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The only solution that I know of would be to use the 'Dark Pact' mod. It would allow you to modify your main.scm file and still use your old save game. I never had a need for it personally, but I heard that it could come in handy for those who chose to use it.


Dark Pact is a mod created by Demarest. Unfortunately, for some reason, Dem decided to remove all his works from public access, so I'm not sure how you'd go about getting your hands on it. At one time another member had collected, compiled and uploaded these works for others to have access to (Dem had a real knack for coding! He was the first to get me started). Anyway, I just checked the alternate site and it seems to be down.


My only suggestions for finding it would be to search Google or just wait and hope that someone who already has the mod would be kind enough to pass it on. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Later. rampage_ani.gif

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