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Help with mission "Cesar Vialpando".


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Hi I don't how how to upload saved games, if someone can tell me that wud be good.


The most important thing I just started playing GTa San Andreas and am stuck at mission Cesar Vialpando. I am playing at PC so some can tell me how to clear this mission.


I lock the hyraulic suspension by capslock , the car also hops but never got a point for it. Trying ny best to do it at the same at time as the arrow is in the circle.


Pls Help.


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Go here, upload it, post it and wait for someone to play it.




Use NUM 2, NUM 4, NUM 6 and NUM 8 for separate hydro presure

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Use the numpad keys corresponding to the arrows showing at the bottom of the screen. Timing and agility are important. Press the proper key when the arrow is exactly in the circle.

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