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Simple question.

Naseem Srour

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Here is my question : what is the difference between a "Original" version , and "legal" copy of the game ? please tell me , I want to know. colgate.gif

I mean what is the legal copy(I know but I want an explaination) and what the Original version is ??

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They are two different things. One refers to the content of the game and the other refers to how you acquire it.


Original version means version 1.0; the version of the game released in June 2005 and sold up until Coffeegate blew up. You may be able to still get a copy on something like ebay but most people who buy the game nowadays will get version 2.0


A legal copy simply means a copy you paid for from a legitimate store (either bought in person or an online seller like amazon) as opposed to one you downloaded or installed from a friend's disk.

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