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Global Multimod by Capushon

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Partial Babel Fish Translation


In English:

Thus, they went:

+++ since the beginning of the new game - is opened entire state.

+++ many stores of house and interiors - are opened already since the beginning of the game, but not all, for the correct work.

+++ of money with start 50000. health and armor - are established on the maximum (250 un.).

+++ activated all possible garages and houses in the game.

+++ activated the street wars of bands since the beginning of the game.

+++ for the street wars - is now accessible all settlings on the map.

+++ removed almost entire weapon, which could be found on the earth.

+++ majorities is specific weapon now can be only purchased, or conquered.

### in the stores of ammunition - to the standard I added see weapons - new: 1. tear gas 2. incendiary bottle 3. grenade discharger 4. grenade discharger with auto-guidance 5. flamethrower 6. six-barrel machine gun 7. Of balonchik with paint 8. samurai sword 9. gasoline-powered saw 10. Night vision device 11. Instrument of the thermal vision

### raised price of the weapon.

### price of the weapon now koleblitsya, depending on your abundance.

###. its weapon now can be sold to any passer-by, if it does not refuse. Vzavisimosti from the mood - man it begins to burn on the bands and kopam.

### with the search - percentages in the bank are not added to.

+++ retention for 2shch000$.

+++ is opened entire map of state with all marks of objects (author of the code: Seemann).

+++ between the cities, now it is possible to see the actually flying aircraft. (idea, altman. Realization is my.)

### the angle of camera "in the auto-" now the same as was in Vice City, so it is considerably more convenient.

### we color from balonchika for the paint, any passing machine.

### around the city was added several springboards.

### retaining sprint on the bicycle - now it is possible to go much more rapid.

### the car theft is now considerably complicated.

### with the collision with another machine on the crossband at the high speed - you will be able to take pleasure by the form of "spectacular" emergency. Idea (but not modes!): ©.Zibatop.

### now simultaneous pressure "back" and "brake" lead to the instantaneous stoppage.

### near the house Of sidzheya, now is located observation tower with the hour, which if necessary will resist of the police the enemy bands, which were taken away closely to the house. Also on the tower ustanovlenno of 2 machine guns, which it is possible to use.

### is changed the exterior view of Karl since the beginning of the new game, now it in the cap, the glasses, the sports shirt...

### to make a photograph of screen, is possible in any place (without the camera).

+++ to preserve game now is possible in any place, - it will after this work in the the gavnoye! ; -)))

+++ in the menu it is possible to select any mission of game, on the name (it is imperatively recommended only for the tests).

+++ to machines is necessary gasoline in all in the state of 22 gasoline pumps. in the aircraft, the boats and the missions - the expenditure of gasoline is not considered.

### on some gasoline pumps in the region of washing, it is possible to purchase the following: 1. repair of damages 2. armored skin 3. armored casings 4. improved controllability 5. super- controllability 6. installation of machine guns (for the shooting - the right button of mouse) price flexibly depends on much, on your abundance, the cost of machine itself, level of search and so forth, etc.

+++ all machines "can" the afterburner (with its use - gasoline "ot"edayetsya "much more rapid). if in the fuel tank it is too small gasoline - afterburner automatically is disconnected so that yuzer could arrive at the nearest gasoline pump.

+++ Hekotorye high-speed machines - "umeyeyut" to be transformed into the aircraft (hydroplane) and vice versa.

+++ all restaurants of fastfud (znachek of gamburgera) - propose fast food directly in the machine, it begins to feel sick after 10 portions of food - Karl.

+++ of the below right side of the screen now is located analog speedometer, the level of gasoline and damages.

### Ha radar, by the yellow square always of otmechenna the nearest from you gasoline pump.

### when in the machine concludes gasoline - you hear signal and see this on the indicator.

### aircraft (hydroplane) - has its autopilot! for vklyucheniya/otklyucheniya - "brake"

### Ha radar, by the yellow marks of machines, ukazanny of the place of sale of transport (them on the state - 12), there it is possible to purchase any form of transport, so it is possible to learn the names of machines, and to immediately and ottyuningovat' (skin, the color, nitro, disks, spoilers and so forth.)

### all machines is now equipped safety system, i.e., if your machine caught fire - to the explosion of machine, you automatically ejects from it catapult.

### with the search 2- X and more than stars - all bridges, garages and doors of state are shut, on the roads sometimes the police surrounds and blocks roads by shafts, machines, barrages and so forth, etc. In air on you "hunt" istribiteli.

### if you arrested with the 1st, or 2-mya stars - the after release, your weapon will remain with you, in other cases - as it is earlier, in you they will take away it.

### Hovoe the behavior of the police: if after obtaining sequential star we behave normally (we do not shoot, nothing we divide), and next there is no police - very soon they after each other snimyatsya, independent of the time of day.

### if the police notes in you weapon - you risk to obtain 2 stars of search. Exception is the carrying of kosteta, baseball bits, billiard cue, knife and other, trivial it is specific.

