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I would like to know how I can take the template of a car because I am good at txd modding and I would like to make vinyls.




With all due respect, Murdercommitedbyme

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2008 Ford Explorer

You cant mod the normal cars as they dont have a body map. you can mod the street racers tho.


The body for them is "carhere1". Theres 3 body maps for each. If i wanted to mod the Elegy, Id put "Elegy1.txd".




Id sugest making the Texture map 512x512 or 1024x1024 as they get downscaled in game, thus reducing quality. I Tried making a Supra on the Jester and it was so LQ.



You could try modding it by editing the vehicle grunge texture, But it would go on ALL cars.

user posted image
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hey n 1 more thing with all due respect n thanks to the modders but if i want to create a texture for a modified car whose template is not provided ,then?????(ofcourse just for my personal use--no release n stuff)

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It involves unwrapping the cars body in Zmodeler, thats all I know.

Leone Family Mafia

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