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The Mission Help Index




The Mission Help Index


This Index was created partly to preserve the links to the many important topics posted in the Mission Help forum, and partly to deal with the long-existing clutter of pinned topics the forum has experienced. The Index shall be regularly updated and should be consulted for the best available information at Mission Help. Also, if you're new to the forum, we highly recommend reading the Mission Help Rules & F.A.Q. (http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=208616) topic.


This is not a topic for discussion. Please contact the topic-starter or the moderating team to report any omissions or mistakes, to suggest changes or for any other questions. All suggestions are welcome.





Topic Title Starter First Page Current Page Description
The Chain Game Rallies rubregg Here Here Go hardcore and join several Chain Game vets in tearing through SA by taking part in custom rallies and help design new ones. This, friends, is cool school.
Completing v2 SNP requests using v1 pdescobar Here Here This 'converter' program allows v2 owners to use saves played on by v1 players using v2 scripts, by patching the savefile ID. A must for all helpers using v1.
Demarest's SA Code Tools Demarest Here Here Includes Mission Passers, Pillager and Rebirth. Make sure to use WinZip for best results.
Easy script switcher [PC] rubregg Here Here Tired of having to manually switch scripts for script mods or to play v2 saves? Here's the solution!
GTAForums' Mission Guides ajkhan316` Here Here Instructional guides, mostly exclusive to GTANet, providing thorough information on passing even the most frustrating of missions. Check out the video guides, dedicated side-missions' guides and maybe learn a few new tricks...
Mission Tips Wolf68k Here Here Need a quick tip to get past a mission in SA? This is the place to look. See the variety of nifty solutions and contribute some of your own.
Save N' Play CJ Wolf68k Here Here This is fun thread for helpers to post pictures of CJ, as they find him while doing SnPs. Remember, stick to the rules!
The Chain Game Hall of Fame rubregg Here Here The good ol' Chain Game, started by JAJ. You haven't experienced MH if you haven't taken part in this popular thread. This topic lists the links to all past Chain Games, beginning from the first one in February, 2006, along with the list of players on each one.
Way For V2 Users To Do V1 SnPs Unlimited Here Here A quick and easy way for v2 players to see how they can play on v1 saves.


You'll Never Walk Alone

Edited by crazyanurag

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This topic will help you how to pass the mission "Driving School: City Slicking" by 100% (Gold). Just watch the video introduced in this topic,watch carefully,do as I did,then you're about to pass the mission by 100%.


No cheats were used in the video. The video was created by me. And as you can see,that blip-map have gang territories,that's because of the "Cheat Menu" which I'm using. Be sure that you're great in racing or you won't pass the "City Slicking" mission.




For the players who are not pro in racing, practice racing first,and use "Super GT" car because that car will be used in "City Slicking". Make sure that you can handle the handling of Super GT because its handling in drifting is too bad,but its acceleration and top speed is great. For pro's in racing,feel free to finish the mission "Driving School: City Slicking" by watching this gameplay(by me).





After you've watched the video,go finish it,and I'm sure it'll be 100% (Gold). Make sure that you do as I did in the video. But watch the road,there are some ped's car on your way. If you've completed this mission,you may ignore it! Thanks for viewing,and have fun!

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Hello friend how are you, here I was writing 10 of the hardest missions in GTA San Andreas on my thinking along trick how to solve it, we just started curious.


10. Air Raid

Description: Berkley that is a competitor of Zero is always lost in the exhibition race, have resentment at Zero. He wants to destroy the existing transmitter building roof Zero-owned toy store. Your mission is to save the transmitter from being destroyed by small aircraft with weapons Minigun Berkley. There are so many small aircraft coming from all directions. You are required to protect at least one transmitter for 1 minute 30 seconds so that it can be said of the mission is complete.

How to finish:

1. Always look at the radar because that is the best sign of where the directions will come.

2. Look for the nearest plane and get ready to shoot.

3. Note the planes coming in groups, not to escape because if the planes coming in groups have all escaped, they would drop bombs that can blow up a transmitter.

4. Besides, you're fired on the arriving aircraft. Zero to help to extinguish burning transmitter.

5. Always be on the alert, concentration and do not get complacent at all.


9. Cesar Vialpando

Description: The main points are on a mission 'Cesar Vialpando' is you will be introduced to the existing features in GTA San Andreas PC games, namely vehicle modding. In addition, you will meet a partner that is important to be with buddies in subsequent missions, he did not not and none other than Cesar.

How to finish:

There are three possible players can not complete this mission, namely:

1. Do not understand how to play the mini-games are contested.
2. Players do not know what the control is supposed to be used.
3. Video Card or the so-called VGA less qualified players.

Therefore, we will discuss each one of these issues carefully. In order better understood buddy, pal please follow fairly long explanation on resolving problems that arise through below.

1. Do not understand how to play the mini-games are contested.
This mini-game is actually quite easy to play, just need a little understanding is not it? This mini-game is a mini-game for the lowrider car show his dancing ability. Quite interesting indeed, the car can ride downward, upward and laterally. However, the core of the mini-games are pal required to be able to press a combination of different direction quickly and precisely.

As usual, the first thing you do first to complete this mission is of course to come home Sweet in Ganton, then you will be asked to go to Unity Station. Once you arrive at your destination, look for manifold lowrider cars near there. Then go to the garage, and start the car modification in order to be included into the mini-game, by giving Hydraulics modifications on the car. If you have, you can get together with the gang lowrider to participate in the race.
2. Players do not know what controls should be used.
In this second problem, the players do not know how to play a mini-game, especially control should be used/is pressed. Sometimes there are up even frustrating to hit a keyboard key at random. Actually, it's okay if you just want to basically try it. But you should do is press the buttons according to the direction as follows below:



1. 4+8/top left, 8/up, 8+6/right above.
2. 4/left, 6/right.
3. 4+2/lower left, 2/below, 2+6/bottom right.


The numbers in the image above is the key combination that you must press in the direction that there is on the race. You need to know is that number using numbers numlock, if the PC keyboard general, you will not be hard to find, but if you play using a laptop, you have to press Fn + NumLk (Num Lock) in order to suppress the numbers num lock on keyboard. Depending on the brand of laptop you use.

For timing issues, which obviously you have to press a button as accurate as possible so that the final point you can get points and beat the opponent. The characteristics you get points is that you get a rating like, "Good", "Excellent" and "Perfect". Try to get a minimum rating "Bad".


3. Video Card or the so-called VGA less qualified players.


And last but not least, a lack of good VGA certainly make buddy to play the game GTA San Andreas PC be broken or the term lag. However, you can get around this by lowering the quality of the graphics in the game setting. Here's a picture that you can follow so that the quality of game graphics is minimal.




8. Madd Dogg

Description: Madd Dogg wants to end his life because his career has been ruined since the OG Loc get rhyme book. CJ tried to calm by saying he would be the new manager.

How to finish:

1. Do not move the pick-up time of Madd Dogg jumps to the ground floor of the building.

2. We recommend using the sidewalk and the road shoulder on the way to Ivory Towers drivethru Mental Clinic. Better than being hit by other vehicles.

Edited by Aldi Rizqi Marwansyah

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