+++ if your machine overturned upside down, it it is possible to return to the wheels of key "brake".

+++ after ringing on the telephone - it is possible to hire malicious bodyguard why "malicious"? Try... It knows how to drive with you on the taxi, to assume from you weapon.

### Hajatiem of key "action" - to bodyguard it is possible to transmit its weapon of

### Hajatiem of key "to squat" - it is possible to call bodyguard to itself.

### above of radar now is reflected the status of the health of bodyguard. inscription originally has green color - the health of bodyguard within the standard (more than 400 un.), yellow - the shaken health and finally red - your bodyguard pogibnet(esli certainly you will not soon supplement to yourselves, but to avtomatichesti and to it health).

### on the level of health depends the gait of bodyguard.

### in house CJ (in the utility cabinet) it is possible to store money and to take them in the necessary time.

### any play automaton in the game, now has alternative designation, it it is used as bankomat. after approaching it, it is possible to lie down to the calculation of money and to remove them in the necessary time - kavisha "action"

### the greater the money on the calculation - the higher the percentage in the hour of your income if player decides to use cunning and to be defended somewhere, in the hope that then he will earn more than money - it will operate "zasrantseulavlivatel'" and percentage to be added to for the "simple" not will be.

### Izredko to you can be encountered terrorist, or terrorist, they will attempt you to kill (well and not only you), the weapon of terrorist can be the most different, from are rolled - to the grenade discharger if you perish from its hands - you you lose entire your available amount! use bankomatami, or you store money in the house.


### of the menu of the call of taxi the accessible to line taxi:

-------- in Los Of santos of ---- 1 - beach Santa Mary 2 - play automata 3 - gymnasium 4 - store ammunition 5 - bister - burger 6 - barbershop, to tatu, bister 7 - Sportkompleks 8 - Velopark 9 - the salon of clothing urva.n 10 - Azroport of Los santos 11 - coloring and modification 12 - the house of s.zh.

-------- into San Fiyerro of ---- 1 - auto-school 2 - Diskoklub 3 - gymnasium 4 - the ammunition, bister, hair-cutting 5 - clothing binko and bister 6 - Ddezhda urva.n and to tatu 7 - Sportkompleks 8 - sale of machines 9 - sale of aircraft 10 - Azroport dignity fiyerro 11 - sale of machines 12 - sale of the boats

-------- into Las Of venturas of ---- 1 - Motoshkola 2 - Stripklub 3 - gymnasium 4 - store is ammunition 5 - Billiards- bar 6 - Pparikmakherskaya and to tatu 7 - Sportkompleks 8 - the casino h of dragon 9 - the salon of clothing and bister 10 - Azroport of las of venturas 11 - auto-modification 12 - sale of the boats

+++ it is possible to be rolled not only on to taksti, if in the hands you do not have weapon - you can sit down by passenger into any auto-, after harvesting near it "action". by keys "forward" and "back", it is possible to assign the speed of the motion of machine.

### for activating of shooting, yedya by passenger - to harvest shot.

### in the game now is the possibility to derive on zkran the line of status with the coordinates of player (X y z), of ulol of turning, the quantity of life, armor, damages of the auto-, the code color painting of machine in the numbers, and also number and the name of the current interior and region. Coordinates have fractional separators, which can be useful to modmeykeram.

+++ in the regime "administrator" - it is possible to change time in the game.

+++ in the regime "administrator" - it is possible to change weather in the game.

### in the regime "administrator" - it is possible "to dress" dzhetpak being located where conveniently.

+++ in the regime "administrator" - it is possible to include "free motion", also, for several seconds, it is possible to move Karl with the aid of the cursor into any point on the map! (if certainly you you find the start of regime "administrator").

+++ He we get tired from the run, if health is more than 100, or the mission of medical orderly is passed.

### if health is more than 50 - it slowly is restored to the maximum (healing of wounds), if it is less - slowly it drops to zero (player it perishes from the loss of the blood). Idea ©.Seemann.

+++ in the police machine, and motorcycles - works the "ejection of shafts" for the road, this is very useful, when it is necessary to leave from the pursuit - your persecutors no longer can you overtake on the pierced slopes...

+++ in koktelya is hammer (bottle with the combustible mixture) - now there is an alternative application on kavishe "action". +++ is a possibility of time dilation both to the machine and on foot.

### in the game now is my firm; -) the system of bonusov, i.e., izredko on pavements, to you will fall the ob'emnaya inscription gta3, after taking which - you will obtain "prize" as good, so possibly and not very. Bonusy now one cannot fail to note - they simply do not shine as in was into Vays To siiti - they twinkle by all colors of rainbow. Here is the list of vsekh(poka) of bonusov:

--- good of --- 1. increase in capital doubly! 2. money from 10 to y00000$ 3. of armored auto- 4. Dzhetpak 5. removed all stars of the search

--- Heojidannye of --- 1. tele-port into the random place. 2. journey in Liberty to siti

--- He very good of --- 1. Of bonus explodes, the viability - shch0khshch0 2. Of bonus facilitates your pockets to 25000 3. stars of search 4. Ha time in the city nachinaye 5. in you they take away entire weapon 6. in you they take away entire clothing

+++ change in mission vigilante: to now the mission of policeman it is possible begin in the police machine, and to continue in any the drugoy(boleye of rapid for example), although in you vertol.ete, it is necessary only to change seats tuda...

