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The Chain Game V2 21st Round (with new specials)

Recommended Posts



user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


The Chain Game is for anyone who wants to play along, we are going to start a game from the beginning and take it to 100%.

Please read the Rules/Guidelines before you start to play.

The Rules/Guidelines are here so that the game can progress and everyone can have an enjoyable experience while making a contribution to its completion.



  • Call the mission that you want to do or just call a turn by posting in the topic.


  • The definition of a "mission" is "any named mission". Examples are "In the Beginning" "Learning to Fly" and "Big Smoke". If the save file name changes, then it's a "named mission".


  • Download the previously posted save file. We want to use the same save file throughout the game and take it to 100%. After 100%, we can see who has the fastest racing times.


  • Use the posting format (see below for the format).


  • Complete ONE named mission only, save it and post a link back in the topic (use edit). See below for a listing of 'named' missions that are 'lame' & may be done with one other 'named' mission.


  • Use Samutz, Rapidshare or YouSendit to upload.


  • Wait until 3 other turns have been completed before calling another mission.


  • If 6 hours pass without another gamer calling a mission, then the 3 mission rule is reset & anyone may call a turn. This does NOT mean to wait 6 hours between personal mission/turn calls.


  • Time limit to complete the mission is 3 hours. We will use the post time in the topic. The timer starts when a mission is called. After 3 hours and the caller has not posted, it's a forfeit and anyone else may call a mission.


  • The caller may call a forfeit. The forfeiter should wait at least one turn before calling another mission/turn. The forfeited turn will not count towards the '3-mission' rule.


  • In the event of two gamers calling a mission the first one does the called mission.


  • Mission strategy is up to the caller - just don't use cheats/trainers.


  • Do not save after getting busted or wasted.


  • The caller may purchase/collect items (weapons, etc.), eat, dress, date, get a tattoo, workout & get a haircut for CJ.


  • The caller may do any non-named missions/collections/deliveries in the 3 hours. Please report any extra stuff in the Notes section.


  • The caller doesn't have to call a mission when all they want to do for example is collect/do 25 tags, or do the Vigilante mission. In that case, just call a turn, but remember that the 3 hour time limit will still apply.




  • Do not fail a mission unless it's to collect a special vehicle (BP/DP/EP/FP). If a special vehicle has been collected, let us know in the Notes section.


  • Try to keep the safe house saves minimal.


  • Avoid known glitch situations - taxi, and basketball for example (in other words do NOT save at Madd Dogg's mansion), though you may use the the one for "NRG-500" and the Ammu-Nation glitch (but remember that some players like to see the clip count which disappears when the ammo exceeds 9999).


  • Try to save with full armor.


  • Collect ammo when possible.


  • Save close to available missions when possible.


  • Let’s try to have the last save for 100% be ‘End of the Line”, so let’s try to get everything else done before that.

  • "Lame Missions":

    Some missions are Named Missions although they are in fact only cut scenes without any action going on. These missions *are now Free Missions* and can be combined with any other one Named Mission. --> Examples: Verdant Meadows, Fish in a Barrel


  • Stadium Events:

    All Stadium Events *are now Free Missions* and can be combined in any number with any other one Named Mission.


  • Race Tournaments:

    With the exception of the 3 races you do within the storyline (Lowrider, Badlands A/B), all races *are no longer Named Missions*.

    --> You can do up to 6 races if you don't do a Named Mission as well.

    --> You can do up to 3 races if you also do a Named Mission.

    (Thanks to rubregg for putting the 'Lame' missions rule together)



  • Have FUN!
Maps for Collectibles:

For those who would like to spray tags/collect oysters/take snapshots/gather horseshoes, you can find the program for SAMA here, it will provide relevant maps showing which ones are left.


Links to pdescobar's convert program and V2.0 scripts:




Here is the posting format to use:

Mission: Use the mission name as it appears on the screen. Don't use mission descriptions like 'that mission where you chase the jet'

Called by: Use your handle.


Status: 'in progress' or 'completed'.

Notes: anything pertinent to the mission/strategy or extra stuff done.

Completion %: from stats section



Chain Game Round 21


Welcome to Chain Game 21. Round 21 will be a refined version of the previous round with some minor bugfixes and tweaks to hopefully be a bit more stable. As (almost) always, it is a modified version of a version 2 save with many interesting changes/additions. We hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed creating it. Please remember that you should not save after being wasted/busted and instead should replay your turn if you have time. A few changes have been made in an attempt to discourage saving in such a situation.


Since this is basically a continuation of Round 20 and not everything new was discovered last round, we will start with the same map that finished round 20.



user posted image


Changes from the unmodified game:



