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Connection Rejected, Incorrect Version!


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The latest vc-mp version is 0.3z. You also need to be running vice city version 0.1.

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I have the Same Problem...

i downloaded the Patch for Vc then tried it ...Same problem ...Re-downloaded the Files for Multiplayer And it happened again....re-installed Vice City and then Installed the Multiplayer and it still wont Work !!!!...So if you find out the prob pls tell me!

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You need to uninstall vice city completely. Re-install it making sure that it's version 0.1. It will not work with anything higher than that so don;t patch it. Then download VC-MP version 0.3z HERE. Then it should work.


Again DO NOT PATCH IT. It must be run with Vice City version 0.1. Anything else will not work.

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Woo-hoo, Vice City 0.1.

If only.

This tread is worthless

It's big, it's yellow, can't you f*cking see it?

user posted image


*I am happy with Vegas being banned, and I fully support the staff's decision to keep him banned.*!!!

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Normally I speak Spanish and I live in Colombia, so my english don't be very good...


Is the same problem how I have, please, I need help, when I enter in a server, say me: "Conection rejected, incorrect version"


My game is original, or been the VC:MP? how is the wrong version?


In Spanish:


"Mi juego es original y no me presenta problemas, no tengo idea de lo que me sucede, cuando entro en un server me dice que tengo una version erronea, ¿Hay alguna manera de solucionar esto?"




Thank you tounge2.gif

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