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Sorry, I might sound as a noob, and I probably am too! confused.gif

I dont have any clue how to play GTA online or how to get "new" cars ingame. I`ve tried downloading som programs etc but I dont have any clue what I should d with them.

I really enjoy playing GTA and I would really much apreciate if anyone could help me telling what to do? Hope someone could take the time to describe a GTA lover how he could play online and drive a Audi Q7 down San Fierros streets. If you have any easy notes/plans for me to follow, PLEASE write them to me!!! I would be really greatful!



- Downloaded ImgEd

- Downloaded samp022server.win32

- Downloaded samp-server-0.2.0-win32 (update)


Thats as far as I have been able to understand jet!


- I do Have bought a GTA San Andreas game, so I am able playing the "regular" way (lol)


What I do need to know is witch file certain files are needed to be put in, and if I have to put the downloads in som files in the real GTA gamefiles and so on.

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1. You can’t mod SA-MP, if you have any more questions about SA-MP they belong over here.


2. Modding for the single player version you will need img tool 2.0 and have a look in the tutorial forum if you’re still not sure.

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