  • Exports, and most mission-unlocked vehicles available at the start of the game; export spawns should still disappear once the car is exported
  • Some changes to export vehicle locations to resolve conflicts with other parked vehicles; in all but one case (the Sanchez) the new location is quite close to the original one.
  • Some minor changes to school rewards, airstrip vehicles, SF firetrucks, and a couple other cars to resolve conflicts as well. Most of these changes appeared in Round 19 as well.
  • Some original vehicles have been tweaked to spawn a little more reliably such as the Maverick on the LS Skyscraper or parked cars near safehouses. Caution: Some vehicles may spawn suddenly; it is not a good idea stand in the exact location of a missing vehicle.
  • You might find a green-colored vehicle in your garage; such vehicles are specially designed to help with certain tasks...
  • An entire new set of additional vehicle spawns have been added to the map; some enabled right away, and others will appear as the game progresses. A couple will be familiar from previous rounds but most will be new and different. Where are they? -- you'll just have to look around and see.
  • In order to improve stability, some of the less useful original vehicles have been removed. These include some of the Karts as well as some vehicles which have another of the same type very close by. For example, rather than having two Dodos right next to each other, you may only see one of them now.
  • Three adrenaline pills have been added in Los Santos
  • Jetpacks are available in each of the three major cities but might require some work to get to.
  • The fixed SF Bribe from previous chain games returns to its familiar location behind the SF firehouse
  • Some additional pickups have been added in some other places...
  • All bridge barriers are in place and will only be removed at their normal storyline points (Green Sabre and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom)
  • The Barrier Glitch is unresolved. Players running the v1 executable with the v2 scripts will need to complete these missions, or the save must be manually patched afterwards.
  • All non-special clothing available at the start.
Interiors and Missions
  • Bike School & Boat School available at the start; Driving School icon is visible but it will not unlock until after Wear Flowers in Your Hair
  • Race Tournaments available at the start. Note that SF to LV is not completable until the barrier comes down; Military Service is more difficult because of the barrier, but can be completed. Also, please do not complete Lowrider Race, Badlands A, or Badlands B until their associated missions have been passed.
  • Vehicle mod shops in SF and LV are open at the start but without radar icons
  • Gyms open at the start but without radar icons
  • Food, Clothing, Barber, Tattoo, and Ammunation, are not altered and follow normal storyline unlocking.
  • Zero's RC Shop is open from the start and probably won't close.
  • Crack Den is open from the start but will close once Cleaning the Hood is attempted.
  • Madd Dogg's Crib is open from the start but will close once Madd Dogg's Rhymes is attempted and will remain closed until "A Home in the Hills" is passed.
  • Vagos Gang House is open from the start but will close once Burning Desire is attempted.
  • The Pleasure Domes club is open from the start of the game but will close once Ice Cold Killa is attempted.
  • Sindacco Abattoir is open from the start but will close once The Meat Business is attempted.
  • Planning Department is open from the start but will close once Architectural Espionage is attempted.
  • Finally, a few markers may not lead where you expect them to...
Safehouses and garages
  • The Johnson House is open before Big Smoke
  • The Redsands West property no longer has a usable garage; instead, there is a new Dock garage at Toreno's ranch which can store boats, amphibious air vehicles, and even small land vehicles. It is usable from the start and marked on radar as a "Boat Yard"; there are also some special objects at each corner of the garage marking its size.
  • The car garage at the airstrip is usable from the start; this is similar to how the Doherty garage is usable in the standard game. The hangar will remain inaccessible until the airstrip is purchased.
  • Some Pay n Sprays have increased in size and can support a greater variety of vehicles.
  • There is a new Pay n Spray enabled behind the LV Dance Club; it is marked on the radar and is very large, so a wide variety of things could be sprayed there...
Unique Stunt Jumps
  • Eleven of the original jumps have been removed and replaced with new jumps; some of the new ones are fairly easy and some are extra-challenging.
  • Please note that SAMA should now show all the jumps and record their status properly.
Other features
  • Sixteen current and former Chain Game contributors have been honored in this round; see how many references you can find.
  • There are a couple new ways to make money if you look around
  • The underwater glitch has been integrated as a feature. Note that CJ swims faster with the Frame Limiter On.
  • There are some new ways to travel quickly between cities
  • Some local property taxes have been reassessed.
  • Be sure to look around and check out some of the new additions before doing everything the same old way; you might find something that'll help you do, for example, early vigilante without the Hunter or HPV.
  • Some added features are intended to expand on what can be accomplished with 4-stars. For example, a new jump might show you how to enter restricted territory and a special vehicle may help you survive while you're there.
  • Some added features are intended to give an introduction to Chain Game Rallies; that discussion inspired this modification and will hopefully lead to future fun stuff
Independent Play
  • People who would like to play this save independently should download the version 1 or version 2 saves provided below. The chain game is using a version 2 save with a rules patch applied which these saves do not have.
  • GTAF Chain Game 21 v1 for independent play
  • GTAF Chain Game 21 v2 for independent play
Design Notes
  • You may have noticed a whole lot of hinting in the "Other Features" section without too many specifics; and the posted map probably seems pretty bare too. This is intentional, as all of the features from this modification have not yet been found so we still have a chance to do some exploration and experimentation. We hope you do some investigating, try out new things, take notice of your surroundings, and share your finds with everyone else.
  • We have tried to manage the balancing act of adding fun new features while making minimal changes to items from the original game. We have also worked hard to ensure that all changes function under the original game scripts without requiring any modification from the players. Hopefully you will agree that our choices were sound ones.
  • Your input is encouraged; please give us your comments regarding this round's features. If you don't want to post them in the topic so as not to clutter it or spoil anything for anyone else, feel free to PM either OrionSR or pdescobar. We are particularly interested in issues where new/changed vehicles or pickups are not spawning properly but any feedback is welcome.
  • For those who are curious, a variety of tools were used in the creation and testing of this. Pieces of this were made via a custom Darkpacted mission script made with SannyBuilder, modified IPL files, and the GTASA Control Center. It was then unified together by hex-editing parts of a couple diffferent saves together; hex-editing was also used in a couple of cases to overcome limitations of the tools and finish off the features. Saving in the Jefferson Alley was accomplished with CLEO. And, as always, Samutz' GTASnP uploader was invaluable in helping with the design and testing.
Supplement to the rules of the Chain Game (V 1.0 and V 2.0)
--- by crazyanurag & JAJ---

This supplement is designed to discuss some of the technicalities of the Chain Game's rules, and it was thought best to provide these in the original post.


