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I made a Album Cover


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Keep practicing, try to get the text aa'd, work on feathering and cutting (they are pretty decent). If you want that symbol to stand out, you may want to give it a border.


The best way to get better at photoshop, imo, is to look at other album covers, images, etc, and try to emulate them. The point is it improves what you are able to do, making it easier for you to convey your message in the future.

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The text is really bad, it's too choppy looking like Reincarnated was saying. You need to turn on Anti Aliasing for that if it isn't on. It looks like you resized it with the selection tool, and not the font size as well, that will make it look like that.


Then, the bottom text has the same problem as well, and the pattern you put over it makes it blend in too much.


Also, the guys on the left don't match it much at all. And the tribal wing thing behind the top guy has too sharp of a contrast against the flames. The main bigger guy on the right side looks like too fuzzy and noisy of a picture to fit in as well.


Over all, out of 10, and basing this on if I were to see this on an album at the store, I'd give it a 3/10.

It's a decent design, but the way it was done just doesn't look smooth enough. This looks like something some one on the street would have printed out on standard printer paper, cut out with scissors and put inside one of those slim CD cases with a burnt CD inside that has a marker label on it. Very shotty and low quality.

Picolini is now Pico


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i see what you guys are talking about oh yea @picolini..that slim case street thing is exactly what this album is going to be lol


oh yea what about my sig?

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