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Vice City txd + dff


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Hey all


I've been mucking around with this modding thing for awhile now (a few months), and I've hit a snag.


I've started to construct my hometown, to completely replace Vice City. The only way I've found to do this (without crashing the game) is to create all my own models from scratch (road, trees, everything), and then add them into the map.


I use Sketchup to model the objects, then export as .3ds and import this into ZModeler 1. From there, I texture the model (UV mapping etc), then export the .dff and .x files. Then I follow the usual paths to get the model into the game.


All this works, and I can get a solid model into the game without it crashing. The only problem I have is the model has no texture. I've added the texture I used in ZModeler to a .txd and set the object in MEd to use that .txd. But the model shows up in game as transparent. When I use a different texture (like generic.txd), the model appears grey.


I've tried texturing in Sketchup, and when I export as .3ds and import to ZModeler, the texture is retained. Somewhere between Zmodeler and MEd, something goes bung.


My question is:


How I can make the model appear with the right texture in the game?


It's the only thing thats holding me up with this mod sad.gif


Heres a list of programs I'm using:




Steve-m's CollMaker and Collision File Editor (I might've renamed these)

TXD Workshop

Spooky's IMG Tool



Cheers to anybody that can help me smile.gif

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whats up Buddy, i dont know the answer to that question. ive been using sketchup for about a year and i wanna do the same sh*t. any pointers would help. thx-

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I dont use zmodeler or sketchup, but I have seen some maps from sketchup imported in 3ds max... and I can say sketchup sucks cuz it makes files hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh poly...

my suggestion: stop using sketchup straight away... this probbably has nothing to do with your problem, but u wouldnt even face it if ya used 3ds max or zmodeler (I suggest 3ds max)...

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Bumping this thread, I too would like to know how to get textures working in game.


If anyone knows how to do what is said above, don't be afraid to let us know how to do it!!!

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When modelling in Zmodeler, you need all the textures in TGA format (vertically flipped) in the same folder where your DFF is. As simple as that.

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never ported models from sketchup to vice..


the textures in the txd must be the same name as the one you applied

or game crashes because you probably forgot to create the COL (solid part)

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