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Hello GTA Forums, as you might know I'm a new member here, but I'm a long time GTA fan.


Anyway, my point. I'm starting a new project called Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos Stories, due to the frustration over Rockstar not making a "stories" game for San Andreas.


As of now, I've decided to make this a movie using SanAn Studios and whatnot, which will use subtitled dialogue instead of actual recorded speech (most of my actors quit).


A couple of things I will need:


- A white man skin for CJ, it should be a good one. I was hoping for something that would resemble Mike from the original GTA game. Also it should be a skin that I can change clothes with at all the shops.

- A Donald Love skin, if that's possible to convert to SA.

- Some new cars (or suggestions). They shouldn't be High-Def, but reasonably game-like.

- Some new weapons (or suggestions).


So, due to the specificity (if that's a word) of some of my requests. I hope you guys have considered that I have searched far and wide for these items but I can't seem to find much of anything.


thank you.


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