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error every time


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when i try to star vc online form vcmp v0.3x i get this error:

Exception at address: 0x00652AA0

EXE Version: gta-vc.exe 1.0 US


Registers -----------------------------------------------------

EAX: 0xFFFFFFFF EBX: 0x00000000 ECX: 0xFFFFFFFF EDX: 0x00000000

ESI: 0x007D7C38 EDI: 0x007D7C38 EBP: 0x000000FF ESP: 0x0012FD80

EFLAGS: 10000001001000110


i can play gta 3 online but not vc and this is the rar i got it from


GTA Liberty City Multiplayer 0.3x it was 383mb


help me sad.gif

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