(1) Abuse of the '3-mission' rule:


Callers are encouraged to understand the basic ethos of the Chain Game. One should only call a mission, once the previous caller has completed his/her called mission and posted the new save. That's the basic idea of the chain: a new link can only be attached as long as the previous one is bound. Hence, to call a mission while a previous one is being completed, defeats the entire logic of the chain. In such a case, one can actually wait around and call every 5th mission beforehand, and negate the possibility of others to call the mission. This seems to be a fine loophole of the 3-mission rule, which callers should not exploit. Let's also consider the fact that when a mission/turn is called that the 3 hour timer has started.


(2) Exceptions to the 'One Named Mission' rule:


•"King In Exile"

•"First Date"

•"First Base"

•"Gone Courting"

•"Made in Heaven"


The above missions are all cut scenes in the Catalina strand in the Badlands. The icons for her missions trigger each of these, in sequence, though it is up to the caller to decide which of Catalina's jobs they'd want to pull off. In each such case, the caller should call the cut scene (like "First date") and also the job (e.g.: "Local Liquor Store"). The format should be: Missions: First Date/Local Liquor Store. The caller can't help but do a 'double', so to say, as one can't save after the cut scenes, and in these cases the 'one named mission' rule is exempted.


•"Back to School"

•"Learning to Fly"

•"Boat School"

•"Bike School"


The above vehicular schools are comprised of 'named' tests (e.g.: "Burn and Lap", "Circle the Airstrip", "Land, Sea, and Air", "Stoppie" etc.). Callers should take note that 'named' tests are not equivalent to 'named missions'. Hence, callers should call schools and not particular tests, even though it may seem, for some, to be against the 'one named mission' rule. To call and do one single test, or only a set of two/three tests, would only add confusion to future callers, and be an impediment to the progress of the Chain Game. Callers also note: in the posting format, you should use "Back to School" and "Learning to Fly" and not 'Driving School' and 'Flying School'.


• The 'CV' icon at Wang Auto after "Back to School" and "Yay Ka Boom Boom" are completed


This one's a little different from the first four, as even though an icon appears for Cesar on the map, and you go to the dealership at Doherty, it is not followed by a mission, and instead opens up Cesar's strand at San Fierro. This is different, also, from "Verdant Meadows" because even though the mechanic involved is the same, the latter is a named mission, while this is not. Callers may buy Wang Auto after the completion of "Back to School" or "Yay Ka Boom Boom" (whichever is done later), and this will not be considered as a violation of the 'one named mission' rule. Alternatively, callers may buy it before starting "Zeroing In", if it wasn't purchased beforehand.


(3) Missions exempt from the 'One Named Mission' rule:


• The Chiliad Challenge

• "Verdant Meadows", as mentioned above

• "Fish in a Barrel"

• "Stadiom Events"

• Los Santos Race Tournaments

• San Fierro Race Tournaments

• Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Cars)

• Las Venturas Racing Tournaments (Aircraft)


(4) Non-storyline missions which alter the save names:



• NRG-500

• Zero's Missions

• Cesar's Missions in San Fierro

• Heist Missions in Las Venturas


(5) Other things to keep in mind:


Dating : All callers can help CJ progress with any of the 6 girlfriends in the game. It does not have to be called separately, and if it is, then the '3 hour' rule will apply as always. It is best not to alter CJ physically and instead collect all oysters as soon as possible to make him forever desirable.


Import/Export : All callers are allowed to participate in exporting cars, and this does not have to be called separately. Callers, however, must remain true to the spirit of the Chain Game and only export cars when full earnings can be availed. Do not export damaged cars. Callers can also help by storing cars on the lists beforehand as and when they come across these. The Cheetah and the Huntley are probably best to stock up early.


Turf Wars/Gang Wars : These can be separately called for, and also be completed otherwise. The second round of wars in Los Santos should be completed before "Riot", as this saves a lot of trouble and makes the last few missions speedier. The posting format for these would be: Mission: Gang Wars. Callers should, at all costs, avoid any sort of 'territory glitch'.


Have fun playing!


I would like to thank crazyanurag, ajkhan316', Plaka, Tornado Rex, & wolf68k for helping put this together.

Also thanks to:

OrionSR & pdescobar for the starting save.

meth. for the 100% checklist.

pdescobar for the banner artwork.

Samutz for the [snP] Uploader/Downloader.

pdescobar for the V2 conversion program.

I got the idea for the Chain Game from Orion_SR 08/05.


The officers of the chain game are:







Edited by JAJ

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I will do the first turn..


Major OOPS icon13.gif edit: I missed the "starting save will be posted after the checklist" message. So never mind the turn. blush.gif

Edited by radicell

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Meth's San Andreas 100% Tick Sheet™


LOS SANTOS Beginning Missions


[x] In the Beginning (OrionSR & pdescobar)

[x] Big Smoke (hmvartak)

[x] Ryder (radicell)


Sweet Missions


[x] Tagging Up Turf (girishb)

[x] Cleaning the Hood (Necromancer.)

[x] Drive-Thru (JAJ)

[x] Nines and AKs (girishb)

[x] Drive-By (pdescobar)

[x] Sweet's Girl (radicell)

[x] Cesar Vialpando (GTA Phreak)


Cesar Missions


[x] High Stakes, Low-Rider (girishb)


Ryder Missions


[x] Home Invasion (JAJ)

[x] Catalyst (radicell)

[x] Robbing Uncle Sam (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)


Big Smoke Missions


[x] OG Loc (Necromancer.)

