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Signature Request


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Name: Stefan C.


Size: 500 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall (basically, the full signature size limit).


Theme: I would like a screenshot of Christiano Ronaldo celebrating after a goal for Manchester United. Any picture would do. Try to write my name in Arial Font, but in a gold colour.


Resources: None.


Colour: Well, the colour of the font should be gold.


Additional: None


Well, this is my first request, and I've tried to keep it within the rules and guidlines.


Thanks in advance. biggrin.gif

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Well here's my first ever attempt at making somebody else a sig.

Sorry if it's not what you wanted. I couldn't really get the gold colour right, or the actual render because I'm not very good at that haha. Anyway here you go.

Edit: Oops, I didn't read what name you wanted. You can discard this one.


user posted image





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