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Alternative GFX hack?


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I was over at The_Borg Gaming Website looking through the mods there, and in the thread for carface's 1969 GM TDH-5303 Santa Monica Intercity Bus someone mentioned an alternative to the GFX hack for showing better chrome effects.


The files mentioned:





and a couple of more changes to the vehicles.txd


Can someone point me to a download for these files?


Cheers! smile.gif

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okay, seriously, What the f*ck ?




This file is part of a mod i'm working on (the vorbis files are required to make this file load). it does not have a public release yet. i only gave it to a couple people for testing, they were not supposed to be giving it out since it wasn't done!



got one from a GTA IV stallion mod and it worked through these files:

huh wtfbbq?? i'm not involved with any gtaiv-related mods...


There are 2 reasons this grates on me;

1. the first version i let someone try, slowed the game down and randomly crashed. not exactly user-friendly, no? (crashing was fixed, slowness depends on the PC, but was improved)

2. perhaps i wasn't clear, but if i wanted a public beta, i wouldn't be pming, or iming the files to individual people, now would i?



and a couple of more changes to the vehicles.txd

Speaking strictly about my part of the mod - i don't require any changes to the vehicle.txd. without knowing what changes are required, i can only guess that that's probably someone else's stolen work as well.



Ok, i released the files publicly as some sort of damage control. The mod is not officially supported however, and is provided on an as-is basis. Please direct all questions and comments about the mod to said topic.

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Damn that's a real pisstake. I'll be able to inform you if it works with EU .exes though, watch this space...


EDIT: Fail. See the other topic for what I found.

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@ EU exes - sux. but i found out what happened with these files, and have taken appropriate actions.

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