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Test Track and Trial by Dirt.


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Well I completed Test Track and got a time of 2:44, then I completed Trial by Dirt and got a time of 2:06.


Both of them in my stats said 2:44, so I did Trial by Dirt again and got a time of 1:52.


Both still said 2:44 in my stats so I did Test Track again and got a time of 2:31.


Now Test Track says 2:31 and Trial by Dirt is 2:44.


The problem is I can't complete Trial by Dirt again. It's too hard with the rain...


I am on 99% completion and I think this glitch is stopping the 100%. Am I screwed?

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Yes you have the bug, as long as you have a time for both in the stats, the game counts it--- you are missing something else....


Check the link in my sig-- (rifle range after "the shootist" is most commonly missed)-- it is a 100% checklist but pared down to just what could possibly be left if you were stuck at 99%-- it has a checklist to check your stats with and another checklist for things that are NOT in your stats-- but gives ways to check them-- this has helped a lot of people get 100%.




if you are playing on PC-- upload your save.

Edited by Spuds725
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Try this guide: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...0entry3403445


I think you missed the assassination contracts, the "Distribution", and some of the R3 level mission like "Taxi".



C.L.Chong’s 100% Tic Sheet™ (Edited-- Only listing items that should be in your stats)


Assassination Contracts

[_] Assassination Contracts Complete 5 out of 5



[_] Checkpoint Charlie time in your stats


R3 Missions

[_] Taxi Driver- at least 100 Fares

[_] Paramedic Level 12

[_] Pizza Boy Level 10

[_] Firefighter at least Level 12

[_] Vigilante at least Level 12


Street Races

[_] Terminal Velocity time in your stats

[_] Ocean Drive time in your stats

[_] Border Run time in your stats

[_] Capital Cruise time in your stats

[_] Tour! time in your stats

[_] V.C. Endurance time in your stats



[_] Cone Crazy time in your stats

[_] PCJ Playground time in your stats

[_] Test Track time in your stats

[_] Trial By Dirt time in your stats


Chopper Checkpoints

[_] Ocean Beach time in your stats

[_] Little Haiti time in your stats

[_] Vice Point time in your stats

[_] Downtown time in your stats


Top Fun Vans

[_] RC Bandit Race time in your stats

[_] RC Baron Race time in your stats

[_] RC Raider Pickup time in your stats


Hyman Memorial Stadium

[_] HoTring (first place)

[_] DIRTring time in your stats

[_] BLOODring time in your stats



[_] The Malibu Club

[_] Print Works

[_] Kaufman Cabs

[_] Boatyard

[_] Ice Cream Factory

[_] Film Studio

[_] Sunshine Autos

[_] Pole Position

[_] Ocean Heights

[_] Links View Apartments

[_] 1102 Washington Street

[_] 3321 Vice Point

[_] Skumole Shack

[_] El Swanko Casa

[_] Hyman Condo



[_] 35 Rampages completed


Unique Jumps

[_] 36 Unique Jumps completed


Hidden Packages

[_] 100 Hidden packages found


Stores to Rob

[_] Stores Knocked off 15 of 15




C.L.Chong’s 100% Tic Sheet™

(edited-- everything that is not in stats that is required for 100%, all side missions strings, all non required businesses listed)


Juan Garcia Cortez

[_] All Hands On Deck-- Verify this by lack of an icon at Marina. Also, his big boat will be gone, and the gates to the piers will be open.


Final Mission

[_] Keep Your Friends Close-- Verify-- Hunter at fort baxter if 100 hidden packages NOT done, will also be at Ocean Beach helipad if 100 hidden packages ARE done.


Love Fist

[_] Publicity Tour-- Verify this by lack of an icon at radio station downtown


Big Mitch Baker

[_] Hog Tied-- Verify by lack of an icon at Biker Bar near downtown.


Interglobal Film Studio

[_] G-Spotlight -- Verify this if Film studio generating money


Umberto Robina

[_] Trojan Voodoo-- Verify by lack of an icon at cafe in Little Havanna


Auntie Poulet

[_] Dirty Lickin's-- Verify by lack of an icon a shack in Little Haiti-- and Haitians shoot at you when you are in Little Haiti.


Kaufman Cabs

[_] Cabmaggedon--Verify this if Kaufman Cabs is generating money.


Phil Cassidy

[_] Boomshine Saigon-- Verify this-- 4 heavy weapons available for purchase at Phils Place.


Sunshine Autos

[_] Garage 4 List complete-- verify this if the Hotring racer is upstairs


Pole Position

[_] Spend at least $300 at the Pole Position-- verify this if Pole Position is generating money.


Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

[_] Distribution- Verify this if Cherry Poppers is generating money.



[_] Shooting Range (score of 45)-- gives you fast reload-- you can verify only if you know the difference between fast and normal reload-- you should be able to fire 3 rockets (with the rocket launcher) in 1 second with fast reload-- if its slower then this, you likely don't have the shooting range done.  Also, when firing a SMG-- there is a long pause when you empty a clip and you can see the animation of tommy reloading-- if quick reload is enabled, the animation is disabled-- there should only be a real quick reload pause.

Edited by Ring_of_Fire
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I've done the shooting range coz it told me I had the fast reload ability. I looked at the checklist and have done everything there.

You can't just "look at" it...


print it out, take 20-30 minutes and go through your game (stats and non stat things)... check each thing how I described and mark it off, don't rely on your memory as you could have reloaded after dying... it could be something simple like not purchasing one of the properties-- that has been a problem before.


I don't doubt you recall doing the shooting range-- just in case you reloaded after doing it, verify you have the fast reload-- fire a sub machine gun and see if the reload animation can be seen or not-- there should only be a slight pause between clips.


I will wager someone to find something missing from the 99% checklist--- I was very careful when I wrote that one out---


If you are on PC-- upload your save... here... http://gtasnp.com/ and post the link it gives you after you upload it.

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I took a look at it. 'Trail By Dirt' and 'Test Track' seem to be fine. Its the Hotring that seems to be the problem.

1st position is required for 100%, but your best is 2nd. So try out the Hotring until you get 1st position. Go to the Hyman Condo and save. After that go to the Hyman Stadium and try out the Hotring. If you can't get the 1st place, just re-load your save and try again.

Edited by VCHolmes
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Ok, thanks heaps. It said when I started the Hotring that you get a prize for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I just assumed that getting a prize would count the percentage.

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Hyman Memorial Stadium

[_] HoTring (first place)

[_] DIRTring time in your stats

[_] BLOODring time in your stats




Its in the checklist-- wink.gif


Let us know if that gets you 100%... (I don't doubt it will)

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Lol I have 100% for the first time ever in Vice City! Woo.


Thanks for your help. I didn't see that first place thing in the checklist. Whoops. Oh well.

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