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Grand Theft Auto: New York


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I really cant be bothered with the rest of my stories (but they will be done, eventually) so I want to go fresh. Here is a brand new one.




John Park has left the UK to goto America. But as he does, he gets attacked and about to die. One man saves him. To payoff for the savour, John must do one thing. Conquer not just New York, but Washington DC for the whole US to crumble. John must do it or die by the many snipers watching him for every second. Can he do it?






''So, where have you been?'' John Park's loving wife Jane asked. John just walked through the door at 3am, drunk, to see his wife standing there arms folded.

''Pub.'' John said.

''I told you not to be late for dinner! Me and the kids have been worried!''

''Well I am sorry.''

''Whatever. Lets goto bed''

''I will have a drink first and possibly watch TV for half an hour first. I promise.'' John said. Jane walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

Why cant anything special happen in my life? John than dozed off.



CHAPTER 1: House attack


The next morning, John woke up and went into the kitchen. Toast and Tea were neatly placed on the table. Instantly, gun shots were fired from a distant sniper. One hit Jane and one hit the mug. Jane died instantly on the floor.

''sh*t!'' John said before running outside. His car was hit too and so was some windows. John ran back in the house and took a GLOCK17 from the gun safe. He got the kids and ran back outside, firing at a sniper. He got in a car and drove to his mother's house.


''Mother! Come here!'' John roared. The kids were crying over the loss of their mother. John's mother came down and asked what was going on.

''Jane is dead. Someone shot into our house.'' John said. ''I think someone wants to kill me.''

''Why would anyone want to do that?'' John's mother asked.

''I dont know.''

''Well, have some breakfast and try and calm down. I will phone the police.''

''You cant! I have a criminal record! They will think I would have done it!''

''Criminal record?''




John walked down the street, past many policemen.

''What is going on?'' he asked someone standing there.

''I heard there was a killing mate. Want to make a tenner?'' The person said.


''Well take this...'' The man showed John a Tec-9.

''Holy f*ck, where did you get that?'' John said

''I know people. Now take this and go up to a police officer, saying 'I know who the murderer is!'.'' The man said. ''Then point to me and I will take it from there.'' John gave it a shot. He walked upto the officer, showing the gun, and said what he had to say. He pointed at the guy who than pulled out a Colt Python and started firing at John. John ducked, than aimed at the two officers and said:

''Shoot damnit!'' The man than shot the two policemen. But because it was John aiming, it looked like he did it. John fired at the guy with the Tec-9 and shot him in the head. Policemen came over and looked at John.

''You are under-arrest for murder of 3 people.'' One said.

John was arrested and put in jail for a year. When his time was up, he went home to see his wife crying. She believed John that it wasnt him but couldnt reveal it to the police incase they arrested her.


*present time*


''I see.'' John's mother said. ''Well I will put the kettle on.'' She walked into the kitchen, leaving John standing in the Living Room with his kids.


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Next chapter. Hope y'all like it smile.gif


CHAPTER 2: Next stop USA


John walked out the door to the Tesco's down the road. He picked up a six-pack Kroenberg 1664 and a loaf of bread. As he used the Self Service, he saw someone familiar walking through the doors. It was his sister, Jade!

''Jade, its me me John!'' John said to her.

''John?! Is that you?'' Jade said ''How's your wife and kids?'' John told her to come to their mother's house were he would explain the bad news.


John and Jade sat down. John revealed his wife was shot and that he left the house for awhile.

''Actually, I am thinking of going to America. I might be safer.'' John said.

''Why?'' Jade said.

''Becasue people are trying to kill me.'' John revealed. ''I know it seems unlikely but it is true. I know it. I am going to New York.''

''What? You cant! You must not! You will stay here in Britain!'' Jade cried.

''I cant! If people are trying to kill me than I am heading to America!'' John shouted. The room was silent. John's mother came in holding a tray of Sugar, milk, cups and a Tea-pot.

''I heard what you said John.'' She said ''You shouldnt leave Britain.''

''Thank you mother'' Jade said.

''But, it is your choice. Go to New York. Have a nice life and get a new wife. And when you think the time is right, head back here in London.'' John's mother said. John nodded along with Jade who finally agreed.


At the airport, John put his bags on the Conveyer Belt. Jade kissed him goodbye and John walked onto the plane. He sat down in 1st class, watching the ground move swiftly below him. His moblie rang just as they were taxing.

''Can the person woith the mobile phone turn it off for people's safety?'' An intercom voice said. John answered the phone. His older son (who was 15) said:

''Who's trying to kill you?'' John breathed heavily through the phone and hung up. The plane took off into the sky.................


Short chapter there!

I might not right this story for awhile now as I have something new in mind.

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Is anyone reading this?

If they aren't then I aint continuing because there is no point.

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If they aren't then I aint continuing because there is no point.

Probably true.


Dialogue heavy.

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If they aren't then I aint continuing because there is no point.

Probably true.


Dialogue heavy.

I will try to improve.

If someone f*cking reads it!

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