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Hi all, i am having problems with the mission in GTA: SA (PC version) called Wu-Zi-Wu, its loading up and playing the video where Carl meets Woozie to do the street race, but after the video all am getting is a black screen, and if i press pause and then resume am still getting a black screen but i can now here a radio station. Has any body else had this problem and how can i solve it so i can continue with the game.


THanks a lot.

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Did you purchase the game in the shop or downloaded it from the Internet? Did you put any mods in the game?

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did u install a mod or somehting like that changed something in the game so tell us cuz it can be the thing that crash ur game?!

any way try to download an other save

or start the game again

or unisntall the game i don't really now what u have done with the game so i can't help u much lol confused.gif


hope i helped u cya!?

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