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cant get in car


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hi. i downloaded a mclaren f1 supercar. it only had ped front seat dummy so i opened it in 3dmax9 and added the back seat dummy so people could use the rear seats just behind the driver but the peds/homies just keep running at the car and cant seem to enter it. i have tried adding rear door dummys and even dummys for the doors as there are no rear doors and even changed the handling flag to miss the door out altogether but they still wont get in the back? im out of ideas so can anyone help me out with this please. thanks for your time smile.gif

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Col.file need to be updated. All cars are not supposed to be 4 doors. Especially a F1 McLaren, lol.

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thanks for reply. if its down to the col them there is nothing i can do, cant ever seem to get cols working for sa, not with max9 or col editor? thanks anyway

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