[x] Running Dog (radicell)

[x] Wrong Side of the Tracks (radicell)

[x] Just Business (girishb)


The OG Loc Missions


[x] Life's a Beach (girishb)

[x] Madd Dogg's Rhymes (pdescobar)

[x] Management Issues (GTA Phreak)

[x] House Party (JAJ)


The C.R.A.S.H. Missions


[x] Burning Desire (GTA Phreak)

[x] Gray Imports (minitomo)


Sweet Part 2 Missions


[x] Doberman (Necromancer.)

[x] Los Sepulcros (JAJ)


Los Santos Finale Missions


[x] Reuniting the Families (girishb)

[x] Green Sabre (radicell)



THE BADLANDS THE DESERT[x] Badlands (ryan92)

[x] First Date (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)

[x] King in Exile (radicell)

[x] First Base (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] Gone Courting (Necromancer.)

[x] Made in Heaven (OrionSR)

[x] Wu Zi Mu (JAJ)

[x] Farewell, My Love (Bad~Boy#17)


Catalina Missions


[x] Tanker Commander (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)

[x] Against All Odds (Necromancer.)

[x] Local Liquor Store (OrionSR)

[x] Small Town Bank (Bad~Boy#17)


The Truth Missions


[x] Body Harvest (radicell)

[x] Are You Going to San Fierro (radicell)



Toreno Missions


[x] Monster (GTA Phreak)

[x] HighJack (hmvartak)

[x] Interdiction (radicell)

[x] Verdant Meadows (JAJ)


Airstrip Missions


[x] Learing to Fly (JAJ)

[x] N.O.E. (pdescobar)

[x] Stowaway (girishb)

[x] Black Project (hmvartak)

[x] Green Goo (JAJ)


Steal Car Missions


[x] Zeroing In (radicell)

[x] Test Drive (Necromancer.)

[x] Customs Fast Track (OrionSR)

[x] Puncture Wounds (girishb)


SAN FIERRO Garage Missions


[x] Wear Flowers In Your Hair (girishb)

[x] Deconstruction (JAJ)

[x] 555 WE TIP - San Fierro C.R.A.S.H. (Necromancer.)


Syndicate Missions


[x] Photo Opportunity (girishb)

[x] Jizzy (OrionSR)

[x] T-Bone Mendez (girishb)

[x] Mike Toreno (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] Outrider (girishb)

[x] Snail Trail (OrionSR)

[x] Ice Cold Killa (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] Pier 69 (radicell)

[x] Toreno's Last Fight (pdescobar)

[x] Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (JAJ)



Zero Missions


[x] Air Raid (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] Supply Lines (pdescobar)

[x] New Model Army (Necromancer.)


Woozie Missions


[x] Mountain Cloud Boys (radicell)

[x] Ran Fa Li (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] Lure (JAJ)

[x] Amphibious Assault (hmvartak)

[x] The Da Nang Thang (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)






[x] Fender Ketchup (GTA Phreak)

[x] Explosive Situation (radicell)

[x] You've Had Your Chips (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)

[x] Don Peyote (girishb)

[x] Intensive Care (ryan92)

[x] Misappropriation (zmoonchild)

[x] The Meat Business (girishb)

[x] Scene: Fish in a Barrel (OrionSR)

[x] Madd Dogg (radicell)

[x] Freefall (hmvartak)

[x] High Noon (JAJ)

[x] Saint Mark's Bistro (hmvartak)


Heist Missions


[x] Architectural Espionage (Necromancer.)

[x] Key to Her Heart (hmvartak)

[x] Dam and Blast (radicell)

[x] Cop Wheels (girishb)

[x] Up,Up, and Away (radicell)

[x] Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (Bad~Boy#17)



Mansion Missions


[x] A Home in the Hills (Necromancer.)

[x] Vertical Bird (JAJ)

[x] Home Coming (Necromancer.)

[x] Cut Throat Business (radicell)


Grove Street Missions


[x] Beat Down on B-Dup (JAJ)

[x] Grove 4 Life (Bad~Boy#17)


Riots Missions


[x] Riot (girishb)

[x] Los Desperados (hmvartak)

[x] End of the Line (ryan92 & JAJ)



ODDJOBSVehicle Missions


[x] Vigilante - Level 12 (zmoonchild)

[x] Firefighter - Level 12 (pdescobar)

[x] Paramedic - Level 12 (OrionSR)

[x] Taxi - 50 Fares (OrionSR)

[x] Pimping - Level 10 (girishb)

[x] Burglary (girishb)


Trucking (RS Haul Asset)


[x] Mission 1 (OrionSR)

[x] Mission 2 (OrionSR)

[x] Mission 3 (OrionSR)

[x] Mission 4 (OrionSR)

[x] Mission 5 (OrionSR)

[x] Mission 6 (OrionSR)

[x] Mission 7 (radicell)

[x] Mission 8 (radicell)


Challenge Missions


[x] BMX Challenge (radicell)

[x] NRG-500 Challenge (zmoonchild)


Chiliad Challenge


[x] Race 1 (zmoonchild)

[x] Race 2 (zmoonchild)

[x] Race 3 (zmoonchild)


Gym Missions (learn fighting styles)


[x] Los Santos Gym (radicell)

[x] San Fierro Gym (zmoonchild)

