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scenary problem


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I have my daugter complaining that some objects turn green

while playing the game. see for example the print screen below.

the PC is a dual core E2180 with 1G RAM and GMA X300

on board graphics adapter.


Have any ideas?


thanks a lot


user posted image

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Did you download the game or did you buy it? Also please read Posting requirements.


Try windows 98 compabilty mode, update video drivers, and try deleting the .SET File in My Documents\GTA Vice City user files.

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thanks CCDP for rehosting my image. I don't know what I did wrong !!


I am running windows XP , directX9, GMA X3000 intel onboard graphics, 1G RAM

and more than 300MB graphics (shared) RAM. processor is E2180 dual core.


I tried windows 98 compatibility mode without success.

I reinstalled the game and deleted .SET file but without success.


any more suggestions?




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I forgot to mention that my drivers are the latest.

downloaded from Intel the latest driver for chipset

G965 released the previous month



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Please don't double post. Use the edit button when you want to add information to your first post.


But again i think the problem is your graphic card, because i have the same type, and sometimes i may get some graphic problems.

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