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I tried more than ten times and the car keep damaged and exploded ... Do you have any tips to pass this mission? It is very difficult cry.gif

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i know this one.

start ramming the forellis inside the pillars so they can't shoot you everytime you go to that road.

you might need to ram some cars so some of they fall down and can't get up until the car is removed from them.

some of them go away.ram them first before they get too far

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I feel your pain mate, the mission in question took me 2-3 goes to complete but once you know a good strategy your set.


With the difficulty this mission provided for many gamers, it also produced many topics (some quite recent) asking for help, tips and/or advice on how to complete the mission. In future I'd suggest scrolling through the pages of both LCS sections as I managed to find the following 3 by looking through 4 pages of gameplay -







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sorry of the inconvenience caused..... I cant pass even i followed the way that you provided..

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