[x] Las Venturas Gym (zmoonchild)




Los Santos


[x] Little Loop (radicell)

[x] Backroad Wanderer (radicell)

[x] City Circuit (radicell)

[x] Vinewood (radicell)

[x] Freeway (radicell)

[x] Into the Country (radicell)


San Fierro


[x] Dirtbike Danger (GTA Phreak)

[x] Banito County (OrionSR)

[x] Go-Go Karting (rubregg)

[x] San Fierro Fastlane (pdescobar)

[x] San Fierro Hills (OrionSR)

[x] Country Endurance (OrionSR)


Las Venturas Airport Freight Depot Races


[x] San Fierro to Las Venturas (radicell)

[x] Dam Rider (zmoonchild)

[x] Desert Tricks (GTA Phreak)

[x] Las Ventuars Ringroad (rubregg)


Las Venturas Airport Races


[x] World War Aces (GTA Phreak)

[x] Barnstorming (GTA Phreak)

[x] Military Service (zmoonchild)

[x] Chopper Checkpoint (OrionSR)

[x] Whirly Bird Waypoint (OrionSR)

[x] Heli Hell (OrionSR)


Shooting Range Challenge


[x] Pistol Challenge (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] SMG Challenge (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] Shotgun Challenge (Bad~Boy#17)

[x] AK-47 Challenge (pdescobar)


Stadium Events


[x] 8-Track (radicell)

[x] Blood Bowl (zmoonchild)

[x] Dirt Track (zmoonchild)

[x] Kickstart (zmoonchild)



Driving School (Gold)


[x] 360 (zmoonchild)

[x] 180 (zmoonchild)

[x] Whip & Terminate (zmoonchild)

[x] Pop & Control (zmoonchild)

[x] Burn & Lap (zmoonchild)

[x] Cone Coil (zmoonchild)

[x] '90' (zmoonchild)

[x] Wheelie Weave (zmoonchild)

[x] Spin & Go (zmoonchild)

[x] P.I.T. Maneuver (zmoonchild)

[x] Alley Oop (zmoonchild)

[x] City Slicking (zmoonchild)


* Back to School mission is completed

the first time through driving school


Bike School (Gold)


[x] 360 (zmoonchild)

[x] 180 (zmoonchild)

[x] Wheelie (zmoonchild)

[x] Jump & Stop (zmoonchild)

[x] Stoppie (zmoonchild)

[x] Jump & Stoppie (zmoonchild)


Boat School (Gold)


[x] Basic Seamanship (GTA Phreak)

[x] Plot a Course (GTA Phreak)

[x] Fresh Slalom (GTA Phreak)

[x] Flying Fish (GTA Phreak)

[x] Land, Sea, and Air (GTA Phreak)


Pilot School (Gold)

[x] Takeoff (JAJ)

[x] Land Plane (JAJ)

[x] Circle Airstrip (JAJ)

[x] Circle Airstrip and Land (JAJ)

[x] Helicopter Takeoff (JAJ)

[x] Land Helicopter (JAJ)

[x] Destroy Targets (JAJ)

[x] Loop-the-Loop (JAJ)

[x] Barrel Roll (JAJ)

[x] Parachute onto Target (JAJ)


Courier Missions


Roboi's Food Mart Asset

[x] Los Santos Stage 1 (girishb)

[x] Los Santos Stage 2 (girishb)

[x] Los Santos Stage 3 (girishb)

[x] Los Santos Stage 4 (girishb)


Hippy Shopper Asset

[x] San Fierro Stage 1 (zmoonchild)

[x] San Fierro Stage 2 (zmoonchild)

[x] San Fierro Stage 3 (zmoonchild)

[x] San Fierro Stage 4 (zmoonchild)


Burger Shot Asset

[x] Las Venturas Stage 1 (zmoonchild)

[x] Las Venturas Stage 2 (zmoonchild)

[x] Las Venturas Stage 3 (zmoonchild)

[x] Las Venturas Stage 4 (zmoonchild)


Quarry Missions (Hunter Quarry asset)


[x] Mission 1 (Necromancer.)

[x] Mission 2 (Necromancer.)

[x] Mission 3 (Necromancer.)

[x] Mission 4 (Necromancer.)

[x] Mission 5 (Necromancer.)

[x] Mission 6 (Necromancer.)

[x] Mission 7 (Necromancer.)




[x] Exports Board - 30 cars

[x] Valet Parking (Vank Hoff Hotel asset) - level 5 (girishb)

[x] Frieght Train - level 2 (JAJ)




Tags (Los Santos)


[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50

[x] 51 [x] 52 [x] 53 [x] 54 [x] 55

[x] 56 [x] 57 [x] 58 [x] 59 [x] 60

[x] 61 [x] 62 [x] 63 [x] 64 [x] 65

[x] 66 [x] 67 [x] 68 [x] 69 [x] 70

[x] 71 [x] 72 [x] 73 [x] 74 [x] 75

[x] 76 [x] 77 [x] 78 [x] 79 [x] 80

[x] 81 [x] 82 [x] 83 [x] 84 [x] 85

[x] 86 [x] 87 [x] 88 [x] 89 [x] 90

[x] 91 [x] 92 [x] 93 [x] 94 [x] 95

[x] 96 [x] 97 [x] 98 [x] 99 [x] 100

(radicell, girishb, JAJ)


Photo Ops (San Fierro)


[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50




Horseshoes (Las Venturas)


[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50

(pdescobar, GTA Phreak, zmoonchild)




[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50

(zmoonchild, pdescobar)



Assets Properties Needed [x] Zero RC Shop (girishb)

[x] Wang Auto (JAJ)


[x] Verdant Meadows Airstrip (JAJ)


Safe House Locations Coordinates from map that came with the game.


