward: $3000

Tips: Get on the Sanchez and drive to the other entrance to find the dumper and the bombers’ bodies. Now, drive the Dumper back to the main entrance. Be careful not to hit a wall, as if you do, the bodies will sway around and might fall out. If they fall out, you fail the mission. Once you’ve gotten the Dumper to the main entrance, take it down to the lower level and dump it into the fire. Use the suspension controls to raise the back part of the Dumper.


Mission 5 – 3:00

Reward: $5000

Tips: Just drive to the VMA Airstrip and dump the explosives on the west end of the runway.


Mission 6 – 3:00

Reward: $7500

Tips: Get to the train tracks (which might take a while, since the Dozer is slow), and push the explosives off. It isn’t that hard, but don’t go too fast or else the barrel will go under you. Just take it easy and push them off. When all of them are pushed off, the train will pass by peacefully.


Mission 7 – 8:00

Reward: $10000

Tips: You have a lot to do in this mission, and it combines all of the Quarry techniques you have learned. Take the Sanchez and just zoom down to the bottom of the Quarry. Get into the Dozer, and push the cop bike and the cop body to the red marker. Make sure they are in the red marker, or you won’t be able to reach them with the crane. Now get out of the Dozer, get onto a Sanchez and drive up to the crane (it’s big and yellow, you can’t miss it). Use the crane to lift the bike and body onto the back of the Dumper. When you’ve done that, get into the Dumper and drive to the dumping spot, which is outside the Quarry. Be careful not to hit a wall, as you don’t want your items to fall out. When you’re near the water, just dump the items in like in Mission 4.


You have now completed the Hunter Quarry asset. Believe it or not, you were actually timed for doing these missions, so if you attempt Quarry again, you’ll be trying to beat your time. In addition to the money made by doing the missions themselves, you’ve also acquired an asset that maxes out at $2000.


10. Burger Shot


How to acquire: Finish all four runs of the Las Venturas Courier

Max money: $2000

Location: In Redsands East, Las Venturas

Icon: Burger


This is the last of all the assets. It is another Courier mission, much like the Los Santos and San Fierro ones. Get on the Faggio (scooter) in front of the Burger Shot to start the mission. As always, there are four levels where you deliver packages drive-by style. The number of coronas, packages and the time limit for each level are the same as in Los Santos Courier, except the fourth level, where you get eight minutes instead of ten.


The last of your assets now appears in front of Burger Shot, and maxes out at $2000. In total, out of all the assets, you can make $35000+ simply by letting the money max out and collecting it.




If you are confused as to where the assets are located, use this map that I made to find them.


Asset missions are required for 100%, so if that's what you're aiming for, you'll have to do these sooner or later! Most of the asset missions are pretty easy, with a few exceptions (last Trucking mission, Airstrip asset, etc.)


I created this guide for the sole purpose of sharing GTA knowledge. I used some sources, the main ones being RARusk's guide at GameFAQS.com, GTaA-SanAndreas.com, WikiGTA's maps, and ian-albert.com's maps.

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Actually, a lot of original information is in my guide... I can guarantee you that I absolutely did not copy and paste. It is true that I used that site as a source, but I have taken care to rephrase everything into my own words and not a single sentence is exactly replicated from GTA-Sanandreas.com

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It's nice, but could have been a li'l bit more descriptive, maybe providing different approachs to do the above said missions.

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The maximum value for the Grove Asset is always $10,000. The only thing that changes is the rate at which it grows. It is my understanding that the rate is based on the percentage of turfs controlled. When all turfs are under Grove control, the asset rate for the Grove Asset is 10,000. All other assets have the same rate as their maximum value.


Assets are the most complicated of the pickups. I still haven't figured out all the details. It appears that they do not increase the payout value if CJ is standing too close, and also won't build if he isn't in the general area of the asset. However, under normal conditions, the asset does some sort of an update as CJ approaches, but this doesn't happen if CJ teleports directly to the location of the asset.


I found it interesting that you listed the Burgershot Courier as the last asset, when the mission to unlock it is available right from the beginning of the game.

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