+++ now, with the passage of podmissiy: 1. taxi driver 2. of medical orderly 3. of fire 4. messenger of pitstsy 5. of machinist of zlektrovoza 6. of pilferer 7. of the policeman

### new bonus with the ride at the high speed - BONUS FOR THE SPEED RECORD.

### now ALL timers of missions can be discarded with pressure "Y".

### now on the jumps, the sizes of rates depend on your kollichestva of money in the pockets (idea Seemann).

+++ Of iyeper' of "dal'noboi" sometimes drive with the trailers.

+++ if we yedya on the motorcycle harvest "Signal"(2 s.) - it will be possible to shoot directly from it at the sides without arising vspomogatel'.yuo - use the keys for the turning of camera to the right and to the left.

+++ flying in dzhetpake, now it is possible to accelerate time, - press for the the ztogo: "to squat".

+++ near having now the house of sidje4 taken marker - it is possible to neglect test to the fitness of all models of transport in the game, this is much more convenient than after replacing one machine of another - to drive on the hour by each in Glucks's searches. on the expediency of using this test - to judge to you, 4 I do not insist...

+++ with the arrest, Karl sometimes falls into the camera in the police station.

### being sponsor for the lattice - you obtain prison form.

+++ the garage of the buying up of machines into the dignity -fiero, is designated by the mark of machine on the map, there you will be able to sell your auto- price strongly it depends on the model of transport and on its damages.

+++ all missions of street races - is now accessible since the beginning of the game.

+++ are activated the street wars of bands since the beginning of the game, are accessible all settlings on the map.

### the armament of bands can be the most different.

### if you on # COPBIKE - the police not you touches.

+++ added the pick-up- generators of money in some places of state. This, perhaps everything which for me was possible to recall after the year of the work on the mode, possible to there eat something, etc.... The activity code and commands as a whole is optimized, is possible small increase in the speed of the game of modes it is copied from "zero" - 8 times.


--- ON FOOT of --- To sozranit' the game:

(In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" the photograph of the screen: (In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" the call of the bodyguard: (In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" the call of the taxi: (In THE MENU): Sprint + the "answer YES" to sit down by passenger into any machine (near the machine): "action" to transmit weapon to the bodyguard: "action" (2 s.) To call bodyguard (if it is far from you): "to squat" (1 s.) Selection of the mission: (In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" to interrupt the mission: (In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" the high leap: "action" + "leap" (2 s.) to stand vpotnuyu, facing the obstacle. Nitro- acceleration (in dzhetpake): "to squat" the fiery circle (koktelem it is hammer): "action"

--- Into AUTO- --- Zapiraniye/otkrytiye Of the doors: "signal" to return machine to the wheels: "brake" the ejection of shafts for the road: "signal" + "answer YES" (2 s.) Transformation of machine into the aircraft (and vice versa): "action" (not in all machines!). To vklyuchit'/otklyuchit' siren, the possibility of shooting from the motorcycle: "signal" (2 s.) To vklyuchit'/otklyuchit' the headlight: "answer YES" The afterburner: "shooting" Bystreye/medlenneye (with poyeedke by passenger): "forward", "back" shooting from "PATRIOT", "BARRAKS" and "FBITRUC": "shooting".

--- in THE AIR TRANSPORT of --- To vklyuchit'/otklyuchit' the autopilot: "brake" To vklyuchit'/otklyuchit' the magnet: "brake" (only in the helicopters!). Bomb release: the "following radio station"

--- EVERYWHERE of --- time dilation: "sprint" + "answer NO" Vklyucheniye/otklyucheniye of the line of status: (In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" the form of camera on top: (In THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES" the call of the description of new functions (in THE MENU): Sprint + "answer YES"

--- in THE REGIME ADMINISTRATOR, ON FOOT --- a change in the time: "action" + the "previous weapon" and "sleduyueye weapon" a weather change: "action" + "answer YES" and "answer HET" Dzhetpak: "action" + "answer NO" (2 s.) Free peredvezheniye in the space: "action" + "shooting"

Start of regime the administrator: IT IS BLOCKED vsvyazi with its incorrect use by yuzerami, and by excess bagami because of this.



not all words went through but some of you can get an idea of what this is about

sounds really good, I'll make a selection of my fav. features later on


Edited by Tennesse

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Phuck yeah! This mod is dope. Props to Capushon.

Being able to walk into a balla's house and slay their whole crew is always a good stress reliever.


Crashes for me on occasion tho.



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