Los Santos


[x]D5 - Mulholland (pdescobar)

[x]E4 - Santa Maria Beach (zmoonchild)

[x]E4 - North of Verona Beach (OrionSR)

[x]E5 - El Corona (OrionSR)

[x]E6 - Jefferson (JAJ)

[x]E6 - Willow Field (OrionSR)


Red County


[x] D4 - Blueberry (radicell)

[x] D4 - Dillimore (radicell)

[x] D5 - N.E. of Mulholland (radicell)

[x] C6 - Palomino Creek (radicell)


Bone County / Tierra Robada


[x] B3 - Fort Carson (JAJ)

[x] B1 - El Quebrados (JAJ)

[x] B3 - Left of Kincaid Bridge (JAJ)


San Fierro


[x] C1 - Palisades (radicell)

[x] C1 - China Town (radicell)

[x] C1 - Financial (radicell)

[x] C1 - Queens (radicell)

[x] C1 - Garcia (radicell)

[x] C1 - Doherty (radicell)

[x] D1 - Hashbury (radicell)


[x] E2 - Whetstone (radicell)

[x] F2 - Angel Pine (radicell)


Las Venturas


[x] A4 - White Wood Estates (JAJ)

[x] A5 - Prickle Pine (pdescobar)

[x] A6 - Old Venturas Strip (pdescobar)

[x] A6 - Creek (JAJ)

[x] B5 - North of Airport (JAJ)

[x] B5 - Pirates In Mens Pants (pdescobar)

[x] B6 - The Clown's Pocket (pdescobar)

[x] B6 - Camel's Toe (pdescobar)

[x] B6 - Come-A-Lot (pdescobar)

[x] C6 - Rockshore (JAJ)



Exported Cars
List 1 List 2 List 3
[x]Patriot (OrionSR)

[x]Sanchez (OrionSR)

[x]Stretch (OrionSR)

[x]Feltzer (OrionSR)

[x]Remington (OrionSR)

[x]Buffalo (OrionSR)

[x]Sentinel (OrionSR)

[x]Infernus (OrionSR)

[x]Camper (OrionSR)

[x]Admiral (OrionSR)

[x]Slamvan (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Blista Compact (GTA Phreak)

[x]Stafford (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Sabre (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]FCR 900 (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Cheetah (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Rancher (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Stallion (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Tanker (Bad~Boy#17)

[x]Comet (girishb)

[x]Blade (girishb)

[x]Freeway (girishb)

[x]Mesa (girishb)

[x]ZR 350 (girishb)

[x]Euros (girishb)

[x]Banshee (girishb)

[x]Super GT (girishb)

[x]Journey (girishb)

[x]Huntley (girishb)

[x]BF Injection (girishb)

A request to all players:

Please try to post the completion percentage from the stats after you have completed your turn. This will help in putting together the stats at the end of the round.

Thank You.


Let the Chain Game begin...

Edited by girishb

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Here's the starting save:


Mission: Starting Save

Played by: OrionSR & pdescobar

Link: <GTASnP>



Completion %: 0.00%


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I'll take a turn


Mission: Big Smoke

Called By: hmvartak

Status: Complete

Notes: Respect +, Collected some ammo and money

Completion: 0.53%

Link: http://gtasnp.com/5356


Wow! I got a chance to start the round.


@old members: Where your karma stars gone?

Edited by hmvartak

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I'll go next...


Mission: RYDER

Done by: radicell

Status: Done



Got the Cornrow haircut.

Sprayed Tags - 20.

Did Race Tournaments: Little Loop, City Circle, Into the Country


Link: <Chain Game>

Percentage: 2.67%

Edited by radicell

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@old members: Where your karma stars gone?

Read this.


I'll have a go.........



Called By: girishb

Link: **Click Here**

Status: Complete

Notes: Burglary Missions completed. CJ now has infinite sprint.

Roboi's Food Mart Asset acquired.

Pimping Missions completed.

Sprayed a few tags.

Body Muscle+

Cycling Skill upgraded.

Driving Skill+

Max Health+


Completion: 4.28%


Edited by girishb

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I will do a turn.... biggrin.gif


Mission: Cleaning the hood

Called By: Necromancer.

Link: http://gtasnp.com/5362

Status: Complete!


Hitman in Deagle,M4 and mp5


Tried my hand at racing but failed.confused.gif .Racing's just not my forte,I guess.......

Completion: 4.80%

Edited by Necromancer.

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I'm up next.


