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What kind of GTA would you make?

Topic is simple, what kind of GTA would you make? For example, GTA Prison Break, GTA Operation Area 69, GTA Harlem, GTA Hell hole... ETC. Interested? Read on...


Rules are simple. You need to submit a possible name, a description of the game, story line, so on and so forth. Please keep all submitions complete, don't submit half at one point then the other half later. Please be creative, and if you try to be funny, be funny not stupid.


To make your chances of winning closer, make a website to promote your fake video game. Also ( if you can ), It would be a good idea to make a possible game cover.... that would be nice! A good idea would be to make your submissions as organized and clean as possible.


A custom made sig for this site, any kind of image for your myspace, website, facebook, or any other profile, cool coded things that you can add into your myspace, website, facebook, or any other profile.



*Competiton end date- one month.

* I will need your email address if you win.


Questions or comments?

Please PM me on this site.



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Okay, this has nothing to do with SA, and given the nature of the topic, I was tempted to move it into GTAIV. But the IV forums are replete with speculative topics like this one, and I'm sure they don't require any more of these. tounge.gif


Moved to Gaming Chat after some thought.


You'll Never Walk Alone

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