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Metal Gear Liquid


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I'm planning a new mod for San Andreas,Metal Gear Liquid.It will be a unknown episode in Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear world.It will be about liquid change from a good soldier to a murderer and hater of his country and big boss.The story will be better than story in SA,and will gonna be like Metal Gear Solid 1-3 storys.The project won't be started until next year,because my team is working on a Prison Break mod,but it can never be started,why i posted in Lounge.Now im writing the story,characters and so on.I have support of the biggest MGS site and forum i Poland,www.metalgearsolid.us.I think about voice-acting...I can post more things about story it you want...We need good modellers and many good coders,because coding it will be not that easy.

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