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help main.scm animations

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Hi, adding new animations to SA is possible but to do so you need to follow some steps first,i hope that would be helpful wink.gif






KAM's script for GMAX



1. testing your animations


first you need a dff file to work on and to test your animations in GMAX, start your img tool and then open GTA3.img, extract the player.dff

now start GMAX and click the IFP IO a small window should appear then click the Import DFF button, browse to the player.dff you just extracted from GTA3.img

now that you imported the dff, click edit > select all. now test your animations by clicking Load IFP and load your dam_jump.ifp ...

user posted image


2. DUMP the IFP


an ifp file is where the animations are stored, i go for the airport.ifp because it's small in size and contains only 1 animation. extract the airport.ifp from GTA3.img then in GMAX click IFP dump from utility and click Dump GTA IFP. browse to your airport.ifp and dump it!

note that we dump the IFP file to convert it to .txt format.

now the file is not yet converted to a .txt so open the GMaxSLGRAB.exe included with kam's script and click the GRAB button, after grabing you should find the airport.txt at the same folder of the airport.ifp

user posted image


3. changin the header


now repeat step 2 to dump your dam_jump.ifp.

open the airport.txt and change the number at line 12 to the number of the new animations you want to add, for example if you add 1 new animation then type 2 at line 12, if adding 2 new animations then type 3 and so forth, then open your dam_jump.txt and copy your new animations from the dam_jump.txt to the airport.txt

Note that total animations number = line 12 in the .txt file.

user posted image


4. T2B.EXE


copy the T2B.EXE included with kam's script to the same folder where the modified airport.txt. open the command prompt from Start > all programs > accessories > command prompt.in the command prompt browse to the modified airport.txt

Note to browse to your file use commands: CD.. to go back to previows folder & CD foldername to open a folder & to open a different drive use for example D: and remember after every command pess ENTER.after reaching the folder that contains your airport.txt type this command T2B AIRPORT.TXT AIRPORT.IFP it should convert it back to a working ifp file, now test it in GMAX to make sure it's working.



now open Gta3.img delete the old airport.ifp and add the new one. now you got new animations in the airport.ifp ready to be triggered by the main.scm



Edited by mido_vip

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I'll try, hope it will work. Will be more simple for my sktaeboard mod. Nice job


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but i must have this animations in the new ifp file without replacing old;)

Dont know if its possible

A other way would be:

Add the new animations with new names into the dam_jump.ifp

and change the animations in the script.

ok thanks zaz for your answer i try this;)

maybe its be but the animations in the new ifp has this same names what have old ifp file??

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