Mission: Collecting Oysters

Called By: OrionSR

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: 30 out of 50

Notes: Bought Verdant Bluffs and Verona Beach

Completion: 5.88%

Edited by OrionSR

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Found Stuff List


The Map (Last Update: CG21 -- 100.00% completion)

user posted image


The List (Last Update: CG21 -- 100.0% completion)


Armory Hideouts

  1. At what used to be a small 24-7 in Mulholland
  2. Caligula's Casino (North door from Penthouse to Roof)
  3. Top of the Big Ear antenna
  1. Between 24-7 by Unity Station (called a "69cent store") and unmarked El Quebrados Barber shop; bikes do work both ways but are difficult on the El Que side because the marker is so close to the door
  2. Between unmarked Montgomery Pizza Stack and Whetstone 24-7 (near Angel Pine; "Lure" mission endpoint); bikes work both ways too.
  3. Between LV Binco (N end of strip) and SF Binco (Juniper Hollow); bikes work both ways
  4. Between LS Victim (Rodeo) and SF Victim (Financial)
Special Vehicles
  • BP/DP/EP/FP Forklift in Ganton Garage -- Intended for Nines&AKs Tampa collection
  • BP/FP FBI Truck in Mulholland Garage -- Intended for 4-wheel vigilante
  • BP/FP NOS-equipped Cabbie in Doherty Garage -- Intended for 4-star Taxi
  • BP/DP/EP/FP Sandking in Fort Carson Garage -- Intended for pretty much anything because Sandkings are cool
  • BP/DP/EP/FP Rustler in Airstrip hangar -- Intended for air stunts
  • BP/DP/EP/FP Police Maverick in Airstrip hangar -- Intended for general screwing around; try hovering over Area69 and laughing at the SAM sites
  • BP/FP SWAT in Airstrip garage -- Intended for Vigilante Challenge
  • BP/FP Broadway in Airstrip garage -- Intended for 4-star Pimping
  • BP/DP Tractor in Prickle Pine garage -- Intended for Misappropriation Buffalo collection
  • 4 Engineless NRGs at following garages: Santa Maria Beach, Palomino Creek, ?? and ?? -- Intended for Stunting and Rallies.
New Vehicle Generators
  • NRG500, Mountain Bike, and Nevada atop downtown SF roofs.
  • Jetmax at Fort Carson docks; conflicts with original Speeder so you'll only see one of them at a time.
  • Raindance in El Quebrados
  • FCR-900 and Squalo at Sherman Dam
  • Black Monster by Toreno's Ranch
  • Hotring racer next door to Redsands safehouse
  • Police Maverick on top of Clowns Pocket
  • News Chopper on roof in Roca Escalante
  • Freeway near Blueberry safehouse
  • Hydra on Madd Dogg's mansion
  • Dune in Back O' Beyond
  • Sandking in Angel Pine Trailer Park
  • Super GT by Angel Pine safehouse
  • FBI Truck near Dillimore safehouse
  • PCJ at Chinatown safehouse
  • FBI Truck at Export Crane
  • Monster Truck on Dillimore roof
  • Dune in Tierra Robada
  • BMX on Export Ship
  • NRG by 4 Dragons
  • Maverick on lower Caligula roof
  • Sparrow on High-Roller roof
  • Rustler on 4 Dragons roof
Player References
  1. crazyanurag -- plate on Driving School SuperGT
  2. JAJ -- plate on Black & White Phoenix near Doherty Garage
  3. zmoonchild -- plate on Red Sabre next to Mulholland safehouse; based on Zoom's actual car
  4. girishb -- plate on Blue Jester near Paradiso safehouse
  5. GTA Phreak -- plate on Blue Infernus underwater near Panopticon
  6. hmvartak -- plate on Hotknife near Whitewood safehouse
  7. HerrieM -- plate on Comet near Creek safehouse
  8. rubregg -- plate on Vermillion Cheetah near Rockshore safehouse
  9. radioman -- plate on Silver Turismo near Prickle Pine safehouse
  10. pdescobar -- plate on rosewood Romero in Las Brujas
  11. ryan92 -- plate on red & white Sandking at LS 24-7 Armory
Garage Enhancements
  • Helicopters can be saved on top of Doherty Garage
  • Sweet and Ryder's cars have special commemorative plates when not on a mission. (CHAIN4L & ROUND_21)
  • There is a sunken pirate ship near Toreno's Ranch with a bit of treasure; be careful if diving to it as it's a long way down.
  • The forum version of this game has special "restart traps" to discourage players from saving after being busted/wasted.
Edited by pdescobar

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I'll take a turn


Mission: NRG-500 Challenge (no story missions)

Called by: Zoomzoom (zmoonchild)

Link: http://gtasnp.com/download/5367

Status: completed



All 50 Snapshots Taken.

1 Oyster collected

Santa Maria Safehouse purchased


Also, I didn't realize until after I finished my turn that Orion's link is v1, not v2.

The links prior to that are v2 (except for hmvartak's turn).


I left mine as v1, since I wasn't sure if converting it would affect anything in a bad way.


edit: after I checked my scripts, I realized I was already using v2, so I could have converted the file. my bad blush.gif


Completion: 7.49% Progress Made

Edited by zmoonchild

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I'll take a turn...

Mission: Drive-thru

Called by: JAJ

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: completed


sprayed the remaining tags

purchased Jefferson safe house

Completion %: 9.09%

Edited by JAJ

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Also, I didn't realize until after I finished my turn that Orion's link is v1, not v2.

The links prior to that are v2 (except for hmvartak's turn).


I left mine as v1, since I wasn't sure if converting it would affect anything in a bad way.

The version gtasnp tells you is only the version of the .exe with which the save was created, *not* the version of the actual scripts used. If you could play the save with v2 scripts, then it was a v2 save. The default gtasnp downloads will give you auto-converted-to-v2 saves, and by 'conversion' I mean only the ID of the save file (and its checksum) is changed. This is necessary for v2 players, because v2 won't accept a save with a v1 ID, even if that save was created using v2 scripts. v1 doesn't check the saves' IDs.

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I'll do a quickie.


Mission: NINE'S AND AK'S

Called By: girishb

Link: **Click Here**

Status: Complete

Notes: Mission Passed!


