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your simpsons chalkboard.


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Some of the lines that Bart writes on the chalkboard in the opening credits are quality. However, some are not. Ever thought you could do better? Well, here's your chance, and also, if you have any personal favourite chalkboard writings post them here aswell:


here's a couple of mine:


I whil nott mis spelign calss


I, :will;; .!not" overuse, punctuation!!!!!???!!!!!!


My butt is not a canvas.


If you are reading this you really have nothing better to do do you


Ralph is not a human guinea pig.




post yours here.

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All your base do not belong to us.


whatsthat.gif That's it, I can't really think of any more without crossing over into those that already exist.

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My personal favourite:


Sheri does not 'got back'



You suck, gtfo


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I'm already close to locking the "trivia" topic, as it's a circle jerk of the same people posting over and over.


One pointless Simpsons topic is enough, thank you.



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