Tried to get the special Tampa during the mission but it got damaged and blew up. I thought it was damage proof. dozingoff.gif


Completion: 9.63%

Edited by girishb

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Sweet, I can take another turn now.


Mission: Paramedic

Called By: OrionSR

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: Complete

Notes: Bought Willowfield

Completion: 10.70%


Sorry it took so long to update my turn. I lost the connection to my ISP for some unknown reason and it took me a while to get things back online.



Edited by OrionSR

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I'll take a turn...




Bug Report /

I can't load any save of this round, they all crash my game

clean re-install helped

Edited by rubregg

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@rubregg: They seem to be loading for me. I'm sure you know the standard procedure -- reinstall the v2 scripts, if that doesn't work, reinstall the whole thing...


@girishb: When collecting the Tampa, make sure you try to do it before you reach the point in the mission when you are told to blow it up. If you wait until then, the proofings are removed. I made that mistake once on the xbox version.


@everyone: Found Stuff List has been transferred over from CG20 and updated.


I'll have a go then


Mission: Drive-By

Called By: pdescobar

Link: http://gtasnp.com/5376

Status: Complete


  • Purchased Mulholland Savehouse
  • Finished Oyster Collection
  • Grabbed 5 Horseshoes
  • Gangster Level on Pistol, Silenced, all shotguns, machine pistol, and AK47.
Completion: 12.30%


Weirdness Alert!

At the end of my turn, I noticed that Burglary markers are active. This occurred both during Drive By and after saving, even in daylight. Anyone know when this started?

user posted image

EDIT: A couple others checked and this seemed to only happen for me. Hopefully it was just random SA weirdness...

Edited by pdescobar

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Yes, I know about running the right scripts, deinstalling all mods etc.

I also rebooted. My other files run, round 20 files run, round 21 beta testers run, round 21 independent play saves run. It's just round 21 (REL) and round 21 (DBG) that'll crash my game, plus all files posted in round 21 so far. mercie_blink.gif



I'll now do a clean re-install.

Edit: ....this helped - phew.

Edited by rubregg

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I'll do a turn (a quick one)...



Done by: radicell

Status: Done



Did the Vinewood race.

Ganton Gym Moves learnt.


Link: <Chain Game>

Percentage: 13.90%

Edited by radicell

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This time I checked the file wink.gif

-> I'll do a turn now...


Mission: Race Tournaments

Called by: rubregg

Link: here

Status: Complete

Completion: 14.97%

Notes: Go Go Karting + LV Ringroad -- Katie is now a girlfriend -- I should stop dying, lost some hitman stats along the way...


Edit: still no burglary markers here

Edited by rubregg

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GTA Phreak

I'll have a go ...



Played by: GTA Phreak

Link: http://gtasnp.com/5381

Progress: 16.04%


Completed Barnstorming (with a couple of failures)

Spotted a Dune in Back O Beyond which doesn't seem to be on the current map.

Pimped out the Savanna (Ganton garage)

Edit: Forgot that I collected a couple of horseshoes too.

Edited by GTA Phreak

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I'll do a quickie again. wink.gif



Called By: girishb

Link: **Click Here**

Status: Complete

Notes: Mission Passed!



Completion: 16.58%


Edited by girishb

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If Ryan doesn't beat me to it, I'll take the next turn.


Mission: 4 Star Racing

Called By: OrionSR

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: 1st


  • San Fierro Hills
  • Country Endurance
  • Bandito Country
  • Collected BP Vehicle (in Verdant Bluffs garage)
Completion: 18.18%


Edit: I forgot to add that I "found" a Mt Bike on top of a building in downtown SF. I'm sure Phreak found this one the previous round anyway, but I think it was only mentioned in the off-topic lounge. Anyway, I'd like to get this vehicle on the map, or at least on the list.

Edited by OrionSR

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If Ryan doesn't beat me to it, I'll take the next turn.

Haha. I was only on for 1 minute then I had to go. I'll try to take a turn later. I got to do a paper on The Beatles for guitar class First.

Edited by ryan92

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I'll take a turn

sorry, forfeit.

a truck landed on top of C.J. and wouldn't move, then he slowly got wasted; I couldn't get out from underneath. I don't have enough time right now to start over.

Edited by zmoonchild

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I'll take a turn...

Mission: Home Invasion

Called by: JAJ

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: completed


respect gained mission reward

Hitman level for 9mm Pistol, Ak-47 & Machine Pistol

two saves; no crashes

Completion %: 18.72%

Edited by JAJ

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Me again... colgate.gif


Mission: OG Loc

Called By: Necromancer.

Link: http://gtasnp.com/5394

Status: Complete

Notes: Complete

Hitman in AK-47,Combat Shotgun and Sawn-off shotgun.


Completion: 19.35%

Edited by Necromancer.

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I'll take a turn.



Called By: girishb

Link: **Click Here**

Status: Complete

Notes: Mission Passed!



Completion: 19.79%


Edited by girishb

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I'll do a turn..



Done by: radicell

Status: Done



8-Track done, $10000.


Link: <CG21>

Percentage: 20.85%

Edited by radicell

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I'll have a go.


Mission: Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Called By: pdescobar

Link: http://gtasnp.com/5397

Status: Complete


  • Was gonna do some 4-star stuff but that failed miserably
  • Hitman on remaining weapons (silenced pistol & chrome shotgun)
  • Completed Firefighter
  • Brightened up CJ's outfit
  • Saved in Verona Beach
Completion: 21.93% Edited by pdescobar

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